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Ninth Link

Characters: Namine, Amaterasu, Zidane
Content: Ammy and Zidane find Nami on the Theatre Deck. Talk of art and other things ensues.
Time: Morning
Warnings: None.
Notes: None

With practically the whole satellite serving as a laser tag arena, Namine hadn’t had high hopes of the theatre deck being quiet. She was pleasantly surprised to find no one else there; maybe they were all sleeping in. Setting the supplies she’d brought with her on the table she’d claimed as “hers,” she set about gathering the other things she’d need.

Finally, with all her crayons, pastels, pencils, and paper set up, she could get to work. Before long, she was so caught up in it that she was only half-aware of her surroundings.
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Amaterasu wasn't much for participating in laser tag herself...not the least because she didn't at all feel comfortable using a gun. Swords and reflectors, sure, but guns were much harder to direct here, and the game didn't quite appeal to her as much anyway. Besides, now that her son Chibiterasu was here, she wanted to spend some time with him, too.

She was down scouring the theatrical deck for some more art supplies (both she and Chibi went through paper and paints so quickly!) when she spotted Namine working on her own art. Interested, she trotted over to see what she was working on, and to see if she could contribute something there, too.
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Well if there was anything Ammy could do, it was sneak up on people...she'd had to do it for awhile in Kamiki Village, after all. She accepted the ear scritches with a smile.

At the question, she gave a bit of a quick shake...she wasn't exploring per se. She pulled out her paintbrush...she was looking for art supplies, and willing to do some more art herself.
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While Ammy usually did the painting with her tail (and it was painting more on reality itself than on paper), she was forced to just using her mouth and a normal brush for now.

As for what she was looking for, she shrugged a bit...mostly she was looking for paper. She examined closer what she was working on, and what she was drawing with. Once she spotted it, she nudged a nearby stack of paper with her nose.
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Ammy nodded. When Namine offered the half-stack of paper, she took it in her mouth and then carefully balanced it on her back. While it was easier to do with her powers, she had mastered to art of carrying things that at times seemed kind of improbable...if only out of necessity.

She held up her brush to show that she wanted to stay and paint. She rarely got to work with anyone else, just by virtue of being the only one who could paint reality. She was interested to see what she could do with Namine here.
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She nodded when Namine asked if they wanted to paint together. She was usually focused on doing the lines of a painting, and wanted to see how they'd look with color added.

Once Namine put a drop cloth on the floor and moved the supplies down to the ground, she moved over to the paper to see what she should start on. Taking the brush in her mouth, she started sketching out the cherry trees that grew around Kamiki Village.
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Ammy did have a particular style of drawing, since she was used to using ink on her tail, but it was also quite possible that Namine had never seen the cherry blossom trees that defined Nippon.

When asked, she scanned the colors and tapped the tube of pink paint with her paw. Green also worked, but the trees were so beautiful when they were in full bloom.
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Ammy watched a little bit as she began to fill in the trees with pink paint. The paints here weren't quite like the paints and inks of Nippon, but they were similar enough. They were a little thicker here, and seemed to be mixed with something other than water.

Namine continued to color her pictures with an interesting meticulousness. As she did, Ammy continued working on the picture...adding in the mountains in the background, and starting in on the stone roads and river that ran through Kamiki Village.

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As a thief, Zidane was very well used to the fact that sometimes he wouldn't have his own choice of sleeping accommodations. As a semi-revolutionary, he'd gotten used to flopping down on whatever surface was available after they'd cleared out the local monster population.

But this was war, and in war, sometimes sacrifices had to be made.

A misshapen pile of costumes off in one corner began to move not long after Naminé got absorbed in her work, shifting about as if something was tunneling under them. The very tip of a laser gun pointed out as a blue eye scanned the surroundings, just to make sure no one was waiting in ambush, and when he was certain it was safe, Zidane pushed his way out from under the pile of clothing with a huge and loud yawn, gun in one hand and ...not actually looking all that bad for having just spent the night in a pile of fabric. Scratching the back of his head, he looked around more freely before grinning at the blonde girl. "Hey!"
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Zidane scratches his head and lets out another yawn as he drops his gun in the pile of clothing since the girl in front of him doesn't look to be playing. "That's right - you're Naminé, right? You were that really pretty white unicorn when we were all turned into ponies."

Trust him to remember that one and finish up the greeting with a grin and another compliment. "You know, you're even prettier in person. The mane you had a pony didn't do anything like justice to your hair and your eyes are even more gorgeous now that I can see them properly."

Wink. ...He's a flirt. It's just his job.

"So what're you up here for? Not playing?"
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And there was a slight pout when she didn't play back with the flirting, but Zidane knew what that likely meant - she was one of those girls that didn't really like it, or at least know how to handle it. So it probably was for the best to drop it.

And Zidane did, stretching once more and stepping out of the pile of clothing to come up next to her table. "Drawing, huh? So are you any good at it?"
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What is personal space? Zidane wasn't paying attention to that as he craned his neck to look over her shoulder at the drawing on the table, starting to smile when he got a good look at it. "Hey, that's not half-bad - I've seen other artists sell a lot of their work with less talent. It looks like you're pretty good at this, basis or not."
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Sorry about the phrasing, it's just too appropriate XD

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Zidane would not do anything to her that she would object to, even in his natural exuberance. It's canon, he has the battle ability. But for the moment, all he wanted to do was look at her pictures, an idea slowly forming in his mind.

"Really - you put a lot of heart into these. That's the one thing that true art requires, is heart and passion - when you give that up, then you're a failure as an artist, and a sellout. But you haven't lost that at all. It's good to see."
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Indeed it is!

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Zidane was a bit sensitive about memories, so it was probably for the best that she didn't tell him that.

"Really." He nodded, still looking over the pictures, reaching out to straighten one a bit. "It's like any kind of art - you don't do it because you think it's going to make you famous and wealthy, you do it because there's something inside you that just need to get out. Some people do it for selfish reasons, but all the real artists or musicians or performers I know do it because they love it and can't live without it." And he smiled at her, a real smile, with no flirting overtones. "We're a strange bunch. If we don't like something, then we won't do it. We have to love showing part of ourselves to other people to get into it in the first place."

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