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Getting to Know You~

Characters: Pinkie and everyone else!
Content: Meet and greet party! Get to know your fellow SoL'ers! THREADJACK EVERYTHING
Location: Deck 4
Time of Day: Next...Monday Evening, A.D.? o.0
Warnings: Sugar and hyperactivity

A few minutes ago, the following message went out over the Cambot network:


Welcome to the Satellite Party! Right now on Deck 4!

Come get to know everyone and make new friends! Refreshments will be provided! Everyone welcome!

Even though she hasn't had very long to get the party ready, Pinkie's still somehow found time to completely furnish Deck 4 with tablecloths, balloons, and streamers. She's already found the media deck, too; there's a hastily gathered collection of party music.There's also a punch bowl, a sheet cake that reads "SATELLITE OF PARTY", and some cupcakes, just in case the first cake isn't big enough for everyone. The pony herself is standing by the door wearing a party hat and nearly vibrating in her excitement to greet her guests. Despite her efforts, she's fairly sure she hasn't met everypony on the Satellite yet, but she totally will now! And everyone will make friends with each other, and the Satellite will be 500% awesomer!

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