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Rubber duckie, you're the one~

Who: Iron Liz and YOU
What: Jacuzzi time
Where: The Rec Deck
When: A day or so after the shades are gone

Liz felt a little self-conscious heading into the recreational deck in a bathing suit. It had the disadvantage of displaying just how badly the shades did a number on her this week. At least the gash in her shoulder seemed to be healing alright, and the rest...well, it could've been far worse.

But regardless, the jacuzzi had been beckoning her for a while now, and with the shades finally all gone, as far as she could tell, now she could finally get a chance to relax.

She winced as she stepped into the hot water, easing herself in carefully. Her injuries stung in protest at first, but settled as she slowly sat down, her tired muscles conversely appreciating the hot bath. She closed her eyes and leaned back, resting her head against the wall of the tub, slowly letting herself relax.
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It was a good thing that all of the spectres were gone by now, since between battling those all over the ship, trying to fix the strange mushrooms on the nature deck, and the increased gravity, Amaterasu was feeling pretty tired. Fighting demons was not really something she missed from Nippon, to be sure.

It was on her way up to the Cafeteria Deck that she realized there seemed to be a lot of extra heat coming from the Recreation Deck. Curious, she wandered inside, only to see a whole lot of steam rising from the pools here. Since when were all the pools here hot?

She ventured up to the water's edge and sniffed cautiously. It was like someone had turned this place into the Sasa Sanctuary hot springs.
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Riku made his way casually over to the recreational deck in nothing more than a set of trunks he's managed to find and a towel over his shoulder and side. For the last few days, the side where he was pretty sure he'd cracked a rib was having some painful muscle spasms. It'd finally dawned on him that hot water would be a fantastic idea, but with a shortage of bathrooms, a long shower or bath wasn't the best option.

When he arrived, he found he wasn't alone. "Hey, Liz. Hey Arctic." Riku lightly tossed the towel to the edge of the tub a few feet away from where the wolf was standing, revealing his injured side. The dark purple bruises made his bruised cheek and healing split lip look more mild. "Got room for another?"
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Ammy wrinkled her nose and made a face. No thanks; she wasn't that fond of baths. Kind of ironic, considering how much time she had to spend in the water sometimes. Mostly, she was confused as to what was once a normal pool was now a hot one. But as far as strange changes went, at least it was better than demons.

She looked up when Riku entered, and noted the injuries on his side and face. Ammy gave him a worried look...although she was then glad he was here; hot springs could help both physically and mentally.
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"Thanks." Riku gave the wolf a reassuring scratch behind the ear and a little smile before stepping in. "Not as much as you do, by the looks of it." He slipped in, leaning back with his elbows on the edge. As he sank into the water, he tilted his head back with a sigh of relief and closed his eyes. That felt good. "I got lucky. Mine wasn't armed." After a second he brought his head back forward. "You'll at least got a story for your battle wound until it heals."
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Ammy accepted the scritches gratefully, and then laid down next to the edge of the pool, close enough to listen but hopefully far enough away so that she wouldn't get wet.

She wished she could have helped a little with everyone's demons, but at least there were several here that were able to handle them somewhat on her own. Although it seemed a bit funny to tell stories about scars. Maybe that was all a part of healing them.