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Dunnnnn Don don da na nuu-PARTY ROCK IS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT [Active]

Characters: Harry and the bold adventurers ready to save the day
Content: A fellowship of heroes descends into the depths of the Satellite to find some way to shut off the damn radio.
Location: Deck 12
Time of day: [backdated] Three days after the medieval
Warnings: Peril, Balrogs, and obnoxious music.

With his beard making him feel like his face had been wrapped in steel wool and the ugliest Christmas sweater, the worst of music from the Middle Ages and 21st century ringing in his ears, and a robe that looked only slightly less stupid than his usual plaid wizard 'robe,'
about the only reason Harry had to be happy was he'd finally found something that looked like a proper wizard staff. Something about having a real weapon, even if he didn't have the magic to make full use of it, was very comforting.

Especially when he was about to plunge into the depths of a nuthouse devoted solely to horrible b-movies. For now, though, he would wait for the others to gather. They would be a fellowship, or possibly a companionship. Or maybe a gaggle.

Yes, they would be called, The Gaggle of the Sound System.

...On second thought, he'd better workshop it. After he was done standing next to a ominously big set of blast doors, waiting to break some electronics the old fashioned way.

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