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Twenty-sixth Link

Characters: Namine, Riku
Content: Making up in the aftermath of this. Namine decides Riku's been hiding for long enough.
Location: Changes, mostly Namine's room or the Theatrical deck.
Time of Day: Afternoon, a few days after everyone's back
Warnings: Sap, angst, fluff.

Normally, Namine would never wish for memories to fade. Each link in the chain was important, and while she knew they couldn't always remain bright and easily recalled, she wasn't normally one to wish for that process to happen more quickly or slowly than it would naturally. Their most recent adventures in the mirror universe were making her rethinking her opinion at the moment.

While Riku hadn't said as much (and probably wouldn't, especially over Cambot), given that she remembered what had happened, and Sora obviously did as well, she could guess he remembered what his mirrored self had done and was upset by it. A quick glance at his conversation with Sora had confirmed that suspicion. While it was true that what had happened scared her, she wasn't scared of Riku. In many ways she'd been more worried about something happening that the real Riku would regret. Unfortunately, that had happened, and while she would have spared him the pain of remembering if she could (because that wasn't him), she couldn't.

The least she could do was try to reassure him somehow, but she wasn't sure how to approach this. Going about it the wrong way would just drive him further away; she wasn't discounting the possibility of him keeping her at a distance 'for her own good'. Words had never served her well, either...

Apparently it was time to see if a picture conversation might be a good way to start things. She could at least let him know she was worried. Deciding to keep it simple, she drew him, looking upset with a thought bubble showing a small picture of what had happened. Beside him she placed herself, one hand on his arm and looking worried.

After some thought, she found another paper. This one she covered with pictures of them together throughout the whole time they'd known each other--even when he was using Ansem's form. She hadn't been afraid of him then, she wasn't about the be now.

She slid the two drawings under his door at the usual time, about a day after they'd arrived back on the Satellite.

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