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For the Sake of Spite [Active/Open!]

Characters: Riku's doppelganger, and anyone who wants in.
Content: The shade is a creeper. Take that how you will.
Location: Any decks, primarily 2 and 3.
Time of day: EARLY morning, like 4 am. Late enough Riku's usually in bed.
Warnings: Creepiness, possible inappropriateness regarding female characters, but rated a hard PG.
Notes: In the dark he might be mistaken for the real thing. Anyone who wants to be creeped, just reply!

Somehow Riku had managed to fall asleep, despite his prodding and words. He'd simply have to wake Riku up later. No need to let him get too much sleep.

The shade sauntered out the door, leaving it wide open and Riku buried under a sea of pillows and blankets. The hall was primarily silent, free of the drone of speech and the step of feet. His own footfalls came quietly, landing on the edge of his heel and rolling his foot forward. It was an old trick the real thing had learned as a kid to sneak past his parents or Sora. Now it had a different use.

There were so many doors, many with people inside. It was all a matter of opening one and seeing who was inside...
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Perry was usually a pretty sound sleeper, but with his job he had pulled all nighters before. Sometimes things like that just happened when you were saving the world or the tri-state area on a constant basis. Now his job was protecting the satellite, or at least, it was his self-appointed job. He couldn't let Phineas get hurt and he'd actually made a few friends up here. And now they were all under threat by some dark clones. Perry wasn't sure where they came from but he was determined to stop them.

He double checked to make sure Phineas was sleeping before slipping off the bed. It was the wee hours of the morning so he wasn't as worried about being caught out of bed with his hat on. He slipped out of the door and put his hat on. Perry was just in time to see Riku sneaking out of his own room. Perry pressed up against the wall, hoping not to be seen. His hand was almost to his head when he paused and realized what he was actually seeing. No, that wasn't Riku.

Perry's face immediately turned into a frown. What was that THING doing out like this? Perry didn't like it. Not one bit. He knew it was a risk, but since no one else could hear the dopplegangers this was his best chance.

Riku's dark doppleganger probably never expected to have a platypus come flying at his head with a round house kick.
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Perry landed opposite Rikuganger, his paws spread and in a similar fighting stance. Ah, right, Riku was a fighter. This was probably going to be a bit different than fighting Doctor Doofenshmirtz, but Perry could handle it. He didn't even let the silent laughter get to him. Perry had skills and he was trained for this. He'd see how good these gangers really were.

The small platypus gave Rikuganger an 'are you serious' look when he did the palm gesture thing though. Wow, were they going cliche martial arts match or what? Oh well, if that's how Riku's doppleganger wanted it. Perry ran at the teenager and jumped into the air. He aimed a fake-out strike at Rikuganger's head but at the last minute spun and made to smack Riku with his tail.
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Perry landed as well, dropping into a crouch and readying himself for the next attack. It came, just as he suspected, but unfortunately he hadn't quite expected it to be like THAT. The feet connected with his face and Perry went flying backwards himself. This WAS a much larger opponent and Perry crashed into the wall, making a grunting sound from the pain. His hat was knocked off and it fell at his feet.

Already his face felt a little puffy and his eyes rolled for a bit but he quickly shook it off. Nope, he wasn't going down THAT easily, Rikuganger. Perry picked himself up and glanced around for some kind of weapon. Improvised weapons were a specialty of his and he was used to fighting in a place that had all sorts of tools and random items at his disposal to use. The hallway, unfortunately, was clear. Dang, so much for that. Suddenly an idea struck him as he reached down to pick up his hat.

Without warning he threw it at Riku's face like a Frisbee. This was, again, a distraction, Perry slid across the floor under Riku at the same moment he threw it and came up behind him to strike a karate chop to the neck. He was a lot stronger than a normal platypus after all.
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Luckily, Perry was used to fighting someone with more reach. He made up for it by usually being quicker. Unluckily, Riku certainly had youth and training on his side that made him faster than Doofenshmirtz could ever be. Perry was starting to wonder if he could actually fight this guy into submission. However, he couldn't just give up, not when this guy could prove a danger to the real Riku or worse, Phineas.

