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Backdated to Isa's bday - THE BEST PARTY EVER

Where: The cafeteria!
When: The evening of Isa's birthday

Anyone who was around for Minako's (somewhat ill-fated) surprise party probably won't be too surprised when they discover the envelope secreted somewhere in everyone's rooms over the night. They read:


Anyone who stopped by to get food during the day would hear the whole thing again from Pinkie - evidently her Pinkie Sense had told her that it was his birthday today, so they had to throw him the BEST PARTY EVER, because who didn't love parties on their birthday? And that was why she was firing the party cannon everywhere, so maybe you should duck!

Later that night, everything was finally prepared. The decorations were all blue, and the giant blue cake had a bunch of little frosting moons drawn all over it. It probably would've been a good party setup for Princess Luna too, she'd have to remember that! "He'll probably be coming really soon!" Pinkie squealed to everyone present, hitting the lights and crouching behind the party cannon. "I asked Lea if he could keep him busy for us today! He's gonna be so surprised!"
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GLaDOS turned around in a circle, taking in all the decorations. It was a party, with cake, the only kind of party worth having. Pity she hadn't been able to help with the recipe. She tossed her head a bit.

"I suppose it's time to hide, then?"
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GLaDOS moved further down the rail, placing her head behind the table. The rest of her body hung from the rail as it usually did. She glanced aside at Pinkie Pie.

"What has Isa done to deserve a party?"
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Although the presence of that large overhanging robot who seemed to say strange things unnerved Sora a bit, he was currently more focused on hiding for when Isa arrived. Considering how Isa usually reacted to surprises, he could only imagine how he'd react to this one...but to Sora, it was worth it.

"I bet he'll be real surprised, Pinkie!" he whispered.
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Isa could definitely be serious, but that was why he needed something like a birthday party...he needed everything they could get to lighten him up some. Although Sora's motives for this were perhaps a bit deeper than Pinkie's wanting to give everyone a party.

Sora thought for a little bit. "'re we going to get him down here?" Knowing Isa, he'd probably be suspicious of any mysterious invitations to the cafeteria...but probably because Isa was suspicious of a lot of things.
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"If anyone could do that, Lea could."

Sora grinned a little bit at that. Of course Lea would be in on it...and then Isa would blame Lea for everything, and Lea would deny such an involvement. It was funny how predictable those two could be sometimes. And although Sora hadn't much witnessed what went on with Terra and Minako at her surprise birthday party, it probably couldn't end up any worse than that.
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Oh Isa deserves this, a surprise party just for him! Lea always wanted to throw one for Isa. Even if he is also linefacey about it, at least it’ll get him out and about. Have a good time and all that. And hey, nothing is better about throwing birthday parties with the hope of cakes and ice cream! Lea blabbered away about this sci-fi movie in hopes of distracting Isa long enough.

Once it was time, Lea gave a smirk to Isa.

“Ah-Welp time for us to go! Come on, follow me,” Lea says, as he takes a hold of Isa and pushes him in front of him, “Let’s go!”
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"What are you planning, Lea?"

Isa, being Isa, had long since learned to be suspicious of Lea doing anything on his birthday. And not to trust any of Lea's so called plans, he always had something up his sleeve.
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Isa, Isa, Isa, if there’s one thing you should have learned, it’s that Lea always prepares for the best things. Or at least that’s what he thinks. Perhaps it might just be the cake and ice cream. Lea grinned at Isa as he continued to lead the way, “Come on Isa, now why on earth would you think I’m planning something? It’s just down this hall here~”
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