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Mirrored Memory (PG-13 / Slightly backdated to beginning of week)

Characters: Riku, Namine, and later Xion
Content: Namine tries to figure out what's going on with Riku.
Location: Hallway likely leading to Library
Time of Day: Morning
Warnings: Mild language. Also threats, violence and creeper.

Riku flipped his hair as he walked down the hall to the library. It wouldn't be long before Sora was yelling at him to do something, so if he could get a jump start on the day, he figured the yelling would be kept to a minimum.

Still, there was one thing on his mind. Many of the people here on Deep 13 were acting strangely. The question, however, was why? Strange things DID happen from time to time, but this was disconcerting. Riku wouldn't put it past Sora to experiment on the others (Riku had inadvertently once been a test subject himself) but the selection seemed odd. And if Sora was choosing test subjects, why not subject him? Not that Riku minded not being chosen, but it did seem logically odd. Whatever it was, it probably wasn't airborne or else both he and Sora would have been infected.

There had to be a pattern, but the question was where?
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It had been a long time since Namine had needed her ability to lay low and remain unobserved. Most everyone on the Satellite was a friend by now, and while some things she still considered private, she didn't actively avoid anyone as a matter of course.

Now, though, they were somehow trapped where the Mads usually lived. Monitoring the video feeds had been enough to prove that some of the people most important to her weren't here. Oh, there were people that resembled them and used their names. What she'd seen on the screen, though, wasn't them, couldn't be them. It was time to start avoiding cameras and keep to the shadows once again.

The ease with which the old ability returned made her a little sad. So far none of the others seemed to have noticed her, so when she saw not-Riku heading for the library, she thought it might be worth it to follow him. Maybe a little observation would lead her to something helpful.