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Twenty-sixth Link

Characters: Namine, Riku
Content: Making up in the aftermath of this. Namine decides Riku's been hiding for long enough.
Location: Changes, mostly Namine's room or the Theatrical deck.
Time of Day: Afternoon, a few days after everyone's back
Warnings: Sap, angst, fluff.

Normally, Namine would never wish for memories to fade. Each link in the chain was important, and while she knew they couldn't always remain bright and easily recalled, she wasn't normally one to wish for that process to happen more quickly or slowly than it would naturally. Their most recent adventures in the mirror universe were making her rethinking her opinion at the moment.

While Riku hadn't said as much (and probably wouldn't, especially over Cambot), given that she remembered what had happened, and Sora obviously did as well, she could guess he remembered what his mirrored self had done and was upset by it. A quick glance at his conversation with Sora had confirmed that suspicion. While it was true that what had happened scared her, she wasn't scared of Riku. In many ways she'd been more worried about something happening that the real Riku would regret. Unfortunately, that had happened, and while she would have spared him the pain of remembering if she could (because that wasn't him), she couldn't.

The least she could do was try to reassure him somehow, but she wasn't sure how to approach this. Going about it the wrong way would just drive him further away; she wasn't discounting the possibility of him keeping her at a distance 'for her own good'. Words had never served her well, either...

Apparently it was time to see if a picture conversation might be a good way to start things. She could at least let him know she was worried. Deciding to keep it simple, she drew him, looking upset with a thought bubble showing a small picture of what had happened. Beside him she placed herself, one hand on his arm and looking worried.

After some thought, she found another paper. This one she covered with pictures of them together throughout the whole time they'd known each other--even when he was using Ansem's form. She hadn't been afraid of him then, she wasn't about the be now.

She slid the two drawings under his door at the usual time, about a day after they'd arrived back on the Satellite.
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Getting up from his work, Riku stretched, feeling like he suddenly knew what it felt like to be old. His back ached from hunching over for so long, and his fingers hurt from bending the wire. He was hungry. He'd eat later. He was thirsty. ...That he couldn't put off. He went over to the dresser where he'd put the food and drink he'd stashed, though he hadn't taken much food yet. Riku considered between something with caffeine or just water to rehydrate himself. He stared half-awake a moment before reaching for the Mountain Dew. It wasn't as cold as he'd like, but he'd make do. He capped it and put it back on the dresser's edge when he heard a shuffling at the door. He peered blankly as he saw two sheets of paper slip under the door.

What time was it? The usual time it was when she delivered pictures. Had that much time really passed since he got up? Then again, he hadn't slept long. He'd been cutting back his own sleep, sure, but a nightmare had gotten him to his feet a few hours faster than his alarm. Riku had taken care of basic hygiene and got back to work.

Slowly he made his way to his door, picking up the papers to look at them. So... She's not afraid of me. She's worried about me. He went to his bed and sat down, looking at the pictures with a relieved sigh. It was so tempting to just lay back now and pull the sheets over himself.

But that still didn't make what he did right. He wanted to show her he was sorry, whether it was the real him or not. The flowers... That'll be my reply. I'll deliver those tomorrow. Riku got up to gently lay the new pictures on his desk, going back to sit in the corner with all the supplies strewn about. He leaned against the wall and began to wrap the wire of a flower in a strip of green tissue paper, hot-glueing the end to hold it in place. He unplugged the hot glue gun, looking at what he'd finished and what he wanted to have done. Riku sighed, there was a lot to go.

In thought, he laid his head back against the wall. He closed his eyes a moment as he considered. ...That felt nice...
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He looked up from his work at the sound of Namine's voice. Riku blinked a moment before looking at the clock glowing on the night stand. I need more time. But there was none. He looked down at himself. Tiny scraps of paper stuck to his pants and there was dried paint on his hands, along with a few paper cuts and a superficial scratch from some wire. He tried to brush his pants off, but static made the tiny pieces stubborn. There wasn't much point.

Riku got up slowly and went to the door, his body feeling heavy. He couldn't seem to will himself to move any faster, either. He paused very briefly as he got to the door, and his shoulders rose and fell with a silent sigh before opening it.

Before her appeared a disheveled young man through the barely-opened door. While his hair was a mess, it wasn't greasy, and it appeared he'd at least been showering. However, light-colored stubble covered his face, and there were dark circles under his eyes. Strangely, he also smelled faintly of vanilla and raspberries -- not exactly a manly scent, or how he'd prefer to present himself.

Seeing Namine again sent a strange mixture of adrenaline into his system. While he was very glad to see her face, he also couldn't help but also see how she looked when his mirrored self threatened her.

"...They're not done yet." He looked to the floor and opened his door wider. His room was a disaster. Random paper trash, supplies and scraps littered the floor and furniture. It looked like most of the room was his workspace, moving from here to there whenever was most convenient and to try to get the most done at once. On the dresser were a few small bags of snack foods, though it looked like only one had been opened. There were many empty cans and plastic bottles in and around the waste basket, though. One corner of his room seemed to be where he worked most, as there was a small clear area on the floor where he would have presumably sat with most of the scattered supplies radiating out from that. Next to the clear area was a chair, on which sat his project.

In a clear vase was a bouquet of paper flowers made from cupcake wrappers, which made them resemble carnations. Each stem had been wrapped in green tissue paper with a small, handmade paper leaf wrapped into the stem. It looked like he had been trying to make some larger leaves to go along the edges. White tissue paper flared from the top of the vase, possibly an indication he hadn't decided yet whether to give her the flowers wrapped in paper or to give them to her in the vase. At the bottom of the vase was what appeared to be blue glass beads, the best substitute he could find to the glass stones he'd seen his mother put in clear vases for artificial flowers. The tops of the flowers were painted a slightly lighter shade of whatever color they were. He'd used white, yellow and light blue with her attire and hair color in mind. While crude, he looked like he'd worked hard on them.

