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Sometimes it did seem like the satellite had a mind of its own and was laughing at their problems. Odd to think, but true nonetheless.

Between the two of them and the suspicions they'd raised, it was probably a miracle Riku hadn't told Sora something that had Sora out to hurt them more than usual. Well, more than usual for this Sora.

Sleeping in a closet definitely wasn't any fun, nor any good for healing. There were a few overstuffed, too-squishy-to-really-be-comfortable couches in the library. Maybe they could all hide in those. Though that really was a thought for later.

"Oh, you know what I mean." Xion rolled her eyes, but smiled all the same. It was actually kind of a relief that Roxas was feeling enough like himself to make comments like that. Her smile soon gave way to her brow furrowing in concentrations as she set the wrist, splinting it and then wrapping it in bandages. Hopefully that would do the trick.

It was too bad there weren't really any painkillers in the lab. Muttering something about people who really needed to take a walk barefoot down a lego-covered hallway, she went to check his ribs.

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