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Characters: Iron Liz and OPEN
Content: Mind-reading abilities are not all they're cracked up to be.
Location: Cafeteria
Time of Day: Afternoon
Warnings: none

Maybe she shouldn't have dragged herself out of bed. She had to get some coffee or something to try to cope with this headache that had been building up for the past several days.

But the cafeteria was far, far worse than even her room. Voices came from EVERYWHERE, bombarding her nonstop, even people who weren't even in the room. What had started as an occasional amusing thought as she passed someone in the hall became a constant chattering in her ears from everyone in what was apparently an expanding range. Sora and his friends going on about their recent departure and return, Princess Celestia's fixation with cake, random snippets of songs, Twilight's motormouth, Pinkie Pie, Pinkie Pie, Pinkie Pie, Pinkie Pie...

Pretty soon it all just became a jumble of noise she could barely even follow. Everywhere. She didn't even make it to the food synthesizer before she couldn't take it anymore and collapsed against the wall, leaving fingernail scratches in the paint as she slid to the floor, clutching her head, gripping her hair as if to tear it out.
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For Namine, the week was filled with a different kind of mental "noise"--seeing almost everyone's memories while she spoke to them. It was getting a little better now that she was building up some of her old defenses against the flow, but with so many people no defense was perfect.

Still, it was better than nothing, and at least allowed her to function and go about her day normally. She'd decided to go to the cafeteria for a snack after finishing up a project, and, ss luck would have it, she arrived just in time to see Liz collapse. "Liz!'

First Riku collapsing due to suddenly falling asleep, now this. She hurried over to help her friend up,.
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Liz being conscious was definitely a good thing; as much as Namine's strength had improved from moving things around the Theatrical Deck, she still wasn't strong enough to carry Liz on her own. She was at least able to offer some support, though, and help guide Liz as they walked. From the flickering images of recent memory she was getting from Liz, she could guess this week had been difficult for her friend.

"Why don't we get you back to your room?"

All thoughts of getting a snack or relaxing flown from her mind, she was now more concerned about Liz and helping her feel better.
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Well, that made sense. Both the residential and cafeteria decks tended to be the most crowded, so there were more thoughts to pick up.

"Maybe one of the less crowded decks, then? There's usually not many people on the Theatrical Deck."

There were also lots of things there that can be used for an impromptu cot/mattress if Liz wanted to sleep.

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MakubeX had been enjoying this week. Making virtual environments without the use of a computer was more amusing than he thought it'd be. He made his way to the cafeteria, debating attempting a prank on someone. Imagine coming into the cafeteria and finding yourself in ancient Rome instead.

All thoughts of that were gone when he spotted Liz, though. His face fell and he ran to her side.

"Liz? What happened?"
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MakubeX took a step back.

"Let's find you someplace quiet... May I try something?"
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"Not quite."

MakubeX closed his eyes and held up a hand. Soon, the room changed into a calm forest. He wasn't sure if it would help anything or not, but it was worth a try.

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Perry noticed her collapse from across the room. His eyes widened and he teleported over, placing a paw on Liz's shoulder. There had to be a place on the SoL they could go to get her out of this, right?
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Harvey'd been pretty cautious since his little...incident over the comms, just making quick runs out of his room until they could see just how long the effects of his powers lasted. He'd slipped quietly into the kitchen a few minutes ago, in the back where there was a little more privacy. At the sound of someone else entering the room he waited a second and then, when there was no Minako-shriek, set down his plate and went to see who it was.

"Kid?" He hadn't even seen her at first over the tables, but now he hurried to her side. "Liz!"
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Her reaction sent him rocking back on his heels a little, drawing back the hand he'd intended to rest on her shoulder. "Kid? What's wrong? Do you - is it the mind-readin'?" He lived with a bunch of nerds, he'd seen enough stuff to see how that could become an issue. Harvey took a breath, trying to calm down and just...not think. Meditation wasn't exactly his schtick, unfortunately, but he'd been trying to censor his thoughts around her this week anyway - some secrets he didn't want spilled.

Right. Focus. "You want me to take you back to your room? Or someplace else?" Someplace without people would probably be better.
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"Okay. Alright..." Harvey really had very little idea what to do to help her, a fact that didn't sit at all well with him. "...how about we get you down a few levels? Shouldn't be too many people there, it might help."

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"Hey! Are you okay?"

As outwardly cold as Isa was, he couldn't really ignore someone in the state Liz was. He kneels down next to her, a concerned look on his face.
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"Explode? What's going on?"
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Riku was in a peaceful mood. While being back wasn't high on his priority list, he tried telling himself he was on a vacation and that nothing could be done right now. Instead, he softly mused over what had happened after Sora was safe and sound. There was a quiet sense of pride and a lot of relief in gaining his new title. He truly was worthy of the weapon he currently shouldered. And for that he was thankful to so many.

He'd decided to grab some soda before heading back to his room. He had some drawing to do.

And then he saw a figure collapsed across the room. "Liz? ...Liz!" He rushed over, seeing her in pain. "Liz, what's wrong?"
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Riku blinked. "Think so loud?" That didn't make any...

And in an instant his mind put it together. Loud thought. Super powers. She's a mind reader.

Immediately Riku sat down and looked to the blank wall, focusing on the sound of his breathing a few seconds. Breathing. Breathing. But clearing his mind was hard, and he was undeniably curious.

Sounds make migraines worse. Think. Riku's thoughts became less casual than simple stream-of-conciousness, but he still kept his eyes focused on the wall beside her.. Liz, what can I do?

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