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Characters: "Sailor Venus", aka Galactica!Sailor Venus vs. TEAM AWESOME +1. Special guest appearance by Gypsy.
Content: Minako's doppelganger is an ass who just destroyed the filters that allowed fresh oxygen and has also done something to Gypsy. Liz, Minako, Linkara and Harvey would like to rectify this situation.
Location: Deck 12
Time of day: After this post.
Warnings: Violence.

It took about ten minutes for Minako to get ready. Thankfully, she had a good idea what this thing who was her's strengths were - and it helped that one of her weaknesses was the fact she couldn't use her powers.

And, as she walked out into the hallway, one might wonder if she was maybe a little too over dressed for the job. Well. Maybe not.

"Ok!" She strapped her gun onto her back and began to walk down the hallway of the second deck. "I'M READY!...I just have to find the others."
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Liz was just as suited up for war as Minako was, in her own way; armored and armed with her best swords. Linkara was more of the gunman anyway.

She was unnaturally quiet as she waited just outside of deck 12, trying to listen; as long as she couldn't hear any screaming from Gypsy or the like from down there, she hoped they had time. Her face was stone serious, the tension in her shoulders obvious. They'd better deal with this thing, and fast.
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Harvey, on the other hand, had brought precisely what he'd brought to the other shade-hunting expeditions: himself and a now well-used baseball bat. He had to admit, there was something rather satisfying about hitting home runs with a doppelganger's head. Besides, the belly of the Satellite was no place to go in shootin'.

He showed up to Deck 12 a few minutes after Liz, casting the kid a slightly concerned glance. "You alright?" He knew Iron knew her limits, and he wouldn't try to talk her out of this; she had a score to settle. Didn't mean he wasn't worried.
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It was amazing just how calm Linkara could be in this sort of situation. He was normally the type to go in guns blazing - literally - especially on a first encounter against an enemy he thought he could reasonably handle.

But this situation wasn't normal. Normally, he'd have his weapons on him. Normally, his magic would be working. Normally, problems came to him, so he'd at least have a home field advantage.

Normally, his opponent didn't take a chunk out of his girlfriend and use her blood to write death threats on the walls.

He'd been to the weapons deck already. Normally, he would have gone for some sort of gun, but...well, there was that normal thing again. The dagger he'd found was the closest approximation he could get to the Dragon Dagger, and at least he knew how to use the sword sheathed at his side - between loving Camelot and living with Iron Liz, he'd picked up a few things.

He'd been waiting with Liz when Harvey showed up. "Yeah," he nodded, knowing the question wasn't quite meant for him but answering anyway. "At least we-"

Which was when he caught sight of Minako and what she was carrying. "You're kidding," he said flatly. "Haven't you seen any sci-fi ever? You don't take a gun into any place with complicated machinery, especially not near a life support system!" He unsheathed the sword and offered it to her hilt-first. "Tell me you know how to use this, at least." It left him at a disadvantage, but taking down an opponent with a punch was a normality that evidently carried on here as well.
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"I'll be fine as soon as all this is done and over with." Liz said softly to Harvey.

She looked slightly irritated as Minako showed up essentially unarmed with all her fake guns. On the other side of the fourth wall, she knew Mina was capable of being serious, and she really needed that side of the senshi right now. Maybe there was still some anger left over from that pregnancy scare that made her more critical of her jokes, but mostly Liz was just eager to get below deck. She wanted that shade dealt with, and moreover she didn't want them all to die.

"Just take the sword, Mina. I think you're gonna need it more than he is."
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Harvey gave Liz a quiet nod in response. He knew how that was. He might have said more, but that was when Minako arrived, with a fake gun and wearin' what looked like a cheap Halloween costume. He shot the senshi a flat look of disbelief. Great, now the three of them had to keep this dizzy blonde from gettin' herself killed as well. the hell was her double so dangerous if she was like this? Evil shadow or not, it'd take more than some random broad to cut Iron up like that.

"Just watch where ya swing it," he added, deciding not to worry about it for now. If she wasn't as good with a sword as her shade was, well, inexperienced kids wavin' swords around rarely ended well. And if she was more competent than she seemed, he wasn't gonna complain.
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He could be pretty calm, sure, but that didn't mean that Mina wasn't wearing on Linkara's patience. "Leave the prop out here," he said flatly, "take the sword, and God help you. Or us. Whoever needs it most. Now let's get going."
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The rescue party was on the way just in time...Gypsy was down in the bowels of the ship, attempting to replace the busted oxygen generator, when she was set upon by Minako's spectre. She was now currently pinned to the ground by the spectre, but still coiled around the spare part and refusing to let it go.

Meanwhile, Cambot was trying to assist Gypsy by buzzing around the spectre's head, but thusfar it wasn't doing much good.

"Oh! Oh! Get away, you...meanie! I've got a ship to fix!"
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Deck 12 was a big mess of wires and machinery, but Gypsy yelling at the shade was a good enough method of finding the way around. Liz hurried ahead of the group, following the robot's voice, until she peered around the corner to see her struggling with the shade. Her eyes narrowed and she gestured to the others, priming herself to charge in. It was clear she was eager for a fight, but she knew they needed a little more strategy against this bitch.
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Harvey moved quickly after Liz, spurred on by the robot's cries. Reaching the place, he had to admit he was a little impressed; Gypsy was tougher than he'd have given her credit for. He drew around to flank Liz, glancing back to see if the others were in place. Mostly he was worried about Minako - hopefully she wouldn't just go charging in without thinking.