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Mission 15

Characters: Xion and Sora
Content: Using the time machine to visit the Wild West...with unexpected consequences.
Location: Time machine room, the U.S. Southwest circa the mid-1800's
Time of Day: afternoon, a day or so after the dino is disposed of.
Warnings: Xion's connection to Sora has some worrisome side effects when away from the satellite.

Even though they’d taken care of the dinosaur, most everyone on the satellite was still upset about ‘90’s Kid’s...disappearance. Sora in particular seemed to be taking it hard. So Xion had decided to try to think of something to help cheer him up a little.

In the end, she’d decided to agree to something that had been brought up when they’d dressed up as “cowboys” and “Indians.” Sora had wanted to use the time machine then to go see real cowboys and Indians. At the time, Xion had been reluctant; the time machine gave them all their powers back, and she didn’t know how it would affect Sora to have her close by in a situation like that.

Still, if it would make him feel better she’d try it. Though he’d have to agree to let her know the moment he felt strange in any way, so they could come right back. She wasn’t quite sure how to get that across, but she’d made sure to bring lots of paper and few pencils when she went to find him to see if he wanted to go.

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