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Characters: Namine, Riku
Content: Picture convos leading to a meet up. Riku reveals his feelings.
Location: Their rooms, Nature Deck.
Time of Day: Varies/Evening
Warnings: Riku's drawing.

Riku found himself satisfied with the replies he’d drawn and sat back a moment to look at them. But there was something else he needed to draw. He pulled out another sheet and placed it on the desk.

He stared at the blank sheet for quite some time. What would he draw? This was a delicate subject. It had been on his mind since Rarity was kind enough to alter his clothes. It had been the second time she’d suggested he hook up with Namine, and Riku had been about to give the same reply that he had before he left the SoL: that she didn’t have a heart. How could he get involved with anyone who couldn’t love him back?

But that was just it. In light of recent events, she very likely did have a heart after all. Rarity had pegged it, and Riku admitted to the pony he liked Namine. However, it was only during that conversation that he’d put two and two together and found that she probably could love him back. Now it was a matter of how to address it.

After his long pause, Riku picked up a pencil again and got back to work. Rarity was right. They did need to talk.

The last picture he drew was in-fact several on one page. The first was him speaking with Rarity. The word bubble from her featured him and Namine talking. The next picture was him and her talking on the nature deck. He’d drawn a picture of a calendar with tomorrow’s date circled and a clock that read 8:30. Given the scene of the two was at night, it must have been PM.

Riku found himself at Namine’s door, not really remembering the walk over. He stared at her door for a long time, pages in hand. Finally, he asked himself what he was afraid of. The meeting itself didn't. If she wasn’t interested, that didn’t change much did it? Life would go on, and he liked her too much to lose her as a friend. The other option was to never know, and he knew his curiosity would eat at him.

He slipped the papers under with resolve, stuffed his hands in his pockets, and went back to his room.
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The number of pictures made Namine frown in thought for a moment. They'd only ever exchanged that many pictures at once if something serious was going on--or they had several things to discuss at once. She hoped nothing was wrong. Aside from the pirate theme the satellite seemed to have taken on this week, nothing untoward had happened, but one never knew here.

The first two alleviated any concerns she'd had. They were simply responses to what she'd drawn. From the first, it looked as if he'd understood that she'd been hearing the basilisk, and wanted to give her a hint as to how he'd found it. Unable to think of anything else to 'say' on that subject, she added the drawing to her picture wall and focused on the other two.

The picture about her attention to detail made her smile. Yes, she did, but that could sometimes be a disadvantage. For her response, she drew a line down a piece of paper. In the left half, she drew a picture of herself wrapping a bandage around his arm, while he looked on somewhat patiently. In the right half, she drew essentially the same picture, but he looked annoyed. A clock showed that half an hour had gone by as she tried to get the bandage just right according to the directions in the little book she was looking at.

It was the last picture that proved to be confusing. Riku wanted to meet? What could Rarity have said that prompted that? Not that she minded meeting in person, but he'd never asked before. They'd somehow silently chosen to communicate this way even though they could meet any time. Their picture conversations were probably some of the only truly private conversations on the satellite, and she liked that. It was nice to have something like this just for them.

It was probably important if he wanted to speak to her directly, not through pictures. Her response was simply her version of a picture of the two of them talking on the Nature Deck, with the date and time written as a confirmation. She'd be there.

She delivered the pictures, and went about her day as normally as possible. The thought nagged at the back of her mind, though, distracting her.
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[Yay music.]

Namine thought she noticed a light on in his room when she brought the pictures. Routine declared that an answer would come later, though, so she didn't think much of it when he didn't try to call her back to speak right there. Besides, they would meet up later to discuss whatever it was. So she went about her day. Focusing was difficult, though, so she set aside any more difficult projects she had in favor of sketches and other practice pieces.

There was also the fun of putting the finishing touches on her costume. She had the black breeches, boots, and long, loose shirt. A closer look let her find a vest she liked better than the sash she'd been using, and some costume jewelry. Nothing too gaudy, but there was no harm in trying clip on earrings, a necklace, and bracelet. Unable to find a hat she liked, she tried a head scarf instead.

Even though she'd planned to arrive a little early, Riku was already there. She paused for a moment to watch him and the firefly. Once it was gone, she walked over to sit by him. "Hello, Riku."

Seeing him this close, she realized she wasn't the only one of them taking advantage of this week's theme to try a new look. A little surprising, but not in a bad way. Anyway, she'd surprised him before.
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"Thank you." Namine smiled at the compliment even as she blushed faintly. It seemed that she'd surprised him now, but it hadn't been a bad surprise in his eyes. While she didn't always like the costumes the satellite gave them, sometimes it was nice to try something that wasn't the same dress she'd had for so long. It wasn't something she would have even thought of when they'd first met; her choices had been so restricted. Now that she had a little more freedom, she'd found experimenting within reason fun. Finding pieces of an outfit that looked good together and on the person wearing them was an art, too.

