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Pinkie Pie ([personal profile] sailorlaughter) wrote in [community profile] itsjustagamerp2012-02-18 10:39 pm

Triple Terrific Party Time! [OPEN]

Characters: Pinkie Pie, open
Content: So many things to celebrate, so little time!
Location: The recreation deck
Warnings: Zidane may not be genocidal anymore, but he does have a certain karaoke machine...

[Pinkie's announcement after Discord's defeat wasn't just hot air. As soon as five minutes after the chaos god's last cry echoed throughout the ship, there's already music blaring out the open doors of the recreation deck. As if in defiance of Discord's attack on her there, Pinkie's filled the place with even MORE balloons than typical for one of her parties. Above the main refreshment table - which is clearly the one with the biggest cake on it - there's a few banners. The topmost one reads SO LONG DISCORD! Right below it is a smaller one saying SORRY FOR BEING A MEANIE. The bottom one is a little larger and written in a different color HAPPY LATE HEARTS AND HOOVES DAY! In all the chaos, she'd completely FORGOTTEN a holiday; could you believe it? But she was totally going to make it up now, with a party to beat all parties!]

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