So when the kick came he managed to dodge it, slipping back down to the ground like, well, like a platypus through water. He thought about something he'd seen earlier today on the Cambots. Maybe it was best to keep this a low fight instead of continuously aiming for the head. He didn't have hooves, but this next technique should still work. He jumped and slammed a foot into the back of the dark clone's knees.
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Perry caught a foot to the stomach and went flying back again. Jeeze, he did NOT like the way this shade fought. He still wasn't giving up though. He had to make sure no one on the deck was hurt by this guy, ESPECIALLY Phineas or the real Riku.

But, maybe it was time to try another trick tactic. A devious smirk curled around his beak and he jumped at Riku again, dodging around him at the last minute and then swiping a paw across his belt buckle. With a flourish he yanked the belt away from Riku's waist and cracked it like a whip as he landed.

He spun back around and snapped the belt again, just as Riku's pants hit the deck. Your move bare legs.
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Twirling the belt in a cocky manner, Perry really should have prepared himself for what happened next. If he had prepared he probably could have dodged and taken out the shade with the belt. Unfortunately, he was caught completely off guard. It happened sometimes, it was typically how Doof managed to catch him in traps in the first place.

Suddenly the pants were wrapped around him and Perry fell on his side. Darn these pants! Why couldn't Riku wear shorts, those would be so much easier to get out of.
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Despite the early hour, Pinkie's still in the kitchen. Actually, she's been sleeping in the pantry lately; she didn't really want to go back to her room with that thing still around, and anyway Maes made it look REALLY comfortable in there! She isn't sleeping now, though, not after all that taffy she ate earlier! Instead, she's leaning against a counter, mixing up a bowl of cookie dough.

Even though she's facing the door, she's failed to notice that she never put the table barricade back after letting everyone in for taffy time earlier. Ooops.
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Pinkie glanced up as the shadow fell over her. Backlit as he was, she only noticed the shape of him at first and smiled broadly, dropping the spoon into the bowl. "Riku! Ha, I KNEW you slept in the fridge! Everybody else was all "ohhhhh, that's silly, why would he sleep in the fridge, but I was like..."

She trailed off, ears slowly levering backwards. "Wow. My hoof is hurting again. Normally it's only this bad when..." She looked up at him again, closer this time, and gasped in sudden alarm. "You're not Riku!" Dropping down to all fours, she took a few steps back, before making a quick dash to try to get around him. She KNEW Riku was good at fighting and stuff, so she didn't even know WHAT his double could do.
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Pinkie let out a short scream of surprise, and then pain, as the shade grabbed her mane. Her hooves scrabbled uselessly at the smooth floor, unable to find purchase as he dragged her along. "Cammy! Anypony! HELP!" But Cammy had gone out, probably to look for HER shade again because he knew she was worried about it, and nobody else would even be awake this late. Desperate, Pinkie tried to bite down on the arm around her head.

"BLECH!" She let go immediately, spitting and gagging. "You taste even worse than worms, you - you big mean BULLY!" The pony lashed out at his feet with her front hooves as she shouted, trying to trip the shade up, but it was kinda hard to aim while being dragged by the neck.
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Pinkie continued shrieking and calling out for help as she was dragged, a sound which cut off into a surprised squeak as she was hurled into her makeshift pantry-bed. "HEY!" She turned as fast as she could, but only managed to throw herself against the already shut door. Doorknobs weren't exactly easy for her to begin with, and it took a few rattles for her to realize that she was actually locked in. "HEY! Let! Me! OUT!" She pounded her front hooves against the door a few more times, before pivoting and giving it the best buck she could muster. Unfortunately, she was no Applejack.

"You could at least have turned the LIGHTS on!" she shouted with an angry stomp. She was pretty sure that the shade wasn't out there anymore anyway, but it was the principle of the thing. Turning away from the door, she felt around on the floor until she found the big bag of flour she'd been using as a pillow, whereupon she wrapped her front legs around it and flopped down with a little "Hmph!" She'd been planning on sleeping in here anyway, but being locked in by a stupid shade just made it feel like a trap.

Well, someone would HAVE to find her soon - this was the only kitchen on the entire Satellite. She hoped her cupcake batter wouldn't be ruined by the wait.
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THREADJACK TO THE RESCUUUUUUE lemme know if this isn't okay.