She was a little...not nervous, exactly. This was Riku; it hadn't taken long for her to feel safe around him, and that hadn't changed. From spending time together on the satellite and exchanging pictures, she knew him better now than she ever had in some ways, and she always looked forward to seeing him or getting a picture. So there wasn't any reason to be nervous, inasmuch as she could be nervous at all. Still, he'd never felt the need to arrange a meeting before, so this was new, and she wasn't quite sure what would happen. So maybe that's why her stomach felt as if it had butterflies flitting around in it.

Butterflies or, though, she wouldn't find anything out if she didn't ask. Or listen, as he proved willing to open the discussion as soon as she'd settled comfortably on the log. Questions she could certainly answer, and she was willing to listen to what he had to tell her. Though she wasn't quite sure why he'd thought he needed to set all this up just to say he liked their picture conversations and having her around--if he didn't, he wouldn't be exchanging pictures her, or be so concerned when she'd been in trouble. Also, how did that relate to the question, which was an odd one. "I-I think so; or very nearly."
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It is! Sorry this is a little delayed.

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His smile confused her at first--why would he smile about that? Fortunately he didn't take long to make it clear that he was happy about what the tears were evidence of, not the tears themselves. It was true that Sora had said that in the meeting, but she hadn't thought of it in relation to herself. True, she'd begun to wonder if Nobodies really were as heartless as they claimed to be. That said, she'd always thought of herself in terms of being Kairi's other half, one that would need to return. As much as she'd appreciated the extra time that she'd been given here, nothing would change that. Now that Riku was calling attention to a different possibility, though...When he pointed, she put a hand over her physical heart.

Before she could form a response, he went on, and she was confused all over again. In Castle Oblivion, Sora had once mentioned that even if his memories of her were fake, the feeling of happiness at seeing her smile wasn't. She got the feeling that Riku was talking about something different, though, something that hadn't entered into her thoughts. For him as for Sora, there had always been Kairi, who she couldn't be, who she wasn't, if Riku's earlier statement about hearts was right. So he couldn't mean...could he? Finally, she pulled herself out of her thoughts enough to try to smile. "Thank you. I like being around you, too."

It probably wasn't want he wanted to hear, and it didn't really answer anything, but it was the best she could manage at the moment. If she were a normal girl, she might know better how to respond to this, but she wasn't. All she could do was hope she hadn't hurt him too much.
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*saves picture* Also, sorry, the paradigm shift seems to be hitting Nami harder than I thought.

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While she hadn't been entirely sure what he was getting at, she knew enough to have an inkling. Yet what that inkling told her he was trying to say conflicted with so many things she'd thought were certainties up until now. As far as she knew, Riku only had eyes for Kairi, and that wasn't changing anytime soon. She herself was a Nobody, who didn't have a heart and couldn't feel, so she hadn't even thought of the possibility that she could care for someone that way. They'd been friends, and she'd been happy that way.

Only it looked like somewhere along the way, things had changed without her noticing. If Riku was being honest--and she trusted him to never knowingly lie to her--his feelings had changed, even before he knew she had a heart.

(It hurt, just a little, knowing he hadn't told her that, but she couldn't blame him for not wanting to say something that would have only brought them pain. He would have hurt knowing she couldn't feel the same way, and she would have been uncomfortable knowing she couldn't return the feelings.)

Without realizing it, though, somehow the beginning of a heart had formed inside her. How much it had grown by now was anyone's guess, but it was there. It was there, and he was saying he wanted to share his, only he was supposed to be saying that to someone else.

But..he wouldn't be saying it to her if he didn't mean it, or didn't think he meant it. This was no Castle Oblivion, either, nothing to affect his memory and she couldn't use her powers even unconsciously.

For a long moment she studied the picture, tracing the lines with one of her fingers. The slight smile on her face had a hint of surprise to it, though, and when she looked back up at him, there was more than a little confusion. "You mean...but...Kairi?"

The words tumbled out before she realized it, and she winced slightly. That hadn't been the first thing she'd meant to ask, but at least it was out in the open.
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Poor guy. XD Again, sorry for the delay, and long tag is long.

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Namine's expression fell when his did, and she dropped her gaze to her hands. Even if she hadn't meant for her question to hurt him, it had. If she were a normal girl, she might have immediately stammered an apology, insisted that she hadn't meant to ask him that at all, because it was rude and none of her business. If he said he was choosing her now, that should be enough, right?

She wasn't a normal girl, though. Heart or no, normal was something that had never applied to her, and while she was sorry for the hurt she caused, it was something that needed to be brought up. It wasn't fair to either of them, or Kairi, to not recognize that Riku felt something for his best friend. When he spoke, she was still trying to find the right words to express that.

Explanations seemed to be unnecessary, though. Not that Riku made any direct comment, but the lack of comment held some meaning, too. Though her posture didn't change as she listened, she felt a tension she hadn't even noticed easing.

