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Twenty-second Link

Characters: Namine and Riku
Content: Drawings. Lots of them.
Location: Their rooms and the space between.
Time of Day:Variable, shifts as needed
Warnings: Adorbs?

Unfortunately, once Namine awoke it took her a while to answer Riku's pictures. Her first day awake was spent hearing about what had happened and reassuring her friends that she was, in fact, fine. She was sorry to have worried them so much. It was a little strange, still, having people so concerned about her--Not in a bad way, but still strange.

The morning after her recovery, though, she set to work on her response. She looked at the two that had been direct responses to her pictures. Setting aside the one that reassured her that their conversation at the meeting hadn't harmed anything so far, she focused on the one that meant he hadn't understood what she'd meant to say. Her response was a picture similar to her original, only instead of the word balloon extending offscreen, this time it was more obvious that there was nobody there doing the speaking. Hopefully that would indicate hearing a strange voice when she was alone more clearly.

Next was the pile of pictures which told a story she'd heard already. While she was grateful for the others' help, it was a little embarrassing to think of them having to carry her or debating who would do so. She was glad she'd not been awake to hear that. That said, thinking about that was better than dwelling on the near miss she'd had. Shaking her head to clear it, she tried to focus on a response to Riku's drawing of the fight between him and the basilisk. On one of the page she drew a picture similar to the one he'd drawn, then on the other a picture of him as she'd seen him aftwards: badly hurt. In the background of the second half, she drew herself looking worried.

She managed to deliver them at what had become her new standard time.

[OOC: Sorry so late.]

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