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Swimming Lessons - [Open]

Characters: Sora, Namine, Xion, Roxas, and anyone else who wants to join in!
Content: Sora decides to give some swimming lessons to whoever may need them
Location: The pool at the recreation deck
Time of Day: Midday
Warnings: None so far

Sora couldn’t even remember the last time he’d used the recreation deck’s pool for a swim...they’d been busy with a lot of things lately, and sometimes the pool had been off-limits. It felt pretty good to just get on his trunks and jump back into the water, even if this time it wouldn’t be for relaxing so much as education.

He tread water in the shallow end of the large pool, waiting for Xion, Namine and Roxas to join him there so that they could get started. He figured that they wouldn’t much go into the deep end on the first lesson, but luckily there was plenty of space on both ends of the pool. It’d be interesting trying to teach this to people his age, considering his learned how to swim when he was very young...practically at the same time he learned to walk. As such, a lot of it was just instinct for him. But his friends couldn’t rely on that, so he’d have to try a different approach.
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"Um..." Yeah, Roxas had no clue there. He hadn't exactly thought that human or human-like bodies could really float. The deepest water he'd ever found himself in had been the dirty little stream in Halloween Town.

He turned to Xion. Did she have any ideas?
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Like Sora, it'd been some time since Riku'd used the pool himself, though he was certainly no stranger to the Rec Deck. He always looked forward to swims, at times closing his eyes and pretending he was back home. ...Minus the sound of the rushing waves above and the inevitable initial sting of saltwater in cuts he didn't realize he had before diving in. Still, back home there were always days that the ocean laid completely still, and underwater all you could hear was the rush of water made by your own limbs.

Riku tossed a towel to the side as he showed up in his trunks, giving a hint of a wave and a one-sided smile to them in greeting. He wouldn't interrupt. Looking around, Riku frowned a little in disappointment. Namine wasn't there. ...At least he knew he'd see her in the early evening. They often did nowadays.

Though he approached from the deep end, water depth didn't deter any kid from the Destiny Islands. Riku stood poised briefly before slipping into the water with a quiet dive. From there he swam up to the others.
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Xion smiled and waved back to Sora as he approached, then tilted her head in thought at his question. Like Roxas, the deepest water she'd ever been in was the stream in Halloweentown. She'd always been careful to stay on the shore when she'd gotten shells from the beach.

"I've never really tried."
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laaaaaaate, sorry.

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Namine ended up arriving a little later than planned. Apparently, the satellite thought it was funny to try to give her swimsuits that she didn't feel comfortable wearing. At least she'd managed to settle on something eventually.

So she arrived just as Sora was telling Xion and Roxas how to float. Good. Even if she was late, it looked like she was in time for most of the lesson. She hurried over to the side of the pool to join in. "Sorry I'm late."
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Well, floating didn't look hard. It was probably something that got easier with a little practice, like anything else. Maybe actually getting into the water would kick start the memories that Roxas was pretty sure he should have, even if it's not remembering a specific instance. He's pretty sure it's not something he can rely on muscle memory for, just for the fact of what his situation is back home.

"Hm." He slipped into the water, noting that there was a vague sense that being in the water should be familiar. Well, he was in the shallow part of the pool where he wasn't actually in any trouble if he wound up sinking rather than floating. He could experiment.

A random thought in the back of his mind 'reminded' him that what he was experimenting with, what Sora was demonstrating, was sometimes also referred to as a dead man's float. Logically, that was because someone just floating like that might very well appear to be dead, but why did he know that random little factoid? With his thoughts elsewhere, even if it was a related tangent, Roxas wound up managing to float well enough without actually trying. Whether that would continue or not when he realized what he was doing remained to be seen.
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Namine's appearance garnered a smile from Riku. While he wasn't teaching, this still meant he got to see her.

Chances are it was very good that Namine had both the decency and common sense to wear something reasonable. Otherwise the blood from a certain someone's sinuses might've attracted any space-dwelling sharks for lightyears around. As it was, however, her outfit barely phased Riku, other than a passing thought that she looked cute. Both boys were used to seeing Kairi in a bathing suit, and this was about on par with what she wore.

"Hey Namine. They're not far ahead, don't worry." He slowly flipped backwards in the water, showing how at ease he was in it in hopes Namine would take comfort in it. Placid water was nothing to be afraid of. It was like a playground.
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Probably going to be co-posting for them, just to keep things moving. ^^;;;

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Namine wasn't really scared of water, even in the amount there was in the pool. Mostly because so far, she had no real negative associations with it. She lacked Kairi's familiarity with it, though, so she thought it best to be cautious. Not that the reassurance from both Riku and Sora wasn't appreciated. "Thank you. I'll be in in a minute."

After setting down her towel on one of the chairs, she went to the stairs that formed the entrance to the shallow end. Having seen Xion gasp in surprise at how cold the water was when she'd slipped in from the side, getting used to it little by little seemed like a good idea. The only drawback was the time it would take. Xion was already mostly used to the water, trying to follow Sora's example and float.

Eventually she made it to where everyone was. Fortunately, the water wasn't so deep as to be a problem.
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Roxas had started out getting down in the water on his belly, but he had turned onto his back, following Sora's example. Namine's approach caught his attention, though and he lost whatever zone he was in that it was working out. Probably, it was trying to look and see who all was around that burst his bubble, so to speak. Still, he had a feeling he had it. Mostly.

