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Do Not Mess with an Agent's Hat

Characters: Perry the Platypus & Open
Content: Perry's hat has been Lisa Frank'd
Location: Theatrical Deck
Time: Morning.
Warnings: None

He sat frowning at his hat. Well, it was SHAPED like his hat at any rate but other than that there were very few similarities. It was white, for starters, and had several multi-colored dots all over it, polka dots if you will. The band was bright blue and had a heart tucked into it which was also in rainbow colors. This did not please the platypus secret agent at all. He twirled it around in his paws several times before sighing and tossing it aside.

Maybe he could find a better hat in the boxes. But there only seemed to be more rainbow colored hats in the boxes.
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Amaterasu had wandered down to the theatrical deck as per usual to look for more painting supplies. She hadn't noticed anything had changed until she spotted a full-length mirror near the costumes...and realized that she was now covered from nose to tail in a full neon rainbow of leopard spots.

Now, Ammy was frantically trying to figure out a way to remove the spots, which mostly amounted to her running in circles to see if these things could be even be washed off.

It was then that she ran into Perry, and she whined at him. Where'd all these things come from? It looks like she was sick now!
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Ammy watched as Perry tried to rub out the spots...and no, it looked like these things were in her fur just as much as her normal red markings. They probably wouldn't go away, even with a bath.

When Perry offered the white paint, however, Ammy looked rather unsure...rainbow spots didn't look great, but being covered in white paint may not be much improvement.
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Ammy just sighed. There were likely worse things to live with, if it was just for the week, at least.

She gave him a look that seemed to say 'I hope so.' She then cocked her head at Perry in, it happened to his hat, too? Were there any normal hats left now?
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Ammy sniffed at the hats that Perry spilled...yup, those were some pretty sparkly hats. One of them was a pink cowboy hat, and another looked like a polka-dot dunce cap. It looked like Perry was pretty frustrated.

She looked back to his own hat, and gave him an encouraging look...even if it was sparkly and colorful now, it was still his hat, right?
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[Ammy nodded her approval. Even all rainbow and sparkles, it still seemed to suit him best.]

[Of course, that still leaves them with the problem of what to do with all these spots and things. It looks like all of the Satellite is affected by this stuff. She then looks a little all the plant life on the nature deck affected, too?]
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[Ammy pulls out a sheet of paper, and a gel pen. It looks like someone has replaced her normal ink brush, too, since now she's forced to draw in sparkly purple:]

[Has anything gone nuts with everything on the nature deck?]
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[Ammy nods with her head towards the deck stairs. Whether or not he wants to come along, she'll probably go check up on it.]