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Characters: "Sailor Venus", aka Galactica!Sailor Venus vs. TEAM AWESOME +1. Special guest appearance by Gypsy.
Content: Minako's doppelganger is an ass who just destroyed the filters that allowed fresh oxygen and has also done something to Gypsy. Liz, Minako, Linkara and Harvey would like to rectify this situation.
Location: Deck 12
Time of day: After this post.
Warnings: Violence.

It took about ten minutes for Minako to get ready. Thankfully, she had a good idea what this thing who was her's strengths were - and it helped that one of her weaknesses was the fact she couldn't use her powers.

And, as she walked out into the hallway, one might wonder if she was maybe a little too over dressed for the job. Well. Maybe not.

"Ok!" She strapped her gun onto her back and began to walk down the hallway of the second deck. "I'M READY!...I just have to find the others."

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