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Who: The Pinkies and everyone else
What: A Pinkie party to the nth power
Where: Cafeteria
When: Noonish
Warnings: SO PINK

[The growing herd of Pinkie Pies that's been slowly filling up the Satellite seems to have completely vanished today. In fact, they can all be found in the cafeteria, one team having cleared out most of the tables as several others set up a massive amount of party decorations. Two of them hover with balloons near the ceiling, hanging up a giant banner, reading "WELCOME BACK - ". The names of all those recently returned to the Satellite are sort of generally crammed into the following space - they'd run out of room somewhere along the line. Another banner that hung nearby proclaimed "HAPPY PRETTY-MUCH-A-YEAR-OF-THE-SOL!" Not everyone had been here that long, but those who'd arrived along with her had!

Meanwhile, everyone was going to get verbally invited - and occasionally dragged - to this party. There were more than enough helping hooves to do that this week! There were enough to do anything! This was totally going to be her BIGGEST, most BESTEST party EVER!]
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This was not how Roxas had picture attending a party. Truly, the last thing he'd expected was to be carried in by six of the Pinkie clones and dropped near the refreshment table (when had they even noticed that he tended to go there first when arriving at a party?). But here he was, picking himself up off the floor and looking around. He probably would have tried to leave save for the fact that he was actually a kind of hungry and he was standing right next to a table for of food for the taking.

Besides that, if Pinkie hadn't dragged him to the party, Sora probably would have.
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Namine had been "encouraged" to come by one of the Pinkie clones herself, but at least had found Xion at the food table. They were talking when Roxas was brought in, and, after a moment of surprise, they went to help him up.

"Are you okay?"
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"I'm fine." His reply was rather deadpan, but that may have been because he still didn't know what to make of being carried to the party by a team of hyperactive pink ponies, "I can't say the same for my dignity, though."
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"Well, at least there weren't that many of the others here." Xion offered him a hand up. "If you want something to eat, I think there's more food here than I've seen at any other party."

It all looks really good, too. Pinkie had taken full advantage of the help her doubles offered.
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Roxas accepted the offered hand up and looked around. Yeah, there was a lot of food. The food was actually one of the reasons he wasn't going to try to flee just yet.

"Pinkie did seem awfully psyched for this."
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'We haven't had a party in a long time--I guess she just wanted to make sure it was nice." Namine herself was mostly staying as a courtesy to Pinkie, who would feel bad if she left, and for the chance to see everyone. Otherwise, she would have appreciated the quiet time.
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"Looks like she's got that covered," Roxas observed, looking over the food and refreshments. There really was quite a bit. Then again, Pinkie Pie had made so many copies of herself over the course of the week that she had all the help she needed to get a lot of work done.

While it was true that he might have preferred whatever else he'd been doing, it did occur to him that maybe talking to people might be a little better for him. He would probably have just kept on grumping around about just about everything that was bugging him otherwise.
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"It really does." Xion saw Roxas's gaze shift over to the food and went over to get plates for all of them. She passed them out. "We don't want it all to go to waste."

It was actually really difficult to choose what she wanted. There were cakes, cupcakes, brownies, pies, different kinds of fruit, popcorn, chips, pretzels...Probably even trying just a one of everything would make her sick. Or at least result in not wanting to look at food for another day or so.
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Roxas could agree about not letting good food go to waste. He accepted the plate that was handed to him and picked out some fruit, pretzels and a couple of brownies. Most likely, he'd go back for more later.

For the moment, he looked around to see who else was there. Pinkie Pie's parties usually attracted everyone. Then a mildly amusing thought occurred to him, "Who else do you think is going to be literally dragged in?"
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Food going to waste was definitely something to avoid. Namine chose a cupcake, some pretzels, and fruit for herself. If she was still hungry later, there was ice cream she could use for a root beer float.

"I don't know." Most everyone seemed to enjoy Pinkie's parties, which meant forced attendance was rare. Trying to figure out who might need a little more encouragement hadn't occurred to her.
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Roxas hadn't even noticed there was ice cream. Once he did, he would definitely have some.

"Maybe anyone else who just doesn't really feel like partying right now." Like him. But he probably should have expected to be 'encouraged' to come. It wasn't that he didn't like parties, really. He just really wasn't in the mood. Maybe he'd wait until the party was in full swing and see if he could slip away.
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It was mostly vanilla, to add to the cake or use for floats. Xion had put some on her cake, and had also snagged a brownie and some popcorn. She'd come back for some fruit later if she had room, it looked good.

