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Nineteenth Link

Characters: Namine and Riku
Content: All the picture conversations
Location: Wherever they choose to do their drawing
Time of Day: Varies
Warnings: Adorbs? Poorly drawn pictures? Angst expressed through Art?

Since Riku was feeling better, the old routine was starting up again. Namine had missed their drawing exchanges while he was sick, and then while he was sleeping so much. This week things seemed to be a little better, though she'd been worried for him last week.

There was at least enough time for her to draw something for him. It seemed like they were getting some of their powers back this week. She'd seen both his and Xion's keyblades return to them on Cambot, and she was happy for them. Her realization about her own abilities had come a little later.

Really, it shouldn't have surprised her. It was the only special ability she had, even if it seemed more like a burden sometimes. Even if she didn't want to tell everybody, she could at least tell Riku, though. He could find a way to let Sora know without broadcasting it.

So her picture was a simple one of her and Sora, with a thought bubble connecting them. Inside the thought bubble was one of the images she'd gotten from Sora's memories: Sora and Riku talking to Yen Sid in his tower.
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Riku rolled out of bed the next morning realizing he'd been petting his pillow. ...That wouldn't be something he'd be telling his friends. Regardless, he stretched and grabbed the pants he had tossed on the floor the previous night. He'd barely worn them, so they were still fresh, if not a little wrinkled. They were jeans, they'd be fine. Riku turned to grab some form of shirt when he noticed a familiar sight and smiled immediately. A piece of paper had been slid under the door.

That's right. Now that he was better he didn't have to worry about spreading it to her. Riku made a b-line for it and brought it over to his desk, which had gathered dust. As he took a look at it, however, the smile faded. Did this... Mean what he thought it did?

Taking out his supplies, Riku drew a picture of Namine piecing together bits of chain, and above that was a question mark. To the other side of the page was basically his attempt at trying to copy her picture. It was still, simply, him and Sora standing in a room at dusk in front of what appeared to be a wizard clad in blue. Above that picture was another question mark. He'd circled a link in the chain Namine was mending and drew an arrow from it to the picture he'd copied. Was that really one of Sora's future memories? She could look into them now? Or was he misinterpreting this? The idea of seeing the future, even if just in one image, stirred his imagination and curiosity.

Having finished up his reply, he quickly headed for the door to deliver it. ...And came right back in briefly for that shirt he'd forgotten.
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[He's about to vanish.]

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The next day, Riku found himself sitting at his desk staring at the new reply picture. How should he respond to this? What should he ask about? If she could see into his memories, he could gain insight into what happened and stop Sora from being kidnapped. He could also figure out the context for his dreams. Last night Riku had dreamed of diving into Sora's dreams. What a bizarre concept! How was that even possible? And why did he leave the water to do so? Had he been about to drown? The concept etched itself into him through concern alone.

He sat back. In theory, what would happen would happen. What was clear was that he was right here, right now. Namine had her powers, which meant she could potentially influence anyone connected to Sora, which at this point would likely be anyone on the ship. This could be extremely dangerous. Any one who knew what she could do could easily figure out that her power over memory is the only power she could get back. While he doubted anyone who already knew about her gift wouldn't exploit it, that didn't mean others wouldn't if they learned of it.

Riku's picture was simple. To the left side of the page were Sora and Namine facing each other. Namine was the only one talking, and in the word bubble he drew was a picture of chains. to the righthand side was simply a large question mark. If anyone deserved to know that Namine had those powers back, it was Sora.

Maybe, if they had time... Maybe Namine could look at what bits of dreams he could remember and help him figure them out. For now it was time to take care of what mattered most right now and deliver the new drawing.
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[After this reply he vanishes.]

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Asking Namine for her help like that wouldn't be something he'd do lightly. However, now that he was finding out that these dreams were about the future, and that something horrible was happening to his best friend, it wasn't something he could just ignore.

Riku instantly knew how to reply. It was also a series of pictures, though these were hastily-drawn and... Well, a little stick-figure-ish. This was important, it didn't have to be pretty. The first showed Riku dragging Sora into the restroom. Awkward? Maybe, but not as much as it would be had it been a boy and a girl. The next shows the door closed with two cambots outside with question marks over their heads. The third picture was of Riku and Sora using marker to write on toilet paper. A thought bubble above their heads showed Namine with chains. The last picture showed the toilet paper notes being flushed.

He delivered it immediately and began heading back. ...He was getting sleepy again.
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[Talked to Lynx, Sora WAS told before he left.]

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Riku's reply came after a dew days, given his absence. When he got back, he instantly resumed his old habit of grabbing the picture and then taking it to his desk to look over and reply. The moment he looked, however, his smile faded. It'd been too long.

He'd forgotten what the conversation was about.

Out of context, he wasn't sure what it meant. To make things worse, he wasn't sure how to tell her this in pictures. With a sigh, he grabbed a post-it note to supplement his picture. He depicted Sora asleep with a thought bubble above his head filled with brightly colored creatures, some happy-looking, some malevolent. Each had a kind of symbol on them, one for the good ones an another kind for the fierce ones. Riku was diving into the thought bubble and wore a different outfit. The sigil on the back of his shirt matched that of the friendly-looking creatures.

His post-it note read, "It's been too many months. I don't know what our conversation was about anymore."

With that, he slid it under her door that late evening, wishing he could have replied properly.
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A little later made no difference to Riku. As always, he was asleep when she slid it under his door, and remained so to about noon. When he finally opened his eyes, he looked over to the door. It was a force of habit by this point, and a habit he easily picked back up when he returned. He did his usual: grab the reply, take a look, go get breakfast and bring it back into his room to eat while he worked on a reply. The post-it note response was a relief.

He wasn't quite sure if Namine understood. This time Riku drew himself inside the thought bubble with a brightly-colored bat, one that had been depicted before. With them stood a threatening, black-coated individual with the symbol of one of the viscous-looking creatures on its back, in contrast to Riku. Its coat was tinged with purple. Outside the thought bubble, however, was a black-coated youth, his eyes yellow and his hair white. He was carrying the sleeping Sora off somewhere.

Riku delivered his in the late afternoon. It'd been hard to draw, and the trash around his desk was proof of it.
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Yeah, I can start after your reply

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It seemed she'd understood. That next afternoon Riku got down to work. It took him quite a while, and he ended up taking a break at one point to eat and hit the Rec Deck to get in some exercise. It wasn't until maybe 10 pm before the pictures were delivered.

Riku had drawn a picture of him and King Mickey amongst the white thrones of the Organization. In those thrones were various members clad in black and hoods up. Two members had their hoods down and they were on their way to intercept the Keyblade wielders. They appeared to be Ansem Seeker of Darkness and Xemnas. Meanwhile, Mickey and Riku were running for one throne in particular; atop it sat a sleeping Sora. At the bottom was a message: "I think all of us need to talk about this."

The second picture was split by a line. On one side was Riku looking at his room. It was messy. His room generally was a little, but it was never anything that couldn't be cleaned up in two minutes, tops. The other side showed Riku looking less-than-happy. His room was still messy, but sheets had been torn off the bed, dresser drawers were open, and all the wads of failed pictures on the floor had been moved, a few re-opened. One that was uncrumpled Riku labeled with an arrow. "Your last reply."