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Man Down in the Water Closet!

Characters: Riku and those willing to sabotage his hair!
Content: Riku's long hair is about to be the victim of VANDALISM. LAST CHANCE BEFORE CANON UPDATE. XP
Location: Bathroom. Door's open and Riku's clothed.
Time of Day: Afternoon

The crash came from the end of the hall. To any that came to investigate, the bathroom door was open. Inside was a young man clad in full armor totally unconscious. His helmet had either been knocked off or fell off.

He seems perfectly fine, save for a large red mark on his forehead. It looks like he hit the counter on the way down. But he's quite alive. And... Humming? Whatever his dream is has music, though the notes come intermittently so it's hard to tell... Maybe Nutcracker Suite? Regardless, the notes are distorted since his cheek is smashed on the edge of the toilet lid. Lucky for him it was down.

In fact, most of his long torso is draped over the toilet lid. His knees are on the floor, and he has the end of the toilet paper in his hand. This in no way shape or form can be comfortable.

[Accurate picture. Except Riku's a Dragoon right now. And a boy. And sixteen. And has no pacifier...]
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That crash couldn't have been missed unless Riku was the only one on the deck. As it was, he was not alone on the deck. Concerned at first, Roxas rushed to the source of the noise, almost afraid of what he would find. He relaxed considerably when he saw that it was Riku still having issues with randomly falling asleep.

Roxas might have have gone on his way save for the fact that, really, Riku should know better. If something is happening to him that's causing him to random fall asleep, even to the point where getting hurt when he ends up literally falling doesn't wake him, he really should have stayed in his room. The question, of course, was just how to teach him a lesson.

Anyone happening along, perhaps also attracted by the crash, would find Roxas still debating this.
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Nope, and Zidane came running too at that crash - homesick or not, he wasn't about to leave anyone to really be hurt. Not with Adamantoises popping up randomly all over the place.

Still, a bathroom is kind of a weird place to be hurt - hopefully whoever it was had their clothes on, and he's very relieved to find that to be true. But the position he finds Riku in, with Roxas standing over him with a contemplative look on his face, makes him crack the first grin he's had on his face since this week started. Lack of dignity at its finest.

"You didn't do that to him, do you?"
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Roxas probably should have been offended by the question. After all, no he hadn't done this to Riku. On the other hand, he couldn't deny that the situation was suspicious and, in fairness, he was contemplating doing something humiliating to Riku.

"No, I didn't do this," he said in a matter-of-fact tone, "He's still having issues of randomly falling asleep. You'd think he'd realize it might be safer to sat in his room because of that."