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Riku watched her expression very carefully. The surprise was likely a good sign. When it faded to a soft smile, something gnawing at him seemed to settle a little. There was a little, relieved smile and a hint of a sigh... She liked them.

He parted his lips to say something, but then came her question. As his smile faded, he blinked a moment.

Riku shrugged. "Sort of," he half-admitted. As far as getting the project done for Namine was concerned, he'd had plenty of sleep and food. As far as what his body needed... Riku may have had a low percentage of body fat, but unlike his mirror counterpart, missing a couple meals wasn't going to leave him near death.

The concern was clear, though. "I didn't mean to worry you. I wanted to show you how much you mean to me, and it got obvious pretty quick that this was going to take a while. The person I was last week..." He looked away a bit, looking pained before looking back to her. He felt he needed to know something. "How bad did I hurt you?"
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When Namine leaned in, he didn't stop her, but Riku hesitated. It was the ultimate statement that she was okay and okay with him. And that much alone did help a good deal. Slowly he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight, leaning his face down until his cheek and nose rested against her soft hair.

Deep within, however, that morbid curiosity and sense of responsibility still gnawed at his insides. The memories were still there, as well as the disturbingly pleasant memories that went with them. No guy should ever have enjoyable memories of threatening to do that to his girlfriend. "...Then how bad did that jerk hurt you?" he asked softly. Riku was willing to bet he had. He was there.
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Riku had returned the hug in large part because he didn't want to let her go. Though on some level he did wonder if he was more harm than good to her, potentially. Even then, he still couldn't quite let her go, and he felt some guilt over that selfishness. Holding her, and her wanting to be held was proof he hadn't lost her, which held a large degree of relief.

The statement about being scared didn't phase Riku in the way it normally might have. While he might've pointed out that was further proof of her having a heart normally, to Riku at the moment, Namine was just like any girl, but to him, very special. Right now, she wasn't a Nobody, but somebody to be protected, be it from fear or injury. At her shudder he gently ran his hand over her back, trying to comfort her.

Regardless, however, the answer held pain. Riku was never one to run from his problems, facing them head-on, despite what lay ahead. He responded to her by holding her a little tighter and bringing his head down further in a very protective embrace. With a swallow, Riku spoke quietly to her. "Then I'm... I'm sorry. I'm... so. So sorry."

It was very very rare to hear an apology from Riku, and it sounded like it was an alien word on his tongue, even if it was sincere. For him, actions spoke louder than words, and while he rarely said he was sorry, he would certainly act with regret, shame, and the drive to make amends. The flowers he'd lost sleep and meals to were that gesture, but with them incomplete and her willingness to forgive him even after he'd managed to worry her, it seemed like the only appropriate option.

And while he'd felt that shudder, she could also feel his body tense.
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Sorry so short, it's all I could come up with!

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And someday Riku would have to discuss with her that simple presence wasn't enough to be the cause of any problem.

"I know. ...But it needed to be said. You deserved it. You're too important to me to lose." His chest swelled with a deep breath that escaped as a sigh of relief. He finally pulled away, but kept a hand on her arm.

After a moment of (somewhat awkward) silence he spoke up again. "...Should I deliver the flowers when they're done? ...Or would you like to come in?" Provided, of course, he cleared a path for the poor girl to walk.
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As soon as he realizes she needs those reminders, Riku will be glad to offer them up as much as needed. Knowing that she had a heart, he simply wanted her to be happy.

His own heart, however, fluttered slightly when she leaned on him again. Her response was the most encouragement he could have possibly hoped for. As such, he finally smiled again. Rather than feeling he needed to shield her, he much more gently wrapped his arms around her, humming slightly as he ran a thumb back and forth across her shoulder blade. Riku closed his eyes, feeling like a heavy load had been lifted from his chest.

"Fair enough. ...I'll probably see you this evening then? Maybe grab a bite to eat?" He ran a thumb across his chin. Yes, and he'd need to make sure he wasn't a mess. ...And probably grab an hour's nap somewhere in there so she wouldn't worry.
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Though they couldn't stay like that forever, they could at least remain in each other's close company for the duration of their planning, however short that may be.

"Maybe six?" That was dinnertime anyway. It never took Riku too long to spruce himself up. Five minutes, maybe a little more if both deck bathrooms were in use. That would give him plenty of time to finish the flowers, sleep, comb his hair, shave, and change into clothes that didn't smell so sweet.

Next time he tried to scent fake flowers with extract from the cafeteria deck, he'd be sure not to spill it on himself...
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"You got it." With a little reluctance, Riku broke away, his hand running down the back of her arm until it caught her fingertips. He held her hand a moment, looking a lot better than he did when he first opened the door. While weary, he didn't look outright haggard. Though still unwinding, he no longer seemed haunted. Riku gave her an admiring and thankful smile before finally letting go, heading back into his room.

Slowly Riku made his way to the corner he'd been working. It was so close to completion... But now that he was finally relaxing, he found he lacked energy and it was harder to focus. He wanted it to be the best he could make it.

Riku turned around and went to his night stand. Thirty minutes. Yeah, he could will himself to get up in thirty for her. Riku set his alarm clock and stood next to his bed. Man, did it look nice. He fell face forward into the soft embrace of blankets and bedsheets, laying with his legs hanging off the bed. Slowly he felt his body melt into a solid lump as he fell asleep that way.

He would indeed get up in 30 minutes. And naturally go back to sleep for a while in a more comfortable position as soon as he was done.