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Legends of the Hidden Temple - Moat Race

Characters: All six teams who got picked for Legends of the Hidden Temple games
Content: The moat race!
Location: Deck 5
Time of day: Midday
Warnings: Moat-crossing shenanigans

[Mike arrives, with a microphone and wearing Indiana Jones-style clothes. Mike attempts to swing in to the front of the moat on a rope, doing his best Kirk Fogg impression...he fails somewhat at it, though, and stumbles onto the stage in front of the moat. As soon as he rights himself, he faces the six teams with a big ol' game show host smile! It's time for a temple run!]

Mike: Aaaand welcome, all you guys, to Legends of the Hidden Satellite of Love! The decks below are filled with lost treasures, which only Tom Servo knows about! Which one are we looking for today?

[Tom's voice comes over the deck loudspeakers, sounding much more booming and imposing than usual.]

Tom: The legend of the Venom Cock of Clutch Re!

Mike: Ooooh, the legend, what Tom said. And one of your teams will have the chance to retrieve this artifact and win some fabulous prizes! But first, you'll have to cross the moat to get to the temple! Tom will tell us how you're gonna do it...

Tom: So, on this moat in front of you there's a bunch of rope walls suspended! Your task is to climb across the rope wall with one team member on each side of it! If any team member falls into the water, both have to go back and start again. Both team members need to be on the other side of the moat in order for you to have crossed it. Cheaters get disqualified! The first four teams to get across the moat will go on to the next round!

Mike: All right! Good luck, teams!


[OOC: Welcome to the first round of the Legends of the Hidden Temple event! Your first task is to get your characters across the can either log prose or with action tags, whichever you prefer. The four winners of the moat race will be determined by DICE ROLL in a comment below; so you can tag appropriately if your team wins or loses! Once this log is mostly complete, the second event will go up.

Keep in mind: if your characters make it all the way to the temple run, they'll not only win prizes for themselves, but they can also win a lot of morale points!]

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Here are the teams that win the moat race! Highlight to see the spoilers:

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Pinkie Pie was there almost before anyone else, certainly before Isa. She was so excited, she couldn't help but show up a little early! Her teammate would find her staring intently at the rope wall, crouched down with her tail twitching like a cat about to pounce.

"Hi, Isa!" she greeted, breaking her concentration long enough to smile at him. "You ready to PLAY?"
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"As I'll ever be." He replied in a deadpan tone.

As Isa prepared to cross the moat he suddenly realized that the challenge set before them seemed impossible for someone lacking opposition thumbs to do. Really, how was a pony supposed to climb across that rope wall?

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Pinkie hadn't registered her lack of opposable digits. All she saw was a game. And Pinkie Pie was an expert at games.

"This is gonna be so much fun~" she squealed to her partner across the wall as the starting horn blew. "I even wrote a song about it last night! You wanna hear?" She didn't wait for Isa's reply before bursting into song.

"Ohhhhh, in the Hidden Temple, we'll have lots of fun
First across the big moat we'll race everyone!
Then inside we'll find treasure by the ton!
Cupcakes and candy and caramel buns!
Sooooooooooo - "

Pinkie paused with a hoof in the air, looking remarkably well balanced for an equine who was somehow managing to stand on top of a rope wall.

"Try your best and have lots of fun!
The Hidden Temple's big enough for everyone!"

She jumped neatly down onto the other shore of the moat, grinning widely at her audience. Apparently transportation via musical number was highly effective.

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Kaldur stood on the edge of the moat with a look of serious determination probably not quite warranted for a game such as this. However, he had been chosen for this and Kaldur had always had a slight...competitive nature when it came to competitions such as these. He could recall several times the challenges he had faced with Garth and Tula on similar courses. He was also determined not to look bad in front of Wally who would never let him live it down if he, a superhero, failed a trial such as this.

He looked over to Galadriel, "Are you ready then?"

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Back in her youth, Galadriel had been quite the athlete. The nostalgia of those days was in full force now. Though she had not been much of a team player at the time, several millenia had taught her the value of being one.

"Ready as I'll ever be" she answered Kaldur.

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As soon as the horn went off Kaldur was clinging to his side of the rope wall. It was not the easiest of tasks, but not impossible and certainly not as challenging as he had anticipated these events were going to be. He kept an eye on Galadriel, making sure she stayed on the ropes and kept pace with him. They had to get to the other side together or not at all it seemed. As far as the other teams went, well, he blocked that out. He could worry about them once hew as on the other side of this small moat.

