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Characters: Minako, OPEN
Content: MINAKO HAS IDEAS. Only this time it doesn't involve driving anything.
Time: As soon as possible after Minako's roll call.
Warnings: ...Minako?

How does one defeat an aspect of Chaos?

Well, Minako knew that overpowering it with power wasn't going to work - no one had powers to handle such horrific creature and its overriding of reality. Not only that, even if they did, there was no guarantee in a universe like this. And weapons from the prop deck wouldn't work - he'd just turn them into other things. Meanwhile, the Mads were claiming victory even though it wasn't the book chapter that had caused everything to go nuts on board.

...The Mads...

She thought, and thought, and thought as she continued her way down to the recreation deck, quickly waving her Cambot away from her once she got to the stairs. No Cambots allowed. Anyhow. The Mads. Mad. Discord was mad, in a sense. If she was going to help beat an agent of entropy, she had to think like an agent of entropy. And what did Discord say he disliked? Too much boredom...

The Mads...chaos...boredom...reality...

Her ears perked up as suddenly, a thought came to her. And really, if she could snap her hoof, she would. But she brightened up considerably as she thought more, and more, and more on it.



By the time anyone meets her on the recreation deck, Minako is laying on her back, front hoofs folded under her head, a pair of sunglasses on her face. Her wings, of course, still hide her mark, and her horn is still hidden by the bangs. But there is still no mistaking the grin on her face. It is one that has struck terror upon the denizens of the Satellite of Love, many times over.

She has an idea.
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[...yep. Harvey can tell what THAT look means. But in this case, crazy ideas are the only things that have a chance in hell of working. He'll take it.]

[Pencil and paper are hard to carry around without hands, so without even a Cambot to subtitle for him he's not gonna be much of a conversationalist, but he walks up to her anyway, raising an eyebrow and tilting his head curiously. What was she thinking?]
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[Yeah? He grins and motions for her to continue with one hoof. Let's hear it!]
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Fortunately (or unfortunately?) Xion was unfamiliar with that expression usually meant. Though she was aware that Minako had been responsible for some pranks, her mind was on other things at the moment. What struck her more was the fact that it seemed odd to see someone grinning when they had a serious situation on their hands.

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"Really?" This was good news, and helped put Minako's grin in better perspective. Xion allowed herself a small smile, and settled in to wait for the explanation.
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Namine stopped short when she saw the grin. Living on the satellite, one learned that seeing that expression on Minako's face meant she'd come up with a scheme that could mean trouble. Her hesitation only lasted for a moment, though, when she realized that Minako's scheme might mean trouble for Discord, not the--which could lead to an end to the trouble Discord was causing.

Much as she didn't enjoy the idea of wishing trouble on anyone, she valued her friends' sanity and safety more.

"It looks like you have an idea."
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"Is it about Discord?" Namine really hoped it was.
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...Okay, Minako was a little odd, but she had a basically good heart, right? Notes and everything aside, Ven didn't hate her, nor did he consider her one of the less sane people he'd ever met. Overenthusiastic, probably, but a good person.

So the last thing he expected to be reminded of when he walked into her little meeting was his other half. That grin was borderline psychotic, all too much resembling Vanitas', and Ven nearly turned tail and left right then. Still, if she had lost it, there'd be enough people to take her down, right?

He decided he better stick around to find out what all this was about.
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Thanks, that helps a lot. More of his apprehension goes away at the change in her expression and he comes completely into the room. "Of course I came - we've gotta stop this before it gets any worse."
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"What're you thinking of?" Ven checks behind him out in the hall real quick to make sure the evil guy himself isn't there, nor anyone that's turned, then looks back with a very serious expression, even for a pony. "It better be something we can do fast, because we don't have a lot of time."
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Anybody who knew 90s Kid would notice the drastic change in his attitude. He had just run in with Pinkie Pie and her sudden attitude problem, followed by Discord. There was something he didn't like about all this and he was going to get to the bottom of this.

When he arrived at the meeting spot, he was stone cold serious.
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"In the flesh, dudette," he nodded.

"We gonna take this Discord doofus down?"
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"Well, out with it, dudette! We've gotta save everybody--we've gotta save Pinkie!"
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90s Kid's ears twitch a little at that. He's eager to put Discord in his place and fast. But slowly he nods with a determined pony-snort.
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[...the hell is this.]

[Harvey approaches, looking quizzical and a little concerned. At least the kid's still as obnoxiously neon as before.]
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I am so ready for this, dude.
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[Yeah? Harvey smiles and gives a little pony-snort. It's nice to see the kid taking something seriously for once.]

[Not that he won't be keeping an eye on him. He ain't about to lose anyone else to this.]
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Well, Harry had heard of worse plans. Much worse plans. Most of which were his.

Look, no one's perfect. Anyway, if it ended up getting him his bipedal motion back, he'd give almost anything a shot, but that didn't mean he wanted to go in blind.

"How are we going to get him in there, what boring experiment can we find, and how do we keep our own suffering from entertaining him?"
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Actually... that kind of made sense. It was really obvious that Discord was some sort of giant cosmic bully, doing all this to get a rise out of people (and because he was bored, like Minako said), so the thought really did have some merit. But Ven could see one really big question attached to it, and brought it up.

"How can we be sure he'd stay in there? He's already proven he can just move around like crazy, what's to say he couldn't just use his powers to pop out of it after we get him in there?
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And this was Link, arriving late for various reason that he would be keeping to himself. At least he'd caught the tail end of Minako's explanation and the questions put forward by the others. So they were going to try to trap that nutjob in one of those experiments? He had the same questions as Harry and Ventus, plus another.

"How would you even get him to view the experiment in the first place?"
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"Guy seems the type to take up a challenge. I think I can get him to join us, if anyone else is willing to go in with me," Kotetsu offered.

Discord had not only messed with a number of kids on board, but with Pinkie Pie, too. Kotetsu was more than determined to take him down. If it meant putting himself at risk of a boring story... well, he'd been through much, much worse.
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"Count me in, dude."

90s Kid had been quiet the whole time, and his determination was obvious when he spoke up.
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Roxas was another late arrival, trotting in just a little bit after Link. He heard enough, though, and had only one question to add.

"What about everyone whose heads he's messed with already?"
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This was the only idea anyone had - well, short of bashing him in the head and shoving him out the airlock without a spacesuit. Maybe it wasn't perfect, but it was worth a shot, right? Ven wasn't about to let anyone else fall to him.

"We take care of them ourselves," he responded, looking just as serious as his "twin," or even more so. "He'll get suspicious if there's more people in for an experiment than ever has been before, so the rest of us spread out around the satellite and try to keep the ones he's gotten to separate. We don't have any powers, but aside from him no one else does either, so we can just hold them down if we have to. It's not going to be fun, but it's our best hope right now."
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"Magic doesn't tend to be self perpetuating, it needs some sort of power source to draw from. It stands to reason if we can lock Discord away where he can't pump energy into whatever enchantments he's casting, they'll decay on their own."