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The further on the edge, the hotter the intensity

Characters: Iron Liz and everybody who volunteered in this post
Location: Launch deck, then out by the spaceburg
Time of Day: if we're going by the logic of recreating the infamous crash...late at night?
Warnings: contains bitty Derpy Hooves.
Notes: Entries can be done party-style, then there will be a more organized thread of getting out there and blasting the thing.

Liz adjusted the goggles on her forehead as she paced the launch deck, waiting for the others to show up. She hadn't changed out of her evening gown; no time to. But she may as well go out there in style, right?

That'd give her something, at least. They were short a pilot, and some of the volunteers...well, to say she had her doubts would be a bit of an understatement. But the show must go on. She'd done her best to get as much information on the pods as possible, making plans, trying to compensate for the shortage of firepower and planning contingencies.

This better work.


Iron Liz
Derpy Hooves

Please confirm if this is correct))
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Terra was nervous about this. He was only really familiar with flying his Keyblade glider. That didn't come with a lot of levers, buttons, or anything like that. The glider was, like the Keyblade, controlled by his will. It moved and maneuvered as he wanted it to. Still, Liz's request hadn't gotten a lot of responses and he wanted to help avert a tragedy if he could. Perhaps it wouldn't be TOO difficult.

He nodded to Liz when he entered the hangar, "You ready?"
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Despite her attempts to hide it, Terra had a feeling he knew how nervous she was. He was nervous too. But if they didn't do this then who would? Terra rested a hand on her shoulder, "Don't worry. We won't let anything happen to the SoL or the people up here. We've got this."
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There was pressure. But telling Liz that was probably not going to help matters. "If we worry too much about it, it could interfere with the mission. Just do your best and know that everyone believes in you."
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"You're welcome." He had his doubts and was often plagued by them. But if it was one thing Terra didn't know how to do, it was give up. Especially not without trying first.
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Sora was actually pretty confident about this. While the subpods here weren't exactly the same (mostly in that they were pretty weak and flimsy), they were close enough to gummi ships that he felt he could figure out the controls well enough. If he could blast through a meteor in interspace, surely a giant ball of ice wouldn't be a problem, right? And they had a bunch of people all working together.

He gave the others his best 'determined hero' look. "I'm ready to go!"
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Sora definitely looked raring to go, and was pondering over how to tackle this problem. Obviously, an iceberg like this was going to be massive, so it'd take a lot of force to move.

"So, should we all try and fire at the same area of the iceberg and hope we can knock it off-course, or fire at it as a whole?"
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"That makes sense," Sora said. Meteors (and icebergs) around here probably reacted a bit differently than they normally did in interspace. "Well, if we all work together, then it should work!"
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Hmm, perhaps less people knew how to pilot these kind of vehicles than Sora thought. Well, they could only do the best with what they had. "I guess the only way we can find out is to get going."
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Terra smiled. It was good to see Sora here ready and willing to protect everyone on the SoL as well.

He examined one of the pods, "Not exactly the same as a glider. But everyone needs us, right? So, we'll just have to figure it out."
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Sora smiled back. He was also pretty excited to be flying with Terra on something like a cool mission.

He observed the pods as well...he hadn't really gone to fly one yet, but they didn't look that dissimilar from gummi ships. Rather, they looked like gummi ships that were smaller, less colorful, and made out of metal. "These are actually a little bit like gummi ships. How do the gliders work differently?"
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"Gliders are smaller and seat one. They're made by changing the form of the keyblade so it doesn't really have controls so much as it responds to the user's will." Terra missed his. But, he couldn't summon his keyblade which mean he couldn't exactly ride his glider either.

Terra crossed his arms, "I won a few races on it actually, at Disney Town."
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Sora really wanted to try and turn his Keyblade into a glider, although for actually getting around to other worlds, that wouldn't work out well if it just seated one person. He needed to be able to take Donald and Goofy with him when he went to different worlds. Still, just being able to try it once sounded really exciting. "Cooool. I wanna see how it works!"

"Wooah, they had races there?" Sora asked. "I only saw the castle when I was there." And he obviously had been there on business, not for any festival.
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Terra smiled. It had been one of the things that had excited him most about his keyblade training. Perhaps, they could use that time machine and Terra could show them.

"It was for their Dream Festival, they had a lot of different things going on."

Terra shook his head, now wasn't the time to get nostalgic, "Let's deal with the iceberg first, Sora."
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"I must've missed that...I have to go back sometime and see it!" Of course, escaping the Satellite and getting home came first, but Sora figured he'd be able to visit again somehow.

"Oh, right!" It was sometimes easy for Sora to get distracted from the task at hand if there was something fun and competitive going on as well. But saving the Satellite definitely came first. "Let's get that thing!"
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For all that Squall didflown one. But he knew the concepts and had spent more than his share of time staring at Ragnarok's control panel to at least have a general idea of what he was doing. Besides, it couldn't be harder than dealing with a suddenly mobile Garden. Not when they'd been designed to be flown.

"Are we all ready?"
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Squall nodded in return. He couldn't make people come any faster then they were going to already be inclined to. All they could do now was wait for the others, and hope that they had enough people to manage the problem with at least some manner of efficiency.

"Right. Do we know how we're going to be coordinating things?"
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"Simple enough," Squall answered with a nod. Hopefully the pods would help counteract any inaccuracy in people's shots, but for all that he was uncertain about the results there wasn't any time to change anything. He'd just have to hope for the best results.
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"Breaker Breaker!"

Suddenly, on the radio comes Derpy's voice. Its loud, to the point of feedback occurring. It wouldn't be surprising if some pod windows cracked or broke as a result.

Also judging by the way her voice faded every few seconds, its quite clear she's jumping up and down on the radio button.

"I'm totally ready to do this, overrrr!!"
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"Aaaaahhg!" A loud groan of frustration came from one of the subpods as its hatch popped open, revealing the form of one black-haired teenager in sunglasses. Apparently Robin had gotten there early and had hopped into one of the pods to see what he could do with it, like he'd told Liz he was going to... Only to find out that what he could do with it? Not nearly as much as he'd like to.

"Who still uses this stuff! These processors are so old they belong in a museum!"
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"Forget cheap, this stuff is ancient." Robin threw a small claw hammer out of the pod to skid along the floor, shaking his head and glowering at the controls in front of him as if they'd personally offended him. And they had. He kept the pliers and the screwdriver he found, hooking the cover panel back in place and starting to return the screws to their proper position. "They'll be easy enough to fly - pitch, roll, yaw, all the normal stuff. The controls aren't sensitive at all though so you're going to have to put most of your upper body strength into moving it around, which at least means people aren't gonna fly off into nothing if they hit them on accident. But all the programming and equipment in these is from the late 80s - if I had more time I could hack something together to let us slave them all to one program and control them from in here, but we don't have any sort of central control system here and the programming languages I know are too advanced for their processors."
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"You got that right. I did manage to give the lasers a power boost, though - they're not all that strong to begin with, so I created a feedback loop to get them up to maybe 175, 200% above their norm. It's not going to be much help, but something's better than nothing, right?"

And that's the last screw. Robin shook his head again with a sigh, climbing out of his pod.

"When all this is over we need to see about hooking up some sort of steering mechanism and installing it on the bridge. There's no reason we shouldn't be able to change course if we need to."