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Chaos Theory

Characters: Riku, Amaterasu and Perry the Platypus!
Content: Riku gets curious about the time machine, and tests it out as a scout, only to find he needs a rescue!
Location: Utah, 126 mya, Barremian stage of the early Cretaceous
Time of Day: Morning
Warnings: Acrocanthosaurus, a dead Astrodon, a large pack of Utahraptors and TL;DR
Notes: I have dinosaur books! I don’t expect this to be scientifically accurate, but I can answer questions!

Riku stepped out from the time machine, shielding his eyes from the early morning sun. What he was doing was risky, and he knew it. Still, if anyone was going to do this, it was best to have a scout. The teen was curious anyway. As such, he'd looked up when to travel to. He'd grabbed a sword and knife at least, making sure they were both sharpened and as well-balanced as any from the weapon's deck. It would be the ultimate test of his skills, if he had to use that sword.

The air was hot, and he felt like he was drowning in the humidity. The air seemed still. Riku removed his white vest, leaving it in the time machine. A strip of leather tied back his hair, keeping him cooler and making it less likely his hair would be snagged by the thick undergrowth. As he moved outward, he used the knife to peel bark and mark the trees, ensuring he could find his way back.

Something large was rushing through the undergrowth... No, several creatures! Riku got down low, hiding under a giant fern. Several large meat-eaters came through, each marked like green tigers, save for a streak of bright red above their eyes. They weren't interested in Riku, leaving the young man to wonder what they were. They weren't Tyrannosaurus Rex, they had too many fingers and weren't large enough, either. They also had a thick ridge down their backs, though from his viewpoint, it was hard to tell if it was a small fin or if it was covered in flesh. They didn't look like Spinosaurus, either. Spinosaurs had thin snouts. "Maybe Allosaurus?" Riku guessed with doubt, and incorrectly. Regardless, he stared after them in awe. Kairi was going to kill him. That much was obvious. And Sora HAD to see this.

Not much further was a glade, and an amazing sight. In the middle of it was a downed long-necked dinosaur, and all around it, a huge pack of raptors! Riku smirked. No other way to describe it. this was just cool. The pack was feasting upon heir kill. These couldn’t be velociraptors. They were way too big! Still, they were raptors all right. Covered in slate gray feathers and with rust-colored wings, it was still impossible to mistake that killing claw.

The wind shifted. Riku thought little of it until a raptor chick sniffed at the air and began to chirp loudly, alerting the others. ...They were downwind of him. Riku began to back away, but he saw bright blue and green crests raise along their necks, and they chittered. One began to move forward, a scout Riku guessed. The boy ran!

Riku rushed towards the time machine, but he had some ground to cover. He stopped abruptly at movement up ahead. He ducked down, drawing his sword and using the undergrowth for cover. There it was. A raptor stood, occasionally flaring a bright blue crest, looking off somewhere. It was waiting for him. He noted dully that it was brighter than the ones with green crests, much like male birds are brighter... Riku raised his sword a little, only to feel it shift and hiss a little in his grasp, a few bits of light illuminating the shadows he hid in. The weight in his hands was familiar.

He didn’t need to look over to see what happened. He was more focused on the fact the raptor was looking right at him. Regardless, he couldn’t be more thankful for Way to the Dawn right now. If he could take out the scout, he’d be home free. But why wasn’t it moving?

And to his left another head appeared, flashing a bright green crest with a hiss.

“...Clever girl.”

Riku immediately found claws coming at his face.

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