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Swimming Lessons - [Open]

Characters: Sora, Namine, Xion, Roxas, and anyone else who wants to join in!
Content: Sora decides to give some swimming lessons to whoever may need them
Location: The pool at the recreation deck
Time of Day: Midday
Warnings: None so far

Sora couldn’t even remember the last time he’d used the recreation deck’s pool for a swim...they’d been busy with a lot of things lately, and sometimes the pool had been off-limits. It felt pretty good to just get on his trunks and jump back into the water, even if this time it wouldn’t be for relaxing so much as education.

He tread water in the shallow end of the large pool, waiting for Xion, Namine and Roxas to join him there so that they could get started. He figured that they wouldn’t much go into the deep end on the first lesson, but luckily there was plenty of space on both ends of the pool. It’d be interesting trying to teach this to people his age, considering his learned how to swim when he was very young...practically at the same time he learned to walk. As such, a lot of it was just instinct for him. But his friends couldn’t rely on that, so he’d have to try a different approach.
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Yes, he's playing life guard. XD

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Riku followed along behind, staying in tow most of the way. Based on the little quirk to his smile, he seemed to like that. It would be good practice for the future if her curiosity should peak over something. Should she ever want to explore, he imagined, she could lead him where ever she desired, and he'd be right there for her.

But that would be for another time. As soon as they got near the others, Riku gave her hand a brief squeeze before letting his fingers slip through hers. Should she look back, he'd give her a smile and motion with his chin for her to continue. She'd be fine.

Still, he had a job to do. Riku swam over to the low dive before hauling himself out of the water. He climbed out of the pool to go sit and watch from the low dive. At worst, he could easily slip into the water from there should something happen. At best, he got a good view to watch.
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Xion had noticed that sometimes, shared experience was needed to jump start memories she'd received from Sora. Worlds he'd visited had always seemed familiar. So maybe she and Roxas needed this lesson to help them "remember" how to swim, as it were. Whatever the case, she too appreciated the effort Sora was making. Once she felt a little more confident in her ability, she'd have to come back on her own to see how she liked it.

Once Namine had returned Riku's smile, nodded, and finally joined them, they could go on to the next step. After making sure she wouldn't accidentally kick anyone, she tried kicking while holding onto the pool wall. Staying afloat this way was actually a little easier.