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Legends of the Hidden Temple - Steps of Knowledge

Characters: The four teams that won the moat race!
Content: The Steps of Knowledge
Location: Deck 5
Time of day: Afternoon
Warnings: A really, really stupid legend

[Your characters now find themselves past the moat, onto a series of broad steps, with large marked buttons on each. The steps start out as there being room for four, but size down until there are only two left at the bottom. There are four steps total. There is also a tiny little altar in front of the steps...and on it is Tom's head. It's okay, he's been headless plenty of times before.

Finally, Mike once again swings onto the scene!]

Mike: Great job, everyone! Don't worry, teams that didn't cross the still get a prize! In fact, you get...a CASE OF GO-GURT!

[And Cambot flashes this picture onto the screen:]

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This next round is basically a multiple-choice history lesson! Tom is going to tell us about the legend of the Venom Cock of Clutch Re, so pay attention, because your knowledge of the legend could bring you a step closer to the temple.

[Tom clears his throat, and begins the legend...]

Tom: Since the experiment this week is a real turd of a story called "Touched By Venom," so is this legend! In a valley in some unnamed fantasy kingdom, there was a huuuuge land called Clutch Re. No, I don't know what sort of place a 'Clutch' is supposed to be. The realm of Clutch Re was home to some of the best dragonmasters in allll the kingdom! It was also home to a really huge pottery clan. There, the women were separated from the men, even though the women and men were doing the exact same thing by making pottery all day. Because of this segregated society, the men came to revere something known as the "Venom Cock." But women did not revere it as men did!

But there was one woman, whose name I can't remember but was Darq the protagonist's mother, who defied these cultural norms! And since she was a potter, she decided to make her own Venom Cock, out of clay! So she secretly sculpted the rooster out of clay, and injected it with a special poison that could not be tasted or smelled. However, it was only poisonous if you ate it. That way nobody would revere the Venom Cock, because nobody knew it was venom in the first place, and she could laugh about how foolish all those men were. Ha, haha! However, on the day of Mombe Taro, the Venom Cock was lost, and wound up in the Temple of the SOL! Your job is to find the Venom Cock and bring it back here! You know, after you pass this quiz and do the other temple games first. Haha!


[OOC: Once again, the winners of this round will be determined by dice roll, so that all players get the chance to put their characters in! Two out of the four teams will win and move on to the next round, and the winners will be announced in a comment below.

For this log, Tom will give all the characters a multiple-choice question, and your characters will respond with an answer. They can give a correct answer, an incorrect one, a totally different answer, or refuse to answer at all...whatever will either get them to the winning step or cause them to lose. Teams must answer three questions correctly to win this round. Once a character gives an answer, Tom will respond on if they are correct or not, and move on to the next question. Once two teams have gotten to the bottom of the steps, then a new log will be posted for the next round!]

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Here are the teams that win the steps of knowledge! Highlight to see the spoilers:

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1) Which of these places was the Venom Cock made in?

a) Clutch Re
b) Clutch Mi
c) Clutch Fa

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A trivia portion? Well, Kaldur relaxed slightly. He was fairly confident in his ability to not only listen to the facts but also answer any question the Bot might have about the subject after wards. He listened intently to the story, not quite sure what to make of it since it sounded ridiculous, but going with it all the same. He might as well continue to play, right?

"Clutch Re."

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That is correct! [Score one for Blue Barracudas!]

2) Who rules the land of Clutch Re, whatever that is?
a) The dragontamer
b) The dragonmaster
c) The dragon rider

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Galadriel was a little suprised that the next round was a mental challenge. If "challenge" was a word that properly described it. All that needed to be done was listen to a story and answer questions based on said story. A very nonsensical story, but a story nonetheless.

"The dragonmaster" she said in answer to the second question.

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"Corrrrecto-mundo!" Tom said. "That just leaves one more correct answer for the Blue Barracudas!"

3) The mother who made the Venom Cock is the mother of which main character in the story?
a) Darq
b) Dark
c) Darkque
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Isa just stared at the speakers the robot's voice was coming from. What kind of question was that?

"Um, Darq." He answered.

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"You got that absolutely...right!" Tom replied. "And that's one for the Red Jaguars!"

4) The Venom Cock is made out of:
a) Wood
b) Metal
c) Clay

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Sora had been expecting the next challenge to be a physical one...not so much a memory quiz. And academics had never been his strongest suit. Not that he was poor at school...just not nearly as interested as others.

And while he stomped on the marker for this question, it took him a bit to get to the answer.

"Met--no, clay!"

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"Correct, but just barely, bub! That's one for the Purple Parrots!" Tom responded.

5) A cock is the male of which animal?

a) Chicken
b) Alligator
c) ...We were talking about animals?

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Kaldur smirked, stomping on the marker, "That would be a chicken."

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"CORRECT! Blue Barracudas are going to the temple games!" Tom's head declared. "We just need one more team to answer three questions correctly!"

6) The Venom Cock is poisonous only if:

a) You rub it on your skin
b) You were not vaccinated against poisonous roosters
c) You eat it
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Isa stomped on the marker. "If you eat it!"

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"Yoooou betcha! Just one more, and the Red Jaguars are also going to the temple games! Still time for the other teams to catch up!" Tom declared.

7) The Venom Cock was lost on the day of:

a) Mombe Taro
b) Wango Tango
c) Black Mamba

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Falco stomped the marker.

And then realized that he hadn't been paying attention the entire time, and thus had no idea what the answer was.

"Uh. Fuck. Black Mamba?"

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"Sorry bub, that's incorrect!" Tom replied. "Anyone else wanna try?"

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Wally had spent most of this round snickering to himself. This "myth" of theirs was ridiculous. Venom Cock, really? Who comes up with that stuff?!

This question sparked a fresh bout of laughter as Falco failed to answer correctly. Wally tried to keep it quiet, walking in a small circle on the step beside Ienzo... but then the marker lit up.


It took a moment to remember the options left. It wasn't Black Mamba, so that left Mombe Taro, or... Wango Tango.

Wally couldn't help it. He cracked up all over again.

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"I'm sorry, but uproarious yet justified laughter is not correct!" Tom said, cheerful as ever. "Anyone else wanna give it one more try?"

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Pinkie danced in place nervously. She'd meant to pay attention to the story, really she had, but then she'd started thinking about parties, and wouldn't it be neat if there was a Temple-themed party, because then she could put up torches and everyone could have grass skirts...

At least it was down to two answers now. "The first one!" she shouted, jumping up and down. "Mombe Taro, Mombe Taro!"

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"Thaaaaaat isssssss correct!" Tom's disembodied head declared. "We have our two winning teams...Red Jaguars and Blue Barracudas are going to the temple!"