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Town meeting!

Characters: Iron Liz and everybody who hasn't been affected by the mirror universe.
Content: Liz calls a meeting to figure out what to do about this universe.
Location: The lab with all the animal cages
Time of Day: Night
Warnings: None thus far

It was tricky, and a bit risky, but Ammy, Liz and Aqua managed to sniff out who was still themselves in this universe, and sent a simple message to each of them personally; "Important meeting in the lab tonight. Liz will swing for Chinese."

Liz had spent the time before then sorting through the experimental weapons, testing them on a safe target and figuring out which ones could be used if they need to. Now as it was almost time for people to show up, she started setting up a circle for everyone, still in sight of the cage they threw Harvey in, but hopefully far enough away that they can keep him from hearing all their plans. This was already a tricky operation, hopefully it wouldn't be too much like herding cats in this group.
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Gypsy pointed at some of her plans...or rather, it looked like all of her plans, since she didn't exactly have the ability to point. "We're gonna have to build and then send up a matter transferrence device that releases positively-charged ions so that it will create a fake ion storm while also transferring all matter connected between the SOL and Deep 13! It should act in much the same way as our normal dimensional engine, except this one we can actually kind of steer and stuff."

"However, we need to send someone up with it, or else convince anyone who's still good on the Satellite of Love to turn it on once it arrives! It's impossible to operate remotely! It also needs to be hooked into the SOL's primary power source before it can be turned on, otherwise it won't have enough power to work, cap'n! I can build the device in a day or two...but if we take too long, we'll lose our window of opportunity!"

It was likely that most of the people here didn't get all that, but Gypsy wasn't sure what other way to explain it all.
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Namine definitely didn't get all of it, but there was one point she understood and could comment on.

"Getting someone on the satellite to help us might be difficult. If we talk to them, any of the others could hear what we said and they'd know what we're planning."
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"Oooh, oooh!" Pinkie immediately started bouncing about the circle, waving her hooves in the air. "Pickmepickmepickme! I already promised to send the Mads a care package, I've just gotta get it to them! Maybe we could talk in code or something? I'm really really REALLY good at codes!"
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“Ohhh, I’m sure if I looked at some of the manuals I could figure it out! It looks like this universe has a lot of the materials already stocked, but Mirror-Mike never got around to finishing construction on it,” She answered Liz. That next question a little tougher, though. “Oh yes, it’ll probably be dangerous. But that’s just a chance we’ve gotta take if we want to get out of this universe while we still can!”

Of course Pinkie Pie would be enthusiastic enough to want to go onto the SOL herself. Gypsy nodded. “If you think you can stow aboard, okay! And oooh...I love codes!” She paused to write something else on the plans. “Richard Basehart will mean that everything is good to go, and...uggh...Emerson, Lake and Palmer will mean everything’s bad and you need to abort!”
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"How long to do we have before we've missed our chance, Gypsy?" Lacking much of the science knowledge others might have, Xion was focusing on what her was the most crucial point. Even if it was dangerous, it was their only chance.