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Like Sora, it'd been some time since Riku'd used the pool himself, though he was certainly no stranger to the Rec Deck. He always looked forward to swims, at times closing his eyes and pretending he was back home. ...Minus the sound of the rushing waves above and the inevitable initial sting of saltwater in cuts he didn't realize he had before diving in. Still, back home there were always days that the ocean laid completely still, and underwater all you could hear was the rush of water made by your own limbs.

Riku tossed a towel to the side as he showed up in his trunks, giving a hint of a wave and a one-sided smile to them in greeting. He wouldn't interrupt. Looking around, Riku frowned a little in disappointment. Namine wasn't there. ...At least he knew he'd see her in the early evening. They often did nowadays.

Though he approached from the deep end, water depth didn't deter any kid from the Destiny Islands. Riku stood poised briefly before slipping into the water with a quiet dive. From there he swam up to the others.

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