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Someone is not amused by this crap.

Who: Roxas and anyone that feels like helping him vent
What: He's not happy about seemingly being skipped for getting a power back.
Where: Rec Deck
When: Noonish
Warnings: Violence, potentially language

If anyone was looking for Roxas at the moment, they'd find him on the rec deck pounding the stuffing out of a dummy with a couple of wooden swords. Some of his frustration is over things going on back home. But, some of it is about how it seems like he's been screwed out of having any powers this week while everyone else seems to have gotten at least one back.
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"What's eating you?" Isa asked as he entered the room.
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"I don't think the dummy has anything to do with that." Isa rolls his eyes for a moment, "Do you want to talk about it?"
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"Oh come on, it had to give you something, maybe it's just not obvious."
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"Maybe there's just something you're overlooking, Roxas."
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"Are those all your powers from back home?" Isa asked as he wandered over to get another toy sword from a pile of them.

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Xion had planned to do some training that day--she only had a week in which she'd be able to use her Keyblade, after all. While she wasn't surprised to see Roxas there, she was a bit surprised to see him so...invested in his sparring match with the dummy.

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He'd looked pretty serious about it, though. Maybe that was because he had a lot on his mind--they still hadn't been able to get everyone together to discuss things, yet.

"Hey. Mind some company?"

If he wanted to actually spar to blow off steam, that was okay with her.
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Having tried this form of venting before, Xion knows the signs. That said, she could at least offer to help Roxas the way Kotetsu had helped her once. She dismissed her Keyblade and held out a hand for one of the practice swords.

"Want to spar for a bit?"
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"I'd say the loser,pays for ice cream, but..." Xion accepted the sword, moving into a ready stance of her own. They really hadn't sparred that often when he'd been on the satellite before. Then again, the craziness of the satellite sometimes didn't allow them much time to spar or train.
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Sudden headcanon is go, sorry.^^;;;

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"Right." Xion wasn't really that invested in the wager. She just remembered a few times they'd made similar bets regarding who finished their mission first or who collected the most hearts. The main goal right now was to practice and help Roxas let off some steam.

Xion managed to block the move, then countered with a combo of her own. Considering that they'd developed a lot of their techniques together, and practiced together, landing a hit could be difficult. Not that that mattered at the moment.

Xion had only ever used one weapon, so there was nothing different there. Getting used to a sword again after nearly a week of using the Keyblade, however, was strange. Well, she could use this chance to become reacquainted with what she would have to work with after the week was over.
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Once consolation was that he'd have a hard time hitting her as well. Instinctively jumping out of strike range after he block helped her dodge his swing. Once clear, she took the opening to try another combo.
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Losing focus would definitely be a bad idea, because as familiar with each others' styles as they were, they still needed to pay attention in order to block or dodge correctly. Fortunately since they were using wooden swords, a hit didn't result in anything worse than a bruise so long as they were careful. When he jumped back, she took a step back herself, the better to evaluate the situation.

It looked like she was on the offensive again. She needed to practice her defense, too--maybe they'd just end up taking turns. That wouldn't be bad. Deciding to give the combos a break for now, she aimed a blow to his side.