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Nineteenth Link

Characters: Namine and Riku
Content: All the picture conversations
Location: Wherever they choose to do their drawing
Time of Day: Varies
Warnings: Adorbs? Poorly drawn pictures? Angst expressed through Art?

Since Riku was feeling better, the old routine was starting up again. Namine had missed their drawing exchanges while he was sick, and then while he was sleeping so much. This week things seemed to be a little better, though she'd been worried for him last week.

There was at least enough time for her to draw something for him. It seemed like they were getting some of their powers back this week. She'd seen both his and Xion's keyblades return to them on Cambot, and she was happy for them. Her realization about her own abilities had come a little later.

Really, it shouldn't have surprised her. It was the only special ability she had, even if it seemed more like a burden sometimes. Even if she didn't want to tell everybody, she could at least tell Riku, though. He could find a way to let Sora know without broadcasting it.

So her picture was a simple one of her and Sora, with a thought bubble connecting them. Inside the thought bubble was one of the images she'd gotten from Sora's memories: Sora and Riku talking to Yen Sid in his tower.

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