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Mission 15

Characters: Xion and Sora
Content: Using the time machine to visit the Wild West...with unexpected consequences.
Location: Time machine room, the U.S. Southwest circa the mid-1800's
Time of Day: afternoon, a day or so after the dino is disposed of.
Warnings: Xion's connection to Sora has some worrisome side effects when away from the satellite.

Even though they’d taken care of the dinosaur, most everyone on the satellite was still upset about ‘90’s Kid’s...disappearance. Sora in particular seemed to be taking it hard. So Xion had decided to try to think of something to help cheer him up a little.

In the end, she’d decided to agree to something that had been brought up when they’d dressed up as “cowboys” and “Indians.” Sora had wanted to use the time machine then to go see real cowboys and Indians. At the time, Xion had been reluctant; the time machine gave them all their powers back, and she didn’t know how it would affect Sora to have her close by in a situation like that.

Still, if it would make him feel better she’d try it. Though he’d have to agree to let her know the moment he felt strange in any way, so they could come right back. She wasn’t quite sure how to get that across, but she’d made sure to bring lots of paper and few pencils when she went to find him to see if he wanted to go.
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They had done the best they could to get everything fixed...the dinosaur had been taken care of, and Gypsy had repaired the stairs between floors so that they could get to the bottom decks now. But still...some things couldn't be fixed. Yeah, 90s Kid was often kind of dumb, but he definitely didn't deserve to have something like that happen to him. Sora couldn't help feeling he could have done something about it.

He was currently sitting in the cafeteria, attempting to get himself to eat something but not having much success. He looked up when he saw Xion enter, and waved to her. It was good to see that she was okay, at least.
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Sora felt he'd be glad when this whole week was over...even if it wasn't a form change or something happening to the Satellite itself, not being able to talk was really inconvenient. If it even was a result of the Satellite itself, and not Frank's invention.

He noticed that she had pencil and paper, and made a motion like he wanted one. He was really not used to having to carry that kinda stuff with him, so he kept forgetting to bring paper with him.
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Sora watched as she wrote down the question, even if he could guess the end of it before she finished writing. Well, he probably should have seen the question coming in the first place...this week hadn't been all that great to any of them so far.

Sora grabbed a piece of paper and pen for himself and wrote back, 'I'm okay.' The slight slump in his shoulders and the expression on his face seemed to say otherwise, though.
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Well, Sora had always been a terrible was probably even worse now since he couldn't actually say anything otherwise, and it was just all written on his face. He looked a little bit sheepish at her expression.

And then he saw the rest of what she wrote, and looked a bit intrigued. At least now they could actually get down there...what's more, maybe if they went back in time they could actually talk again. He grabbed up another piece of paper.

'Sure. Where should we go?'
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Sora gave her a small smile back. He appreciated the reassurance, anyway. Roxas would probably have scolded him about trying to lie, even if it was just about how he felt.

He perked up a little at the suggestion. Seeing something like cowboys and Indians would be a lot of fun...he definitely didn't want to go to prehistoric times right now, in any case. And if it could help him take his mind off of what had happened, all the better. Maybe he could even actually help someone in the past, like he and Terra had when he'd been learning how to summon a glider.

Sora waited while Xion wrote out her concerns. Truth be told, he didn't quite get how any of that made sense...they both had a Keyblade, therefore they should be both be fine, right? But he figured he could say something if anything was off. He nodded back, and wrote down 'Let's do it!'
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Sora nodded, looking a little bit better already, and got up to head down to the Launch Deck. Things were still a little bit messy from the dino attack, but at least they could get between decks now. Before long, they were both down by the time machine.

He had to do a little looking up of times (someone had been kind enough to leave an Almanac down by the time machine...probably Twilight or Gypsy), but eventually figured out what time and place would work best for their little wild west tour. He punched in the dates for around the end of the 19th century, somewhere in what currently was called 'Utah.'

The machine began to warm up, and Sora gestured for Xion to step inside first.
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Sora followed her into the time machine, and it got to work making a whole bunch of noise and motion. A moment later, it opened up again to their destination...a broad flatland area, with some very colorful-looking mountains and what appeared to be a settlement in the distance.

