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Magic water has never liked him

Characters: Sokka and anyone else that may be eating.
Content: Random superpower-age may just make Sokka appreciate being the normal guy in his group. Maybe.
Location: The cafeteria deck.
Time of Day: Late morning.
Warnings: Splash zone. Especially if you're Sokka.

Sokka was just trying to get some breakfast. It was a lot nicer here than it had been traveling with his friends since all the food appeared magically and he didn't have to hunt for it while keeping certain diets in mind Aang. Plus they had some really weird stuff, so it was fun to try out!

Today he was starting with some ham and eggs with some water on the side. He was going to see how that went and go from there. He looked very pleased as he picked up a fork and scooped a rather large bite onto it. As he lifted it up to his mouth, however, the water suddenly rose out of his glass and splashed him in the face. Sokka froze with his fork still sticking out of his mouth and glared silently at the glass for a few moments before finally chewing his food and going up to get another glass. He wasn't quite sure how that happened, but he was in a giant metal thing in the sky so he was willing to keep his options open.

He returned to his plate and set the glass down before pointing at it commandingly. "Staaaay!" A few more seconds went by, and when it looked like all was well, he went to take another bite of his quickly cooling meal.


Really, if Sokka hadn't known that his sister wasn't here and was much better at bending now, he'd totally blame it on her. But she wasn't, and from the way he proceed to grab his glass and scowl at it accusingly, he definitely thought it was its fault. "Stop doing that!!!"

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