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Dino Destruction!

Characters: Anyone who signed up here and anyone else who still wants in. Come on, it's a dino party!
Content: There is a dino. There needs to not be a dino. Let's fix this, shall we?
Location: Theatrical Deck
Time of Day: Afternoon-ish
Warnings: Potential violence and squashed dinos. FREESTYLE TAGGING, NO ORDER.

All right, so maybe this wasn't his smartest idea ever - it was still a better idea than just going at it face first, since most of their weapons were sealed belowdecks. Whatever else was going on here, Robin wasn't about to let anyone else get chewed on if he could help it.

Still, the several hundred pounds of angry reptile chasing after him was no picnic.

Wally, what I wouldn't give for your speed right now! KF would've been perfect for this job if his meta-ability was still working, or probably anyone that could cast magic, but Robin had learned the hard way that beggars couldn't be choosers. The Utahraptor smashed into the staircase at the bottom of the media deck, giving him enough time to put some more space between his butt and those massive teeth and claws - fortunately the thing didn't seem to do all that well with staircases. Rob climbed as fast as he could, leaping up the last few steps at the creature roared loud enough to shake the metal and charged after him.

In the theatrical deck, Robin's cambot started a warning siren to tell everyone to get ready. Robin himself put on his highest speed as he raced across the floor, hitting the barrier ropes just after the dino emerged from the stairwell itself. He wasted no time in simply jumping through, landing in a roll on the other side, and the cambot set off another sound to signal to spring the trap.
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Xion heard the warning siren, and got ready to kick her portion of the curtain rod down to help trap him. Timing was important here--they had to wait until Robin was clear to spring the trap. Fortunately, he'd set up some pretty clear signals.

As soon as he was clear and the second signal sounded, Xion kicked the pole hard, sending her part of it crashing down.
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Kotetsu waited on the opposite end, kicking at nearly the same tome as Xion. It was close enough to send the rest of it tumbling down more or less evenly.

Once it was down, he kept watch from his perch to see if there was any other way to help out. He normally hated this much planning, but since there were so many involved, he'd behave this time.
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It was clear Robin had a lot of experience coordinating these kinds of things, because it was already going a lot better than Sora's first attempt to just charge in and attack with his wooden Keyblade. As soon as the signal to spring the trap went off, several of the others there dropped the curtain onto the dinosaur, stopping it mid-run.

The creature immediately began to thrash around, growling and roaring. Sora grabbed a rope, and threw it like a lasso at the dinosaur's tail. He was glad that he'd practiced lassoing a couple weeks earlier, as he managed to loop it around the tail on the first try. But having a dino by the tail probably wouldn't be enough...hopefully someone else could get the rest of it.
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Someone could indeed. Even if Squall wasn't nearly as good at lassoing things as he was simply killing things, he was going to let that stop him. The dinosaur had to be stopped one way or the other and this was going to be the best shot they had.

Fortunately enough, he managed to get the lasso around the dinosaur on his first try, going for the much more logical choice of the thing's head. At least that way they could try to keep it from thrashing around too much, or so he hoped.
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Liz had her two swords strapped to her back just in case this went sour; there was a reason she always kept them under her bed and not on the weapons deck. She was on the opposite side of the stage from Squall, and threw her lasso at the beast's head as well, managing to snare it. She planted her feet, pulling the rope taut. She just hoped they could keep it down; at her size she could easily be flung right into the rafters if it decided to struggle too much.
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Speaking of the rafters.

Suddenly, from behind the dinosaur, another lasso wrapped around the dinosaur's tail, to prevent it from smacking people that were trying to subdue it. It was Minako's lasso, and she leaped from the rafters to the ground after she tied the rope. In her hands was that large sharpened piece of celery, which she twirled in her hand, as if waiting, daring, for the Utahraptor to try and attack someone
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Link wasn't sure he wanted to know what that music even was, but it didn't quite matter. He got the point. The dinosaur had mean claws and as long as its limbs weren't restrained, they were a hazard and a chance for the beast to escape.

It took him two tries to get a lasso onto one of the dinosaur's forelimbs. Not good. He had been hoping to get both, but he didn't really have any experience with a lasso. He had to go with what he had managed and hope someone else could get the other forelimb...
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"Ah! Got it!"

Minako knew what to do. After all, if anyone knew ropes and lassos...of course she could easily claim it was training for a random TV role back home. Hopefully.

Thus, with little regard to her own safety, Minako leaped onto the free claw, ducking the raptor's head as she lassoed the claw. She then began running up the raptor's arm, leaping again out of the way of the enraged head as it tried to rip the ropes on its snout open. Of course, she landed on the raptor's snout after doing so.


With a throw of its head, Minako was thrown onto the raptor's back. Still, she pulled on the ropes to slow and stop her rolling, and dug her feet into the raptor's skin, doing her damndest to not to let go. She had a good grip for a wannabee matinee idol with rope burn. That, and Cambot could still figure out what she was saying while struggling and subtitle it, so, that wasn't too bad, right?

"Don't worry--IEEP!--'m ok!!"

Well. On the other hand, that didn't work as well as she'd hoped.
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While it wasn't like Squall could exactly comment on the fact, he wasn't exactly sure what Minako had been trying to do in the first place. Riding the dinosaur wasn't exactly something that was going to help them keep it tied up and there were any of a number of ways that her attempt could have ended up much worse.

He sighed, as he set about tying the rope off to something stronger than simply his arms. The more tied down the dinosaur was, the better, and the sooner his hands were free, the sooner he could see what he could do about lassoing one the parts of the dinosaur that were still free. It wasn't downed yet, and he didn't mean to give in either.