A part of her wanted to protest his decision to stop pursuing Kairi. He'd made his mistakes, yes, but didn't Kairi at least deserve to know that both her best friends loved her, and make her choice knowing that? Then again, trying to sway him that way might make him think she didn't return his feelings. That wasn't fair to either of them, considering that, having never considered the possibility that he could care for her this way, and unused to thinking in terms of having a heart to feel with, she'd never explored her feelings for him beyond friendship. Now, though, that potential was being questioned, and he deserved an honest answer.

She found herself tracing the lines in his picture again as she thought. Not being used to having a heart meant she had even less practice than Riku in following it, but she could try. "I never thought I was a replacement; just a shadow, like all Nobodies. I didn't even think I could have a heart until Sora told us that. You matter a lot to me, too, though...I think, maybe in the same way I do to you, I'm just not sure how that's supposed to feel." She managed a small, sad smile. "So you have a choice again. Someone who cares about you a lot, but is still getting used to the idea she can feel that way, and...won't be there when you go home. Or someone who will be there, and knows her own heart a little better."

It took some effort, but she willed herself to look up at him as she spoke. Much as she didn't like the idea of seeing him hurt any more by what she said, it would be wrong to look away.
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Good things come to those who wait? At least I hope this is good. XD;;;

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Namine watched his expression carefully, too, anxious to see what effect her question had. After a brief moment of holding her breath when his smile faltered, she exhaled in relief when it returned, despite still wondering what his response would be. Her eyes widened slightly in surprise when she heard him call it easy; that had been unexpected.

Though, after a moment, she realized why. Hadn't he already made his choice? If he hadn't, he wouldn't have asked to speak to her tonight. She'd known that even before she asked, though she couldn't help posing the question outright. Like a witch in a fairy tale, she seemed to enjoy asking the hero questions.

Once, that had been to guide him to an answer she hoped he'd choose. She knew he was strong enough to defeat the shadow of Ansem still in his heart, and he'd just needed a reminder of that. This time, though, she hadn't been guided by any motive other than wanting to be sure for herself that he knew what he was choosing, and possibly giving up.

Now, she had to give herself a choice. She could accept his offer and try to determine how she felt, or refuse and just stay friends. The question was, which was the answer she wanted to give?

If she were perfectly honest with herself (and a little selfish), she could admit that she wanted to say yes. Was that the right choice, though? She didn't think it would hurt anyone else. The others would probably be happy for them.

She was happy herself, or at least, this warm feeling near her physical heart was what she thought happy was supposed to be. Trying to picture herself with him on Destiny Islands, sitting on the beach the same way they were in the picture, she found she liked the image. Not only did they look happy, but it left room for their friends to be happy, too. Not knowing when it would happen dulled some of the pleasure, and the future was never certain, but...

She gave his hand a light squeeze in return and smiled. "It could, if we want it to." Their memories of their time here would never truly be lost, and maybe a memory witch and someone who had walked through darkness were the best to help each other deal with other memories that would never fade...an idea which lead to thoughts that made her expression sober. "But, Riku, even if I'm more than just a shadow now, I began as one."
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Yaaaaay, thank you. Short and sweet is good, no prob.

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"I'll always be there to help." Whether as friend or something different, that much could be said with conviction. Not being quite used to much physical contact, and a little surprised by the gesture, Namine flushed slightly when he moved her hand, shifting her gaze slightly as she tried to collect her thoughts.

She'd brought her origins up again because origins were important. His answer remained the same, though, so now was probably the time to drop the subject. Reassurance that she mattered to him no matter how she'd begun was enough.

His choice of words was interesting. Trust Riku to put things in terms of wanting to protect someone. Smiling slightly, with cheeks still faintly pink, she shifted her gaze back to him. "Yes."
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Wrapping up soon sounds good.

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Considering her lack of social education, and other gaps in her knowledge, Namine was only vaguely aware of the more physical aspects of any relationship. Not to mention that she wasn't used to associating most physical contact with good things. That said, she trusted Riku, so when the time came to cross that bridge, she'd manage.

The teasing made her blush deepen again. If they were going to do this, though, she'd probably have to get used to being teased occasionally. "It probably does."

She followed the fireflies with here eyes until they got lost in the larger group nearby. Sighing, she looked back to him. "So, what do we do now?"

It was probably a silly question, but she wasn't quite sure what to do. At least with Riku, she felt comfortable asking.
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Yep. Finally. XD

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A little teasing was okay, and Namine knew that part of his personality. She was just more used to it in terms of him teasing Sora and his other friends. In a way, it was nice to know he felt comfortable enough around her to try teasing her. Without the newly added aspect to their relationship, though, she had to wonder if she'd be blushing.

If she noticed the extra time spent looking at her, she didn't mention it. And really, she couldn't say anything against him for it since it gave her time for a look at him. His time away had changed him, and he looked more grown-up. She liked it, though she must look even younger in comparison than she used to.

...Right, dates were something that couples did. She knew enough to be aware of that. Smiling, she took the offered hand. "Okay. This doesn't count?"
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Lessons were something Namine was happy to provide. Not that she'd been angling for a date with that question, just trying to make sure she had the right idea of what a date was. "If you want to. Though I don't know how much of a help I'll be."