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halfdarkened ([personal profile] halfdarkened) wrote in [community profile] itsjustagamerp2012-01-09 10:29 pm

For the Sake of Spite [Active/Open!]

Characters: Riku's doppelganger, and anyone who wants in.
Content: The shade is a creeper. Take that how you will.
Location: Any decks, primarily 2 and 3.
Time of day: EARLY morning, like 4 am. Late enough Riku's usually in bed.
Warnings: Creepiness, possible inappropriateness regarding female characters, but rated a hard PG.
Notes: In the dark he might be mistaken for the real thing. Anyone who wants to be creeped, just reply!

Somehow Riku had managed to fall asleep, despite his prodding and words. He'd simply have to wake Riku up later. No need to let him get too much sleep.

The shade sauntered out the door, leaving it wide open and Riku buried under a sea of pillows and blankets. The hall was primarily silent, free of the drone of speech and the step of feet. His own footfalls came quietly, landing on the edge of his heel and rolling his foot forward. It was an old trick the real thing had learned as a kid to sneak past his parents or Sora. Now it had a different use.

There were so many doors, many with people inside. It was all a matter of opening one and seeing who was inside...

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