Compared to the cool and sterile air of the Satellite, the hot desert air of the west was quite a welcome change. He held a hand up to shield his eyes from the sun. It looked like the settlement was some kind of fort made out of wood, and there were people stationed around it. "Woooah..."

And then, he realized what he just said. "Hey! We can talk again!"
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"Yeah!" Wow, being able to talk again felt like he had stopped holding his breath after days. He looked out towards the settlement...ultimately, he wasn't that worried about blending in. "Let's go check out that fort over there!"

Just as he said that, however, a large group of Indians suddenly went riding up on horses on their left side...far enough away that they were not noticed, or maybe just not considered important enough to worry about right now. The group was riding towards the settlement, and it didn't look like it was for peaceful purposes. Maybe their timing was a bit off.

He turned to Xion. "Well...let's be careful." Sora didn't know that much about cowboys and Indians other than the fact that they fought each other over land; whether one side was 'good' or 'bad' he really didn't know.

Sora automatically summoned his Keyblade, just in case. It felt good to have it in hand again, especially after everything that had gone on on the Satellite. And he didn't feel strange, yet...
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With the Indians being on horseback, they obviously had a head start on the both of them. He started off towards the fort as fast as he could go, hoping that they'd have some cover once they got there. A part of him wondered if he shouldn't get his glider, too...but on the other hand, he didn't think Xion knew how to use hers, and he wasn't sure how to teach someone how to use it yet. So, it was up to running that way.

As they began to get closer, Sora thought he heard the sounds of a fight. What's more, it felt like what was normally a brisk run across flat ground was becoming harder than it should have been. He shrugged it off, thinking it was probably just because he hadn't gotten any real good exercise in awhile.
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As they approached, Sora also noticed the smoke, and the sound of gunfire. He didn't even know who they'd be helping out when they got there, but they had to go and see first what the fight was about. Maybe the Indians were trying to take over the fort and drive out the cowboys...or maybe they were trying to raid it to free some friends!

Sora noticed that Xion was pulling ahead, and looking worried. "Yeah, I'm fine!" Sora put a little extra power into his steps, moving to keep up with her more. It worked, mostly. He didn't want to slow either of them down just because he was a bit out of practice.

"Let's just get over there!"
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Luckily, it looked like there was an outcropping of rocks nearby that they could hide behind and observe from until they could figure out what was going on. He nodded for Xion to head that direction. Even Sora, who was used to rushing into things, at least wanted to know who the good and bad guys were in this situation.

The closer they got to the fort and the further away they got from the time machine, the harder it seemed to run. The Keyblade started to feel heavy in his hands...this sort of thing hadn't happened last time he'd gone back in time with Terra.

But still, Sora said nothing. He didn't want to just give up and go back to the Satellite now. They were really close there, and once they stopped, he'd probably catch is breath again...
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"N-no, I'm fine," Sora insisted, even if it was becoming harder and harder for him to ignore that tiredness. He shook his head out, and focused on the fort ahead of them. The two groups were definitely fighting now. Just from what he could see, the Indians were losing. The cowboys had a fort to protect them, after all, and a couple of them also had guns. However, it seemed like the Indians were mostly focused on getting a couple of their men inside.

It was hard to focus on all of that now, however, when his head was starting to swim. How could anything affect him this suddenly?
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Sora did try to focus on the fight at the fort, but his attention was quickly diverted away from that. Finally, he felt like something was wrong. This was more than just feeling tiredness or being out of practice. It felt like all his energy was slowly draining out of him, like his Keyblade was extremely difficult to even hold. He stood slowly, feeling dizzy. "Umm..."

He started to walk back in the direction they'd come in, barely even acknowledging Xion now. "I feel funny..."

And then all of a sudden, the Keyblade vanished from his hand, and he collapsed onto the dirt, unconscious.

[Sora will be out of it until they at least get back to the SOL, and most likely longer. Up to you how much further you want to go!]