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Magic water has never liked him

Characters: Sokka and anyone else that may be eating.
Content: Random superpower-age may just make Sokka appreciate being the normal guy in his group. Maybe.
Location: The cafeteria deck.
Time of Day: Late morning.
Warnings: Splash zone. Especially if you're Sokka.

Sokka was just trying to get some breakfast. It was a lot nicer here than it had been traveling with his friends since all the food appeared magically and he didn't have to hunt for it while keeping certain diets in mind Aang. Plus they had some really weird stuff, so it was fun to try out!

Today he was starting with some ham and eggs with some water on the side. He was going to see how that went and go from there. He looked very pleased as he picked up a fork and scooped a rather large bite onto it. As he lifted it up to his mouth, however, the water suddenly rose out of his glass and splashed him in the face. Sokka froze with his fork still sticking out of his mouth and glared silently at the glass for a few moments before finally chewing his food and going up to get another glass. He wasn't quite sure how that happened, but he was in a giant metal thing in the sky so he was willing to keep his options open.

He returned to his plate and set the glass down before pointing at it commandingly. "Staaaay!" A few more seconds went by, and when it looked like all was well, he went to take another bite of his quickly cooling meal.


Really, if Sokka hadn't known that his sister wasn't here and was much better at bending now, he'd totally blame it on her. But she wasn't, and from the way he proceed to grab his glass and scowl at it accusingly, he definitely thought it was its fault. "Stop doing that!!!"
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My little Katara muse demands I reply

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Considering how much unscheduled sleep Riku was getting, he was starting to wake up a little earlier. This typically meant he got to see the tail end of breakfast. He walked into the cafeteria deck, shouldering his Keyblade. Why? When an old toy is gone long enough, once returned it becomes a new toy all over again. He felt stronger having it back (which was in some ways true) but holding it just made it that much more comforting. He headed towards the replicator when he noticed some... Uncooperative water.

Riku just stood in place, watching half out of curiosity and half out of simple amusement.
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*Played her a while in DC*

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"Yeah." Riku started to punch in some stuff into the replicator idly. "Having trouble controlling your powers?" Out came steak and eggs, and Riku smiled. Now THIS was a breakfast he could get used to.

"It's my Keyblade." He brought his food over to the table after grabbing a fork and a steak knife, placing his weapon on the table. "Basically a magic sword that can lock and unlock various things." Hmm, better get some milk.
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Xion had her own breakfast of Cheerios, an apple, some yogurt, and orange juice. She nodded to the new boy--Sokka?--when he came in to get water again while she was getting some milk out of the refrigerator. She'd thought maybe he'd spilled his first glass. It looked like she'd thought wrong. The last time she'd seen water behave like that, Demyx had been messing around with her and Roxas.

Maybe it was part of whatever else was going on this week. Whatever the case, she figured it was time to intervene when the boy started talking to his glass. "Ummm...I don't think it's the glass."
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Well, she had his attention, now how to explain this. "Water doesn't usually do that, but sometimes things here don't act like they usually do. And I didn't see any way the water could have spilled..."
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Well, she doesn't know what a 'Waterbender' is, but she can guess that maybe he means somebody with abilities similar to Demyx's. "No, it doesn't, but it seems like we've all gotten back some our special abilities this week. Were you a Waterbender before?"
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Fun fact, Sokka canonically had the potential to waterbend but was too busy eating meat lol :p

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Well, here comes Minako, holding large paper stack in one arm, and a small orange book in the other. When she sees Sokka, she gasps, but manages to resist dropping both. Or to stare. Because...well, admittedly he's cute-

Focus, Minako.

Briefly glowing at the thought of Sokka's cuteness, Minako manages to stop herself before any light bulbs explode, instead setting her things down at the next table and getting herself some breakfast from the replicator. Baked curry break, raw egg on hit rice, with a nice cut of haddock. And tea. And pancakes. And two english muffins. And-

Wow, I am really hungry! Minako stares at her tray, which has something close to ten dishes. Must be due to the energy output which comes with my power. I've exerted a lot of it, so I might need to eat a lot!
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"Yup!" Minako nodded. "I am really hungry today. Gotta be the powers, you know?"

And with that, she begins to dig in.

"Oh!" She speaks between bites. "I'm Minako, by the way. Are you new?"
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"Actually, its because when you use your powers you expend energy. And in order to maintain that kind of energy output, you have to eat more."

Wait, a couple of weeks?

"Really?...Man, I'm sorry! I didn't even realize you were here, Sokka. I've been busy doing stuff!"
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