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Getting to Know You~

Characters: Pinkie and everyone else!
Content: Meet and greet party! Get to know your fellow SoL'ers! THREADJACK EVERYTHING
Location: Deck 4
Time of Day: Next...Monday Evening, A.D.? o.0
Warnings: Sugar and hyperactivity

A few minutes ago, the following message went out over the Cambot network:


Welcome to the Satellite Party! Right now on Deck 4!

Come get to know everyone and make new friends! Refreshments will be provided! Everyone welcome!

Even though she hasn't had very long to get the party ready, Pinkie's still somehow found time to completely furnish Deck 4 with tablecloths, balloons, and streamers. She's already found the media deck, too; there's a hastily gathered collection of party music.There's also a punch bowl, a sheet cake that reads "SATELLITE OF PARTY", and some cupcakes, just in case the first cake isn't big enough for everyone. The pony herself is standing by the door wearing a party hat and nearly vibrating in her excitement to greet her guests. Despite her efforts, she's fairly sure she hasn't met everypony on the Satellite yet, but she totally will now! And everyone will make friends with each other, and the Satellite will be 500% awesomer!

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Terra walked onto the deck not knowing what to expect. Pinkie Pie had seemed awfully excited about this party but were there really the supplies needed on board to decorate for a party.


Apparently there was and Terra had to take a moment to admire all the balloons and streamers set about. His eyes moved to the food as he started to pick up on the fact that music was playing. "She wasn't kidding about the party thing then," he muttered to himself.

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Terra was taken aback by the sudden appearance of the pony. He blinked but then smiled down at the excessively pink one. "Of course I showed up, you invited me, remember?" While he was certainly the quiet type, he wasn't one to turn down making new friends, especially if it would somehow help him get off the SoL or mess with the Mads.

"Did you make all this food, Pinkie Pie? It seems like a lot to do by yourself."

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Naturally, where Terra is, Aqua is very likely to also be, so it shouldn't really come as much of a surprise that she'd followed Terra onto the deck. Besides she wasn't about to miss a party.

"It doesn't look like it, does it?"

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Terra turned and looked over at Aqua, smiling slightly. There were still a number of things they probably should discuss, but Terra didn't think a party was the right time or place for that. "No. Although I guess I should have figured that out when she started talking about multiple invitations to it."

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Well, it was the smell of cupcakes that brought Minako onto Deck 4. Oh man, they were just like Makoto's delicious cupcakes....maybe...maybe even Makoto herself was here...

After a quick search, she found no Makoto...but she did find a delicious sweet to partake in. Of course, this particular delicacy was tall, blue-eyes, brown-haired, muscular and incredibly cute. Plus he was twice her daily intake of protein~! well, maybe not...

So she walked over to sample.

"Hello, Terra! ♥"

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If anyone loves a good party - especially one with sweets and music, it's the Doctor. Making new friends isn't a bad thing, either.

He arrives on Deck 4 in a timely manner, and straightens out some of the rumples in his sleeves before entering the party. Once inside, he takes to walking around, and admiring the decorations, looking for new people to introduce himself to.

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Meanwhile, Kuzco is dancing so furiously that he doesn't even notice the Doctor at first, until he runs into him, that is.

It's somewhat difficult to ignore someone you nearly knocked over, after all.

Groove completely thrown off, Kuzco has to fight with himself not to yell at the poor guy. He knows he's not supposed to do that anymore, but come on, he was right in his way!

"Watch it!" he finally snaps. Oh, Pacha would not be pleased...

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Falco hadn't checked the network. Truth be told, he didn't give two shits about anything that went on around this dump. If he hadn't been out exploring the satellite, he wouldn't have known there was any sort of party thing going on at all. During his aimless wanderings, he just happened to stop at Deck 4.

And, holy shit. It was so... festive. It was like some little kid's birthday party or something.

NOOOOOOPE. Falco spun on his heel and started heading back the way he came. He'd rather throw himself out an airlock than hang around a bunch of weirdos all night. With any luck, he'd get away without being noticed.

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A party? Heck yes, at least some of these bizarre new people knew how to have a good time!

Both Crow and Tom Servo were present, more than ready to have some fun with whoever was up for it...and play a prank or two, whether anyone was up for it or not!

Tom had converted himself into a keg once again for this, and his head was now filled with some form of strong punch.

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The alliterative couple took to mingling the party on their own for now, Liz deciding to lean against the drink table, immediately reaching for the Mountain Dew.

As she saw the two robots passing by, she raised her plastic cup in greeting. "Bots, you're looking snappy tonight."

