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The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

Characters: Ven and Sora
Content: The boys decide to try out an idea... and things don't go as planned, of course
Location: Housing deck to top deck
Time of Day: ...Day?
Warnings: You know, they're not going to try to have something go wrong...

It was a wild idea, a crazy idea, but considering where they were? And what had been happening to the SOL lately? It was an idea that just might be crazy enough to work.

That idea had Ven running - although it was hard to do in these new, tighter, stiff pants - down the hall of the housing deck, searching for Sora's room. Once he got there, he started pounding on the door with one fist, too keyed up about this idea to stop after the normal two or three knocks. "Sora! Sora, you've gotta listen to this!"
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While he could deal with the sudden black and white look to the Satellite, Sora was not terribly fond of these new clothes...they felt starchy, for lack of a better word, and a bit too formal. What did these outfits have to do with a black and white world, anyway? Was it something else with this worlds's past?

An excited knocking on his door interrupted his thoughts, and he recognized Ven's voice. Well, that sounded important. He opened up his door and faced him in the hall with a curious look.

"Huh? What's up, Ven?"
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Sora listened, and quickly matched the look of excitement on Ven's face. "I didn't even think of that!" He stepped out all the way into the hall with Ven, and thought a bit.

"King Mickey or Yen Sid could definitely help! do we send a message to them?"
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"Oh, that's right!" If other people from outside the ship could talk to them through the Hexfield in the normal universe, then it seemed to follow that they could use it now, especially since they were in a new dimension.

In truth, Sora wasn't all that great with anything related with computers. He didn't have the practice, and his experiences with Tron had mostly been "bang on the keyboard until it works." However, he didn't really want to admit that here, since it wouldn't do to just give up on an idea before even starting. It couldn't be that hard to figure out, right?

"Sure, I'll give it a look!"
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Sora figured that the worst that could happen was that it wouldn't work, anyway. And even then, if something for whatever reason got messed up, Gypsy was always good at fixing things.

"All right!" Sora followed Ven down the hall and up the stairs, to the top deck. With everything black and white, sometimes it was hard to tell parts of the Satellite apart. It didn't look like Mike or any of the Bots were up here right now, though. The Hexfield screen lay to the left of the theater doors, now closed.

The problem was, he didn't see any controls for the Hexfield, like a keyboard or anything else that had been by Tron's computer. "Guess we gotta...figure out how to turn it on, first..."
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Sora was not one to give up because of one little mishap, though if even Mike and the Bots could work it out, then it couldn't be that hard. He glanced around the cockpit area. "Or a button of some kind..."

He then spotted the three large buttons left on the desk, and his face brightened. "It's gotta be one of these! Let's see the red one's always flashing when the scientists are calling, so..."

He slid over and punched the green button. The doors to the theater momentarily opened, but then shut again. A little bit startled, he tried the yellow instead. There was the sound of something switching on, but otherwise nothing seemed to happen.
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FYI: He hit the button for Commercial Sign. XD

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Sora looked around to see what the button had done, but couldn't seem to identify what exactly had switched on. Nothing else seemed to have could a button turn something on but then not do anything? It had to do something with the Hexfield.

He gave his best 'trust me!' look to Ven. "Sure I do! It probably just unlocked the Hexfield screen here..."

With that, he walked back over to the Hexfield covering and attempted to force it open.
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Now Sora was just getting to the point where he was getting frustrated with the Hexfield. He never had that much patience with computers anyway (unless they were people you could actually talk to), and now his patience with this machine had just about run out. So he became even more stubborn about getting this to work.

“No I’m not! Come on! I’ it!--”

Unfortunately, Ven’s prediction turns out to be true. As Ven pulled his arms away, he got one more tug on the Hexfield, and it responded by opening halfway--and then no more. There was a sputtering noise as some wiring inside the screen shut down. Sora stared at the half-opened Hexfield, suddenly feeling very sheepish.

“Uh oh...”
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After a few more sputters, the screen finally stopped making noise. But it didn't budge from its half-open position, either. Sora tried to push it again, hoping maybe he could at least get it shut once more so it didn't look so obviously broken, but no doing.

"I dunno! I think it just got...stuck or something..." He glanced around for many some other buttons he might had missed, but there was only the three on the desk.