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Who: Sora, Roxas and Ven
Content: The boys realize there are somethings they should not be discussing over Cambot.
Time: Shortly after Ven's first Cambot post
Warnings: None
Notes: Possible spoilers for... the whole series |D

With the decision to meet up in person, Sora, Roxas and Ventus also decided on meeting in the cafeteria. Talking over snacks usually helped a little.

Roxas wasn't overly surprised that he'd arrived first, if mostly because he hadn't been far from the cafeteria when he'd seen Ven's first appearance on Cambot. Deciding he had time while he waited for the others and not entirely trusting the synthesizer, he poked about in the kitchen for a tea kettle and hopefully a pot too. And he was kind of surprised that Pinkie Pie wasn't in there at the moment, but that was okay because the stuff they were going to discuss needed to stay between them for the moment. They would likely discuss these things with the others from they're world, universe, whatever.

Tea accoutrements at hand, all Roxas really had to do while waiting for others was wait for water to boil and see what kind of snacks were available that went with tea. Maybe one day he'd ask Pinkie Pie if she knew a good recipe for tea cakes or scones or something like that. He knew one recipe for scone and it was... not the best recipe, though he was pretty sure he knew what it needed. Considering he had time to kill, he started mixing up a batch.

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