As much as he could see how being able to swim was useful and floating was kind of relaxing, he wasn't so sure he liked being wet outside of taking a shower or bath. Maybe it was the lack of the memories from before and his experiences up to now lacking anything to do with swimming, but he was really only interesting learning now because of the usefulness... It might also have had something to do with nearly drowning on a mission and Axel being incredulous that he couldn't swim, though why Axel thought he should have been able to swim went unexplained at the time.

"I think I got water in my ear," he grumbled. Yeah, practicality was really the only reason he had for learning (or relearning as the case seemed to be) how to swim.
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(Sorry for adding in the water-in ear trick, otherwise his post was gonna be tiny)

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As Namine stepped into the pool, Riku half-walked half-swam over towards the bottom of the steps. He didn't say anything, but simply watched her. That being said, he kept an eye on the others, too, in case anything were to happen. Sora was extremely capable, but an extra set of eyes never hurt.

"Water in your ears happens. You'll get used to it." Well mostly. To this day Riku wasn't a fan, but he could deal with it and he knew how to get it out. He planted his feet on the pool bottom and stood. "Try this." He turned an ear so it faced down and tapped his temple with his palm before pulling the earlobe.
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Both suggestions for getting water out of the ears were welcome. After a few tries, Xion had found that the best way of even attempting to float meant leaning her head so far back in the water that she ended up with some splashing into her ears. No word to describe the feeling exactly came to mind, but it made her want to stand up and shake the water out. Hence why she was on about her fifth try.

She leaned back to try once more, gritting her teeth and the feeling and forcing herself not to stand again. After a few moments, the worst of the annoyance faded, and she felt herself relax. She couldn't hear, though--at least, any sound was so distorted by the water in her ears that she might as well have been deaf. That made her tense again, and she stood to keep from sinking.

Shaking her head, she caught Sora's remark about learning to kick. That sounded easier than floating. "How well do we need to float before we can move on?"

Over near the stairs she saw Namine stop to talk to Riku once she reached where he was.
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Roxas hadn't found the water in his ear to be too annoying for the lesson, thankfully. Still, the advice on getting it out was welcome. Come to think of it, he had heard or read somewhere that some people used ear plugs to keep water out of their ears when swimming. Maybe that was something to keep in mind for next time.

As much as he was pretty sure he was getting the hang of floating and a little more practice on it wouldn't hurt, he didn't mind the prospect of moving on.
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Riku held out his hand to Namine as she stepped in. "You got a good teacher. He'll take care of you." After an encouraging nod, he added, "And if anything goes wrong, I'll be here, okay?"

That was his job today. He was Sora's backup, in case something did. Honestly, though, Riku expected he'd have an easy job today.
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Namine was sure Sora was a good teacher when it came to swimming; he'd grown up knowing how to, after all. Though it seemed that if they weren't careful, Riku might end up mostly teaching her. Taking the offered hand, she smiled. "I know. Thank you."

She kept hold of the hand as she began to make her way towards the others. It looked like Xion was following Sora over to the wall, so she needed to hurry to catch up. Her grip was fairly loose, though, giving Riku a choice as to whether or not to keep hold of her hand and follow, or keep an eye on things from a distance.
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Roxas followed Sora's lead. It felt like he might be remembering something. Or maybe it was more that he was recalling bits of Sora's memories that he'd seen. He wasn't sure but it was starting to feel right, in a way. He was pretty sure sure he wasn't the type to go swimming for leisure, but the lesson was still appreciated.

He supposed that, in some sort of emergency where he couldn't count on someone else bailing him out, he might have 'remembered' how to swim. But he hadn't been alone the one time that he'd ended up taking a dunk and Axel's incredulous response to his inability to swim (after fishing him out and making sure he would be okay) had been one of the clues that the man knew more than he was letting on.
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Yes, he's playing life guard. XD

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Riku followed along behind, staying in tow most of the way. Based on the little quirk to his smile, he seemed to like that. It would be good practice for the future if her curiosity should peak over something. Should she ever want to explore, he imagined, she could lead him where ever she desired, and he'd be right there for her.

But that would be for another time. As soon as they got near the others, Riku gave her hand a brief squeeze before letting his fingers slip through hers. Should she look back, he'd give her a smile and motion with his chin for her to continue. She'd be fine.

Still, he had a job to do. Riku swam over to the low dive before hauling himself out of the water. He climbed out of the pool to go sit and watch from the low dive. At worst, he could easily slip into the water from there should something happen. At best, he got a good view to watch.
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Xion had noticed that sometimes, shared experience was needed to jump start memories she'd received from Sora. Worlds he'd visited had always seemed familiar. So maybe she and Roxas needed this lesson to help them "remember" how to swim, as it were. Whatever the case, she too appreciated the effort Sora was making. Once she felt a little more confident in her ability, she'd have to come back on her own to see how she liked it.

Once Namine had returned Riku's smile, nodded, and finally joined them, they could go on to the next step. After making sure she wouldn't accidentally kick anyone, she tried kicking while holding onto the pool wall. Staying afloat this way was actually a little easier.