08 March 2012 @ 11:49 am
Villian Neutral Zone  
Characters: Bakura and All Dastardly Persons
Content: While the Christmas-colored peons are running around with toy guns, Bakura uses this mayhem to his advantage and sets up a neutral zone of his own, except EVIL. With his sneaky thief powers, he manages to gain information about various evil persons around the Satellite, and calls them to this prototype fortress. 
Location: Deck 10 - Entrance to the Weapons Deck
Time: After Brunch Tea
Warnings: All persons who are NOT villians, prepare for all manners of snarkiness and diabolical threats upon arrival. 

By now, Bakura has sifted through most of the contents of the Weapons Deck, and procured various articles of importance, mainly melee weapons of all sorts. He has also completed  a well-needed spring cleaning. Setting a crimson throne up on a pedestal in the back, the large hall looks like a dark Medieval lair with various manners of gadgetry lining the walls, from guns to knives to scientifically-advanced weaponry. A long, ornate  table unfolds between Bakura's chair and the bolted entrance, the floor underneath lined with red velvet carpet (only the best for the best, after all).

There is just one more touch that would make it home. Spaced every few meters from each other burns giant torches, throwing shadows that flicker across the dank stone walls. Perfect.
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07 March 2012 @ 09:48 pm
Neutral Zone Breakfast  
Characters: Maes Hughes and YOU
Content: Hughes sets up a neutral zone in the cafeteria and makes everyone breakfast
Location: Deck 4, The Cafeteria Deck
Time: Morning
Warnings: None

Just outside the Cafeteria deck a sign had been set up.  It read:

1. No firing lasers in the Cafeteria area
2. If you are caught firing your lasers you WILL be booted and the opposite team is allowed return fire.  No pancakes for you ):
3. Maes Hughes is a Neutral Party and not playing tag.  If you fire at him you have to clean up the deck of his choosing.  Ha!
4. Please enjoy this complimentary picture of Elysia to brighten your day :)

Below the sign is a stack of photos of a certain 3-year-old girl smiling.   Maes has certainly had fun with the copy machine as of late.

Once you enter the deck you find yourself assaulted with the smell of pancakes, eggs, and various other breakfast foods.  Maes is in the kitchen cooking up a storm and has decided he would like to spend time with others over a nice, hearty breakfast.  He doesn't expect anyone to help him cook, but if they do that's fine.  Really he just wanted an excuse to have fun without getting involved in the laser tag shenanigans and breakfast seemed the way to go, since Pinkie's thing was parties and Maes didn't really feel like throwing one of those just yet.