"Then probably Sam. Maybe Ienzo, too." It was more of a matter-of-fact observation. Neither of those two seemed to enjoy crowds or parties, and so probably wouldn't come unless Pinkie made certain they did. Xion herself didn't plan to stay long, just long enough to say hello to her friends.
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"Sam... is definitely not someone who goes for parties, I think." Although the idea of a bunch of Pinkie Pies dragging the uptight eagle to the party was funny and Roxas couldn't help but laugh at the idea. He might very well hang around to see if that happened.
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"I don't think he is, either." Namine didn't know Sam well, but just from what she'd seen, she thought he probably wouldn't enjoy parties much. The image of him being carried in by some of the Pinkies was funny, she had to admit, though she didn't like to laugh when someone else was uncomfortable.
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The bird acted like he had a stick up his butt, for lack of a batter way to say it. His response to the fiasco that occurred after Minako had invited a certain pair of blond haired boys to meet her somewhere said a bit about that. It was a bit amusing in hindsight, but it did give Roxas an impression of taking things too seriously.

"He might be too polite to turn down the invitation, though."
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Xion would have to agree that Sam seemed to be a little too serious about a lot of things. If he wasn't being disapproving, he took adoration of something to an extreme, or lectured about the right way to do things. The last on that list probably influenced his sense of etiquette that Roxas had mentioned.

"He might--he seems pretty strict about things like that."
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For once, Namine might not have attended the party--she had a lot on her mind about recent events, and being in a crowd might mean her abilities could slip again. She'd just barely managed to get control of them.

The Pinkie Pie that had nudged her here hadn't taken no for an answer, though, so here she was. At least she seemed to have gotten here early, so she could get some snacks and find a quiet place to observe. Maybe the others would be here, and they could talk more about that meeting that Aeleus had suggested.
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Xion hadn't needed much encouragement to go to the party. She wasn't really in a partying mood, but it was a chance to see everyone, and maybe they could talk about some of the odd things had been happening. While she was happy to see that many of the people who had disappeared had returned, that meant new questions. Then there was the fact that some of their rooms seem to have been entered while they weren't there...They might be able to talk about everything, but it would be a start.

That said, it looked like not many people had arrived yet, so she got a few snacks from the table and found a comfortable to enjoy them while watching for her friends. She hoped they all came.
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Well there was no way she wouldn't attend a party run by one of her subjects, plus she's always enjoyed Pinkie's parties (even if she had to deal with ponies being awkward with her like they always do).

So she followed one of the Pinkies to the party and found a place to get comfortable until Luna and/or another one of her subjects showed up to the party.

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Aeleus had followed another of the Pinkie Pies to the party; at the very least, it would be a good idea to see who had come and gone in his absence. He knew that he had not met this pony before; he would certainly have remembered her. The polite thing was, of course, to go and introduce himself.

"Good day. I don't think that you were here when I was last present on the sattelite; I am Aeleus."
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She smiles. True she didn't know him, but making more friends is always a good thing. "Nice to meet you Aeleus. My name is Celestia."

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"I'm glad to see that Pinkie Pie's enthusiasm for entertaining others hasn't waned. It seems fitting that her regained ability enabled her to create this party." Aeleus had to smile as he looked around. Everything was just so...enthusiastic.
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"She did throw parties all the time back home, though I couldn't always attend due to my duties." It just wouldn't be Pinkie if it wasn't.

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"Is that her job at home? It seems as if she'd be an excellent professional party planner." Aeleus couldn't really imagine her doing anything else. Baking, perhaps.
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"Sort of. She mostly works at the local bakery in Ponyville."
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It wasn't that Wilykit wasn't happy to see almost everyone on the Satellite again. But after having been home just long enough to get used to it again, then finding herself trapped here again... well, she was resilient by nature, so she'd be okay soon enough. Nonetheless, she was grateful for Pinkie Pie's invitation, since it gave her an opportunity to avoid thinking about her homesickness for a little while.

Kit stood near the banner, raising her eyebrows at just how many names were crammed in there. Something must have seriously gone haywire for so many people to get sent home and then back again...