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warning: hyperactive teens at play

Characters: 90s Kid and anybody who wants to get pranked
Content: Invisibility and PRANKS 8D
Location: Deck 4: Cafeteria
Time of day: Afternoon
Warnings: May be hazardous to 90s Kid's health. Just please don't kill him XD

Anybody would be puzzled, to say the least, about suddenly finding themselves completely transparent. 90s Kid was no exception. For about three seconds. After that, he deemed this newfound invisibility TOTALLY GNARLY and decided to put it to good use.

Attempting to stifle fits of mischievous giggling, he lurked in the corner of the cafeteria and waited for the perfect moment to strike.

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Ahh, the Cafeteria. Falco's second favorite place on the satellite. He often found himself popping up here when he was bored. Actually, that was pretty much all the time.

He'd come up here for a snack, but now he was having second thoughts. He was eating kind of a lot lately, and not getting nearly as much exercise as he did back on the Great Fox. The past couple weeks of not giving a fuck were probably starting to make him put on some weight. Hmm...

Well, seeing as nobody else was around, Falco lifted his shirt a bit and pinched his belly, trying to see if he really had put on any weight. Needless to say, he didn't look happy about the results.

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"HWRAAAKK!!" Falco yelped the most surprised bird noise ever and spun around, grabbing his ass. SOME SOON TO BE DEAD MOTHERFUCKER JUST TORE OUT HIS TAIL FEATHER.

He would have screamed at whoever it was, but. There was nobody there. Just his tail feather on the floor.


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Falco, now completely freaked out, snatched his feather up off the floor and looked around. These things look QUITE A WHILE to grow back, and Falco was damn proud of his fabulous tail feathers. Someone would pay dearly for this.

"I KNOW YOU'RE THERE, ASSHOLE!!" Falco shouted to nobody in particular, as he actually had no idea that anyone was actually there. "SHOW YOURSELF, AND I'LL ONLY KILL YOU A LITTLE BIT!!"

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Never before had Wally so dreaded going to the cafeteria as he had in this past week. Okay, maybe that wasn't entirely true - whatever Keystone gave them could in now way be classified as food - but it was definitely in the top five! Seriously? Worms? Who would defile perfectly good food like that?!

For once, he was actually glad that the dampening field had stripped him of his powers. It meant he didn't have to worry about finding something crawling in his lunch - ugh, gross - quite as often as he would with speedster powers. Not that he was all that hungry right now, weird as it felt, but an afternoon snack never hurt anyone.

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Small at last!

Minako never thought she'd be so willing to swear off cupcakes as she strode through the ship. On the other hand, her attempt to return through time to warn everyone?....Not so successful. Then again, she had to wonder what would have happened if she had changed something...maybe Pluto had a point when she said time-travelling was not the best idea...

Of course, she didn't suspect anything as she walked towards the media deck, deep both in those thoughts and with the inclination to finally check out that secret stash of tapes and books she found...

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Oh, she felt that. And she's going to respond. Even if the person was invisible. What they did was a bad idea. As evidenced by the death glare she had on her face as she turned--

--and faster than lightning her fist was out and aimed with practiced precision towards her invisible tormentor's nuts. At least if they were human, she figured they were about an average height, after all. Otherwise, if its one of the animals, its going to be at their head. Either way.


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"I know that voice!"

That only makes Minako even more annoyed. Going for where she heard him fall, she brought out another punch.

"In the name of the girls on this ship," She began to punch him several times. "You will Never. Do that. AGAIN! Got it?!"

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"Good!" With that, she walks off, hands up behind her head, whistling. "Remember that for next time. Bye~"