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Legends of the Hidden Temple - Temple Games

Characters: The two teams that won the Steps of Knowledge!
Content: The Temple Games
Location: Deck 6
Time of day: Midday again
Warnings: Probably some rather embarrassing games...

[Your characters have now arrived on the next deck, where the next round awaits them: the temple games! There are some precarious setups on this deck, from climbing walls to projectile launchers. Mike once again swings onto the scene!]

Hello again, teams! Congrats on winning the Steps of Knowledge! But don't worry, Purple Parrots and Silver still get your own prize! In fact, you get...GLOW IN THE DARK SKETCHERS!

[Cambot flashes the following picture on stillstore:]

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As they say on TV, now the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest! Both teams will be competing for pendants of life! [Mike holds up a golden pendant for both teams to see.] These pendants will protect you from the dreaded temple guards inside the temple. Whoever has the most pendants at the end of three games will win this round, and get to go on to the temple! Tom's gonna tell us about each temple game as we go.


[OOC: Once again, dice rolls will determine the winners of the temple games! Since there are three games, a dice roll will determine the winner for each, or if there is a tie. The first two games are worth a half pendant, and the final game is worth a full pendant. Each temple game will take place in a separate subthread; and new subthreads will be opened when each game is finished. In these subthreads, tags will go between teams. Once these threads are completed, the final log will be opened up to the winning team!]

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In "Touched By Venom," the hero's mother works with pottery. And as we all know, pottery is really fun to smash! In front of you is a shelf with six pieces of ancient pottery, just waiting to be smashed. With you, you have a specialized projectile launcher designed to launch stone roosters! Use these devices to launch your roosters and smash the pottery! The team that smashes all of their pottery first wins!

[OOC: Basically, your characters have a shelf full of pottery about ten feet from them, and a giant slingshot with small stone roosters for ammo. Use the slingshots to smash the pottery!

Galadriel and Pinkie Pie will be competing in this thread.

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Pinkie giggled as she sat with her launcher, taking pre-emptive aim at the targets. "Wow, normally people get mad at me when I break things!"

As soon as the contest began, she let off her first shot, successfully shattering one of the pots, and continued firing quickly, sending stone roosters chaotically flying everywhere. "WHOOOOO! Take that, pottery!"

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Galadriel was a little suprised at what the next game was. Breaking pottery on purpose? Oh well. It certainly wasn't the strangest thing she'd seen here by far.

It was however, the most dangerous challenge yet, because the minute the contest started, she had to not only focus on hitting her own pots, but she had to keep herself from getting hit on the head from one of the stray roosters coming from Pinkie Pie's launcher. As such, she was having a difficult time getting the pottery smashed.

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Pinkie giggled and gripped the slingshot tighter, trying to aim it more towards the actual pottery. "Sorry, Galadriel!" Two more pots shattered as her next rooster ricocheted wildly off of the sides of the shelves.

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Galadriel nodded at Pinkie Pie's apology. She knew the pony was just easily excited and not actually trying to hurt her.

Turning back to her own shelf she realized that she had only broken one pot so far. No mean feat when dodging stone roosters, yet still not a very good start. She launched another rooster at the shelf, hitting her mark without any trouble.

Game #2 - Ride the dragon

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This magical fantasy kingdom, like most, has dragons! And as we all know, dragons are lots of fun to ride! ...But not THESE dragons! Before you stands an ancient dragon riding training device! Mount the dragon and hold on tight, because it'll start bucking and try to buck you off! And if you get knocked down, get up again, 'cause they're never gonna keep you down! The player that falls off the dragon the least in 60 seconds wins!

[OOC: Basically, your characters are faced with a mechanical bull, except it's vaguely dragon-shaped. The object of this game is to fall off the least in 60 seconds. Hang on for dear life!

Kaldur and Isa will be competing in this thread.

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They were back to physical challenges then. Kaldur eyed the "dragon" before getting on, he wasn't sure how well he would do in this challenge as he had never had to ride such a device before. Still, as with every other challenge, he would give it his best effort. Kaldur mounted the "dragon" and clung tightly to its shape. Surely this could not be too difficult.

Unfortunately he was very wrong about that. As soon as the thing started to buck Kaldur realized it was going to take more than just skill, but luck, to make it through this challenge.
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Isa stared at the "dragon" incredulously. Whoever though that he was the type of person who would want to do something like this had another thing coming. Still. His team had gotten this far. No way he was giving up now.

He mounted the "dragon" and held on tight.
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Bucking, and twisting, and jerking around beneath him, Kaldur was having a difficult time sticking to the dragon. He clung to it tightly for as long as he could, but with a twist and a well timed jerking motion Kaldur was sent up into the air and landed hard on the nearby mat.

He groaned, sitting up, imagining hearing the old training buzzer back home going off and marking this as a FAILURE. Still, he couldn't just lay there. He could only hope that Isa fell off as well. Kaldur jumped back on to the "dragon" and put himself in for more abuse.
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When Isa saw that Kaldur fell off his 'Dragon', he narrowed his eyes in determination and held onto the bucking 'dragon' harder. He wasn't about to get thrown off now.

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Time was running out, Kaldur knew the event could not go on much longer. It did not seem that Isa was going to fall at all which automatically put Kaldur at the disadvantage. Still, if he could keep it to just one fall then that would be good, even if it meant loosing it was only by a margin.

Game #3 - Travel Across the Clutch

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The land of Clutch Re is really really huge, which means it'd take you forever to travel across it! And that's what you'll be doing in this game! One player will climb up the wall to each of the four locations on the map. Their partner will toss them markers with the marker-tossing launchers for them to tag each location they've visited. Beware, because you can't proceed to the next location until the first one is tagged! The first team to tag the last location on the map wins the full pendant!

[OOC: Your characters are faced with a huge rock-climbing wall, spotted with four velcro bulletin boards with the names of four fantasy towns spread up it from bottom to top. One character will need to climb the rock wall, while their partner will toss markers to them via another slingshot launcher. The character on the rock wall will need to grab the marker and stick it on the velcro board before proceeding up the wall to the next board. First team to get to the top wins!

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Still in high spirits from winning her half of the challenge, Pinkie stopped her happy bouncing to stare up at the rock wall. "Ooooooh~" She glanced between it and the slingshot. "Hey Icy!" she said, using her new nickname for her super-favorite teammate, "Since I was just playing a shooty-slingshot-type game, do you wanna be the one to climb up the wall? It looks awesomely fun and all, but we're in the FINAL finals! We gotta get our game on!" Maybe she could just climb it later, anyway!
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Isa shot an annoyed glance at Pinkie Pie. Nicknames? Really? Isa rather disliked nicknames.

"Isa." He corrected her, not that he thought that it would make any difference to her, so he sighed through his nose and focused on more important matters.

"Well, I am the one with hands, so it might make it easier for us?" Though, again, it wasn't like Isa thought it mattered to Pinkie, she could probably win the game all by herself, somehow.

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Kaldur looked between the slingshot and the giant wall. Which would he be best at? Galadriel had just been in a competition to shoot projectiles and had lost so perhaps they should switch positions? He needed to work with their strengths, he just wasn't sure what Galadriel's were. Finally he sighed and turned to the elf, "Which task would you prefer?"