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Characters: Namine and Riku
Content: Artistic expression. ...Or actually Paintchat with real paper.
Location: Usually their rooms.
Time of Day: Day or night, actually. Varies.
Warnings: Mostly Riku's complete lack of artistic skill and variable degrees of cuteness.

Riku rolled over, one eye just wide enough to look at the unset alarm clock. “11:57 A.M.” He laid there until the number changed before stretching, looking over his chest to the door. Riku blinked and rolled to a sitting position. There was no reply from Namine yet. “That’s odd.” He scratched his ribs and went to get a set of clean clothes. It was strange, coming back and finding things didn’t quite fit the same anymore. While nothing looked or felt terrible, a few things obviously were a bit tighter across the shoulders now. It meant he had to find which things fit best before heading out.

As he went to go get something to eat, he found himself wondering if he should check on Namine, since there’d been no reply. For now, he simply got a sandwich and some milk, and because there’d been no response, he ate his first meal of the day somewhere else other than his room for once. He went to go see what Chibi had made bloom.

When he returned, he found both the replies and some relief. Riku snatched them up and went straight to his desk.

Again, it was late when he got the pictures done, and found himself going to bed early after delivering them. For the picture Riku had intentionally picked some blue recycled paper to try to make it look like blueprints, and the image was on two sheets of paper taped together. In the upper left corner of the whole thing he wrote, “Plan A:” and across the pages were 13 figures. The first figure was a sinister-looking old man with a heart next to him. An arrow from that heart went to each of the other figures. One figure was Xemnas, and another Xehanort’s Heartless. Xigbar and Saix were also there. Then there were a multitude of members with their hoods up. And then, finally, there was Sora as the 13th. Riku had drawn a big X over Sora. At the bottom of the picture, Riku wrote, “Yes, everyone from our worlds.”

The second picture received no reply via drawing, since the previous one had taken so long. It did receive a post-it. “Yes.”

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