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Riku took a gulp of some soda. What kind, he didn't know, other than it was citrus-ey, sweet, carbonated, and likely had enough caffeine to send a horse through the roof of a barn. Seeing two metallic individuals, however, took his mind off his carbonated beverage and he approached.

"So, guess you'd be the resident robots."

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Riku wanders onto the deck, his thumb holstered as always...

And his eyes widen at the makeover the area had received in such a short amount of time. Where'd she find all this stuff? The area smelled of food. The scent of freshly-baked cake still lingered in the air, giving him the nostalgic feeling of birthdays back at home, growing up. The music... Well, not like he could contribute anything better right now.

He looked around. He wasn't the first one here.

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Namine hangs back at the entrance to the deck, eyes wide as she chews her lower lip.

If she were human, she'd say she's feeling nervous and excited (maybe, just maybe she really is). She's never been to a party before--never been in a room with so many people she hasn't met before or has only spoken to once.

From Sora's memories, though, she knows that she isn't supposed to just stand in the doorway. Looking around for someone she knows, she sees Riku. She hurries over to put a hand on his arm. "Riku?"

[ooc: Namine will probably be a bit clingy until she gets used to everyone else jsyk. @_@ Sorry]

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A party, eh? Well, Galadriel had yet to meet everyone on this "satellite," and she could always do more exploring later. After all, it didn't look like anyone was leaving anytime soon.

She was pleasantly suprised by all the decorations on Deck 4. "Someone has been busy" she said to nobody in particular with a wide smile on her face.

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Liz had to do about five takes when she saw the invitation. Just when she thought she was used to the strange people she was going to be sharing shipspace with, but then of all things PINKIE PIE had to show up. She never really admitted aloud to watching that show, but that much was probably obvious when she did her best impression of Brad Jones ( when she saw her favorite pony was on the Satellite of Love.

She felt a little silly going to a party that was so obviously going to be not her usual hangout, but if she was going to feel silly, she may as well have company. It took some convincing, but she managed to drag Linkara along as well.

Hand in hand with the behatted critic, she stepped onto the deck, immediately blinded by the bright colors everywhere. Well, this was going to be a strange evening.

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Well, Here's Minako having a cupcake. Mmmmm. Cupcake. Of course, there's more to this than just eating! She also had to investigate everyone ogle at Terra! Wherever he might be.

After all, a girl like her never had underlying intentions, right?

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For all that Aqua had decided to put anything distinctly non-conducive to a party atmosphere, she couldn't help but notice the girl ogling Terra. It wasn't exactly hard to miss after all, and even if Aqua was doing her best to offer the benefit of the doubt she also couldn't help but looking over in Minako's direction more often than was strictly necessary.

She had to have a reason to keep wanting to look at Terra, didn't she?

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Underlying intentions? Perish the thought. No one would possibly have anything but the purest thoughts. Like the little green boy eyeing Minako's cupcake. He seemed super legit.

He sidled closer, looking her up and down from the corner of his oversized glasses. Blonde, skinny, liked bows. Plans were formulating in his brain.

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Obviously not one to forego a good party, Kuzco is all ready to jump right into the shenanigans. But first he has to make a snazzy entrance, to impress his new neighbors and convince him that he is, without a doubt, the coolest emperor ever.

So he waits until most of the other residents of the Satellite are inside before entering himself, fashionably late of course.


The door is thrust open with a loud crash as it bangs against the wall, Kuzco waltzing inside as though this were a perfectly normal way to enter a gathering.

"Never fear, my public; the party has arrived!"

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The loud slamming of the door was enough to make Falco nearly jump out of his feathers and reach instinctively for his blaster (which thankfully for everyone in the room, was missing). War has made him a bit paranoid, you see.

Upon remembering that his blaster was in fact missing, he resorted to whiffing a cupcake in Kuzco's general direction.


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Thursday had been on her way to the books on Deck 7, but she had been... persuaded... by the chirpy voice in the lift saying, "Aaaaare you sure you wouldn't rather be on Deck 4? There's a superiffic fantastical party!" She figured that if Pinkie Pie had gone through the effort of a) planning the party, b) sending multiple invitations, and c) reprogramming the lift voice, she was pretty determined to get everyone there. Besides, she owed the pony something for actually giving her useful information, and it looked like the only legal tender she accepted was "Be At My Party!!! :D"

She entered the room and looked around. It seemed fairly lively, and there were a lot of people (humans and otherwise) there already. True, she wasn't really a party person, but what the hell.