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Liz was the first of the Green Monkeys to arrive on the deck, and spent her time trying to limber up. Sure, she was in better shape than Linkara and could probably climb over smaller obstacles if she had to, but climbing really wasn't her specialty in the end; grip strength was bound to become a problem here if she wasn't quick and careful.

No sign of the kid yet. She still wasn't too happy about her choice of teammate, but at this rate what could she really do about it. So she merely stretched and waited.
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Phineas made his way to the deck with a few minutes to spare. He wasn't sure what they were getting ready for but whatever it was he figured he could handle it and have a good time. Fortunately thanks to the shirts it was easy to spot his teammate and he made his way over.

"Great, it looks like you're ready! Do you know what we're doing yet?"

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And there he was. At least the kid was punctual enough.

"Yeah, they just explained it. We've gotta cross that." she pointed toward the moat, at the rope net they were to climb across.

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"ALL RIGHT!" Minako claps. "I'M READY!"

And thus she gets into the starting position, totally ready.

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Well, it wasn't Undertaker's idea of fun, but it was something, at least. It'd been a while since he'd had to do much physical activity of this nature. Part of him wanted to make sure his skills weren't rusty. But "Cheaters get disqualified" took what little fun that could have been had right out of it.

Well, whatever happened, happened. His partner was enthusiastic, at least. He gave her a grin.

"Ladies first."

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"YES!" Minako winks. "I won't let you down! WE'RE GONNA WIN!"

And at the horn, she's off! And quite fast. It's quite clear she's having a ton of fun with this.

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Sora showed up on Deck 5 before Falco did, totally ready for whatever was ahead. So, they just had to cross this moat over the rope wall? He figured he could do that!

It didn't quite make sense that the whole deck had transformed into this new area, but considering the sparkles and stuff from last week, he figured he may as well get used to really strange stuff happening around here.

For now, he got into the starting position, ready for the signal for them to start.

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"Venom Cock? That's classy."

Falco showed up fashionably late, not giving a single fuck. He stood around with his hands in his pockets, even though his teammate was clearly ready to go. Weeeeell, whatever. At least he could get a good workout from this, and it looked pretty easy.

Even if he did think this was the stupidest thing ever, he couldn't help his competitive streak. If he was going to be stuck doing this anyway, might as well win, right?

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"Classy?" To be honest, that particular phrase had gone over Sora's head. He just figured it was some artifact he'd never heard of.

He gave his partner a look at showing up late. Sora wasn't one to think much of any competition was dumb, but he also shared Falco's competitive streak. Riku wasn't in this, but he still had to prove that he could do this! "Come on, let's go!"

So as soon as they got the signal, Sora leaped up onto the rope wall and began to make his way across.

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All things considered, Ienzo wasn't terribly sure why he'd been chosen to participate in this. Sure, it wasn't like he hadn't done his fair share of athletic-type things (he'd had to sneak away from Even somehow), but this? This was hardly anything he'd imagined doing before.

But he wasn't about to step out. He'd started, so why not at least see it part of the way through.

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Wally was here. And he definitely was not late. Definitely.

...Okay, yeah, he definitely was. Give him a break; he was still getting used to having been brought down to normal again! He'd missed the memo on when exactly this thing was going to be, but the game hadn't started just yet.

"Sorry I'm late, uh... Ienzo, right? I'm Wally. All we have to do is get across the moat, right? No prob!" He looked over at the ropes with a confident grin. "This'll be a snap. Maybe you should go first, though," Wally said, looking back at his partner appraisingly. "I may not have super speed anymore, but I'm still fast for normals. I can make up any time we lose. Not that we will, of course," he added quickly, "but, you know. Safety hazard."

(( OOC: Sososo sorry for taking so long. I would have tagged much earlier - it's been in my head for a while - but I've been unexpectedly busy this week. :\ ))

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Well, at least he knew he was late, and Ienzo made no attempt to hide his irritation at the fact, even though he did nod at the question about his name. He couldn't exactly say he was sure about the concept of him going first. But still. He supposed it couldn't try and after a brief moment, he nodded once again. He wasn't pleased by any stretch of the imagination, but he would tolerate things.

Another moment of studying the ropes, and he climbed on. His first few steps were perhaps understandably tentative, but after he'd gotten the hang of how much the net of ropes moved with each step his pace picked up. It wasn't too difficult, really.

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