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Minako Aino ([personal profile] verygassy) wrote in [community profile] itsjustagamerp2012-04-07 02:11 am
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Characters: Minako and 90s Kid. Special appearance from ?????????????
Location: Some Day 1993
Time of Day: Who Knows!
Warnings: Both Minako and 90s Kid are warnings unto themselves
Notes: This won't end well

So long as she didn't meet her past self, she'd be fine. That was the cardinal rule of time travel. Two of the same thing couldn't exist on the same plane of existence. But, considering this was another universe, there'd be no problem with that!

Fiddling with the controls, Minako prepared herself for what might be. After all, who knows what will happen? Maybe she'll get to meet someone famous! That would be awesome!...

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