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Twenty-second Link

Characters: Namine and Riku
Content: Drawings. Lots of them.
Location: Their rooms and the space between.
Time of Day:Variable, shifts as needed
Warnings: Adorbs?

Unfortunately, once Namine awoke it took her a while to answer Riku's pictures. Her first day awake was spent hearing about what had happened and reassuring her friends that she was, in fact, fine. She was sorry to have worried them so much. It was a little strange, still, having people so concerned about her--Not in a bad way, but still strange.

The morning after her recovery, though, she set to work on her response. She looked at the two that had been direct responses to her pictures. Setting aside the one that reassured her that their conversation at the meeting hadn't harmed anything so far, she focused on the one that meant he hadn't understood what she'd meant to say. Her response was a picture similar to her original, only instead of the word balloon extending offscreen, this time it was more obvious that there was nobody there doing the speaking. Hopefully that would indicate hearing a strange voice when she was alone more clearly.

Next was the pile of pictures which told a story she'd heard already. While she was grateful for the others' help, it was a little embarrassing to think of them having to carry her or debating who would do so. She was glad she'd not been awake to hear that. That said, thinking about that was better than dwelling on the near miss she'd had. Shaking her head to clear it, she tried to focus on a response to Riku's drawing of the fight between him and the basilisk. On one of the page she drew a picture similar to the one he'd drawn, then on the other a picture of him as she'd seen him aftwards: badly hurt. In the background of the second half, she drew herself looking worried.

She managed to deliver them at what had become her new standard time.

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No probs, I've been busy myself

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Riku wasn't bothered by the lack of immediate reply. For all he knew she was still recovering. To be honest, he was simply glad she was okay. He couldn't help but feel very happy when the replies finally came, and he got to work immediately after finding them.

In better light of the last week's events, Riku drew Namine in the hall with just a line drawing of Harvey. The wall was visible through him, indicating she couldn't see him as a ghost or that he was out of sight. It was a guess as to what was happening, but Riku could offer up no other explanation.

He frowned slightly at the second response, then smiled and shook his head. Why was everyone so worried? It really wasn't a fun injury, that much was true. But a burn in comparison to a stab wound or a broken bone? He could still fight, exercise and go about his daily routines with little problem. ...Sleeping was a little harder, though. Xion's help was much appreciated. As such, he drew himself frowning with Xion holding a first-aid kit. From her was a little word bubble that depicted a flame and then a red first-aid cross. Behind them was a calendar with today's date circled. All this was on one side of the page. The other side showed a calendar with a later date circled. Xion looked happy, and he was unburned and smirking. It would all be fine.

As per the new usual, he delivered them very late that evening. Before heading back he headed to the theatrical deck to pick up supplies again, namely the tub, paints and mesh... When he got back to his room he went to go check a few bad books he'd taken from the media deck. Not because he was reading them. Oooooh no. He cracked one open and pulled out a folded-over sheet of paper. Gently he opened it and smiled. The pedals he was pressing were ready.
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I hear ya

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Namine seemed doubtful that it was Harvey. But really, who else would it be? And why did that picture not have words written in, or even a picture in the word bubble?

And then he paused, and his hand reached down his shirt to pull out the necklace he wore. It'd sported a raptor tooth since he started wearing it, but now he had a wire-wrapped scale attached.

Riku drew Namine between two walls. Behind one wall was a very ghost-like Harvey with a word bubble that read, "Blah blah." On the other side was the basilisk, and from it was a word bubble that read, "Hiiissseraaaaaash hiiiiiiissssss." A question mark was over Namine's head. He cheated and used words, but he couldn't figure out how else to depict this.

At the second picture, Riku smiled and shook his head. How like her. His reply was a picture of him and both girls. A calendar behind him showed it was several months later. Xion stood to the side, smiling while Riku and Namine were closer. Riku looked less than thrilled and a little star of pain shot up from his arm. Namine was busy bandaging it. Considering his track record on the SOL, he'd probably be hurt again, and Namine would have her turn. The only part he'd mind is that he'd be hurt in the first place.

Riku turned in the pictures at his usual late time. It worked out well here, as he could also swing by to grab some painkillers and wash his face before applying aloe.
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I'll post a new long when I get the chance, day or two *Crosses fingers!*

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So it WAS the basilisk she’d been hearing. Riku imagined it was probably eerie hearing that just before she was petrified. In response, Riku drew himself in armor and blindfolded on black paper, wielding a sword. Around him were squiggled word bubbles like the ones she’d drawn. There were more bubbles to one side of him, and it looked like Riku had used chalk to make a long smudge with what appeared to be a head: the basilisk, or rather an impression of it. Both of them had heard the creature before they faced it.

The second picture was of her hunched over a picture she was working on with utmost care. To the side of it, it showed her in the same pose, but carefully examining and treating his arm as he sat to the side. It seemed to him that no matter what she did, she paid attention to details. It was fair to say that healing was an art in its own right.

When Riku slid the pictures under the door he stood back and looked to the crack under the door with a satisfied smile. Riku wasn’t the quiet type, but he appreciated peaceful moments like those he shared with Namine doing these drawings. They could meet at any time, but this was very meaningful in a different way. Every picture they made was time and effort intended for each other and each other only. It was thoughtful. And while their skill differed greatly, the same sort of care was put into pictures from both.

It made him very happy to think of it this way.
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