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Characters: Namine, Riku
Content: Picture convos leading to a meet up. Riku reveals his feelings.
Location: Their rooms, Nature Deck.
Time of Day: Varies/Evening
Warnings: Riku's drawing.

Riku found himself satisfied with the replies he’d drawn and sat back a moment to look at them. But there was something else he needed to draw. He pulled out another sheet and placed it on the desk.

He stared at the blank sheet for quite some time. What would he draw? This was a delicate subject. It had been on his mind since Rarity was kind enough to alter his clothes. It had been the second time she’d suggested he hook up with Namine, and Riku had been about to give the same reply that he had before he left the SoL: that she didn’t have a heart. How could he get involved with anyone who couldn’t love him back?

But that was just it. In light of recent events, she very likely did have a heart after all. Rarity had pegged it, and Riku admitted to the pony he liked Namine. However, it was only during that conversation that he’d put two and two together and found that she probably could love him back. Now it was a matter of how to address it.

After his long pause, Riku picked up a pencil again and got back to work. Rarity was right. They did need to talk.

The last picture he drew was in-fact several on one page. The first was him speaking with Rarity. The word bubble from her featured him and Namine talking. The next picture was him and her talking on the nature deck. He’d drawn a picture of a calendar with tomorrow’s date circled and a clock that read 8:30. Given the scene of the two was at night, it must have been PM.

Riku found himself at Namine’s door, not really remembering the walk over. He stared at her door for a long time, pages in hand. Finally, he asked himself what he was afraid of. The meeting itself didn't. If she wasn’t interested, that didn’t change much did it? Life would go on, and he liked her too much to lose her as a friend. The other option was to never know, and he knew his curiosity would eat at him.

He slipped the papers under with resolve, stuffed his hands in his pockets, and went back to his room.

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