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About a half hour later, there was movement outside. 90s Kid had been up all night playing Sega until now; he always ended up with the munchies in the middle of the night, so he came down to the kitchen to hunt down some pop tarts. Maybe this time the machine wouldn't burn it.

Caught up in his task, he didn't notice anything weird about the layout of the kitchen, and just turned on the lights as he headed for the food synthesizer.
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Even though she was in her bed, Pinkie hadn't been able to fall asleep. She was too upset over being locked in the pantry. So instead she sat and stewed. At least for a little while; eventually she got distracted trying to figure out if she could use the taffy machine to make anything else, like cotton candy or caramel or marshmallow creme...

In the darkness of the shut pantry, the light that beamed under the door when the kitchen lights were turned on was bright and obvious, snapping Pinkie out of her candy-related reverie. She stood and banged on the door with her forehooves again. "Hey! Hey, is somebody out there?"
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Oh no wait. 90s Kid realized after starting and leaping halfway across the kitchen that he recognized that voice, and even noticed the furniture blocking the pantry door as it shook with the banging inside.

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"90s Kid?"

Pinkie stopped her banging for a second in surprise, then started bouncing for joy. It was one of her friends! "90s Kid! I was cooking midnight cupcakes and then Riku's mean shadow-thingy came and he pulled my MANE and he dragged me around and then he threw me in HERE and locked the door! Can you come open it, pleeeeeeease?"
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At that, 90s Kid's face turned serious, possibly even scowling. Creepy shadowy things making fun of his hair was one thing, but you did not mess with his best friend forever. He rolled up his sleeves, marching toward the pantry door.

"Stand back, Pinkie Pie! I'll save you!"

The table was easy enough to move aside, and when he saw the chair wedged against the door he decided to make this his Big Damn Hero moment. He set himself, bringing his leg back, and...

"EeeeeeeYAH!" he kicked the chair as hard as he could, sending it flying across the room, freeing the pantry door.

Unfortunately, the top of his calf caught the bottom of the chair as he kicked it. Bruce Lee, he ain't.

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"Okie-dokie-lokie!" The pantry was small enough that Pinkie didn't have much of anywhere to go, but she pressed herself against the back shelf anyway, closing her eyes as she waited for him to bash the door open or...

...something? She popped first one eye, then the other open at the crash of the chair flying away, before bouncing up to try the door again. And it opened! The pink pony came flying out, tackling her rescuer in a floofy pony hug. "90S KID! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK - " She finally noticed the fact that he was in pain and peered down at his leg. " - you want some ice for that?"
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Roxas was in his room. He'd grabbed a couple of comic books off the media deck and... had fallen asleep reading one of the more boring ones. As such, he could found sprawled out on his side, his head awkwardly pillowed on his left arm and his right hand on the comic as if he'd been about to turn the page when he nodded off.
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Suddenly being upended along with his mattress was not the most fun thing Roxas had ever dealt with. Neither was seeing Riku's outline in the doorway. If not for the doppelganger bullshit, Roxas might have been tempted to think it was Riku. However, he had no reason to think it was Riku when the doppelgangers were the ones that delighted in pissing people off.

In any case, Roxas was up and heading out the door after the doppelganger and quickly as possible... except that the bastard was nowhere to be seen by the time he got to the door.

"Damn it."
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One door in the hall was left ajar, and inside was the sleep-deprived 90s Kid, hunched over a small tv set with his new Sega Genesis from Dr. Forrester, completely engrossed in his new game. All too easy, really.
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90s Kid probably wouldn't have even noticed the lights going out. But he DID notice the door banging open and at that he jumped dramatically, on his feet and flailing his arms in front of him like he was in a bad kung fu flick.
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It had been a long and exhausting day for Rarity, and she was more than ready for a little beauty sleep. Despite the ache in her legs, she'd managed to get to sleep fairly quickly. She lay stretched out on her bed with one pillow under her head and another under her hind legs, the bag of ice and the frozen peas Pinkie had brought to ease the swelling long since melted and thawed.

It was nice to get some rest, especially with everything that had been happening around the Satellite.