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Someone really wishes this was all a dream...

Who: Roxas and anyone who encounters him
What: He needs to figure out who's evil and who's not. He's wandering around while he works out how best to figure this out.
Where: Anywhere, though starting by the vending machines
When: Noonish
Warnings: Depends on who tags him, so, possibly violence and/or language

This was a fine mess they were all in. Shunted into a mirror universe with some people taking on their mirrored personalities and some not, it was difficult to tell who could be trusted and who couldn't. Roxas knew for sure that Pinkie Pie hadn't been mirrored... mostly because she wasn't bothering to pretend and had gone and pretty much broadcast it over the Cambot network. Vanitas and Selphie hadn't been either, but they'd arrived after the jump and were stuck up on the satellite with the mirrored Mads where they really couldn't help. He suspected it was possible that Minako hadn't been mirrored, but it was hard to say. Other than that, he knew for sure that Sora, Riku and Ven had been mirrored from observing their interactions with Vanitas and Sora's recent message over Cambot bitching about all the talking and how it had better be picking out an experiment. After that, he was clueless, though he could think of a few people he hoped weren't mirrored. He'd told Vanitas flat out that it could be problematic if Aqua had been mirrored. He didn't even want to consider Xion or Namine mirrored...

'This couldn't suck any worse,' he thought as he poked about the vending machines. He'd been looking around to see if his mirror self kept a journal of any kind, but so far had turned up squat. After a while, he'd given up. He didn't keep one himself (time in the Organization didn't count) and it had only really been wishful thinking to hope that his mirror self did. It would have been helpful, but there wasn't one so he was going to have to wing it. Sighing, he got a bag of pretzels and a soda out of the machine and headed off to look for someplace to hang out that was hopefully out of the way. He was pretty sure an encounter with Sora right now would blow his cover, assuming no one suspected already that he was behaving strangely.

Maybe the library would be worth poking around it, since this place seemed to actually have some good literature on hand. Not to mention he already knew someone else's diary might be stashed there and a little research might be needed to get that person's help with getting out of this universe.

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Sarcasm at least was something that both the normal and the mirror Roxas shared. Although now it seemed a little more out of frustration than out of their usual mutual contempt.

"Why don't you go ahead and try? Maybe this time would be even funnier," he replied with a sneer. Even as he casually drank the soda with one hand, his other curled into a fist. Getting into fistfights was not unusual for many ways, Sora even looked forward to them.

"And what do you care what I do with that overpreened wuss?"
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Roxas certainly wasn’t giving his usual level of confrontation...true, he did insult his strength and motivations, but Roxas usually threw it back with a bit of boasting on his part, too. And he apparently didn’t have anything to say to his challenge. That just made Sora want to throw out challenges even more.

“I don’t care how tough you think I look. Riku needs the discipline.” As he said it, though, the manic grin seemed to more indicate that mirrored Sora just found bullying mirrored Riku to be fun. “Anyone else, I can show them how tough I am!”

The soda can in Sora’s hand began to crack and crinkle as he squeezed his fingers tighter around it.
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By now, Sora was definitely suspecting that something was amiss with Roxas. He wasn't throwing back his usual insults, and seemed to be putting on a show more than really being himself. This seemed like as good an excuse as any to...persuade some more truths out of him.

"If you say so..." With that, Sora reached back and punched Roxas across the face.

"Hey, I feel better already!"
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That punch had felt good, and Sora was ready for a fight...but he wasn't ready for Roxas to immediately go for the low blow and kick him below the belt. Mirrored or no, blunt trauma to the groin was terribly painful no matter what, and Sora nearly collapsed onto his knees with a sharp grunt of pain.

It took him more time to recover from that retaliation, and when he did, he didn't have any response for Roxas. He just gritted his teeth in rage, and while he was down low, drove his fist hard into Roxas's stomach with the intent to knock the wind out of him.
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Sora took advantage of the time given him by Roxas recovering from his last punch. Unfortunately, the kick to the groin had turned this little fight from something more common to something more rage-inducing, at least on Sora's side. He growled, managed to get to his feet again, reached up and gripped hard around Roxas's jaw, while raising his other fist. He looked prepared to deal Roxas another blow...something that would hurt a lot.

"You're going to regret that, Copy."

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If he had his Keyblade, Roxas would have been in an even greater world of hurt. But even without it, he could still inflict a lot of pain.

And he did, starting with a hard punch in the jaw made worse by the fact that he still had him by the neck. He followed it up by bringing his knee up into Roxas's ribcage.
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That kick in the gut definitely hit home, and Sora grunted in pain. This was definitely more than their usual brawling, but considering the fact that he seemed to be winning, Sora almost didn't mind.

Hyped up on adrenaline from the fight, Sora ignored the pain in his stomach and grabbed up Roxas again, this time by the collar. He then turned, and moved to smash him into the wall. Even shielding himself from the impact, Roxas would likely feel a lot of that.
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Unfortunately, Sora had been paying attention enough to notice that Roxas was trying to kick him again. He got the first kick a little bit in the side and stumbled backwards from it, wheezing. The next time, however, he dodged it and answered with another hard punch in the stomach. He followed it up with his own kick, aimed at Roxas's knees with the intent to bring knock him off his feet completely. He grinned like a maniac the entire time, barely suppressing a laugh.