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Worth a thousand words - [OPEN]

Characters: Amaterasu and Jane Shepard for now; more can join in...just ask!
Content: Another board game? Yes! It's Ammy's specialty, Pictionary!
Location: Theatrical Deck
Time of day: Evening
Warnings: None thusfar

Amaterasu had never seen so many blankets and pillows just laying about. At times, it was like trying to cross mountains made out of feathers and fluff, which somehow served as both fun and frustrating. Mostly, it just made her want to sprawl out on a pile of pillows and take a nap. If there was just a good stream of sunlight in here, it would be perfect.

But for now, Ammy was taking some more time to explore the ship. There was really no end to the unusual things and people around here, and she wanted to see as much of it as possible. When solving a mystery, you needed all the info you could find. And at the moment, she found herself on the Theatrical Deck.

She dug her way through another pile of pillows, only to stumble across a large pile of boxes, all decorated with colorful labels and words. Unfortunately, she couldn't read most of the words here, so she didn't know what was in which box. She stopped to sniff at a long black box, labeled 'Pictionary.'

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Shepard was only in the Theatrical Deck just as a pass through to the deck above it. While the deck being flooded with pillows wasn't harmful or anything, it did make traverse that deck almost impossible. So, why bother and just focus on the other decks? Besides, that much fluffiness had to be disastrous for your spine.

Shepard had only given the interior of the deck a short glance when she caught sight of a steady mass of white fur 'swimming' its way through the pillows to reach whatever destination.

Just what was the dog doing? She wondered. Shepard had to admit, for a war veteran and galactic crusader against giant machine gods, she did have a bit of a soft spot for canines or similar species. They always warmed the heart and if she had lived anywhere else but a military spacecraft, she'd probably have one by now.

backing her steps up until she stood on the deck floor, she quietly tagged along behind the white dog, tossing whatever pillow that dog didn't take care of before. When dog stopped, Shepard curiously looked over the dog's head to see just what it was pointing at.

Board games. all the multicolored boxes said it. Shepard smile and shooked her head in mild amusement. "I see the fad with family games has gotten to you too, huh?"

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Hearing the white dog bark in acknowledgement only made Shepard's smile grow wider. She took a few steps closer to the piles of games, glancing at her animal companion while she did so. "Aside from a few more nostalgic minded, you don't really see many of these in my universe anymore. We're more of the multimedia variety."

She gave the dog another smile and a good scratch behind the ears. "And I really don't have much time trying to get the highest point score when there's a war going on or there's giant evil coffee-makers about to attack my galaxy." She already knew the dog probably hadn't the slightest idea what she was talking about, but then again, the same dog tried to call flying saucer to taxi her home.

Shepard's eyes focused more on the pile. "Now let's see what we got here, hm?"

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As Shepard started to shuffle through the tower of board games, she found she couldn't recognize most of the games either. Most of them, she guessed, were far before her time. They even had some really corny names such as...

"...The game of Life." She muttered, and turned her head and the box toward her canine companion. "What do you think? Worth playing?"

She thought it looked a little too kiddish and silly for her own taste, but she wasn't going throw the option out if her companion seemed interested.

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"Heh, I'll take that as a 'no'." She put the game aside and looked at the others. "...Hm, definitely not Monopoly. I heard that one encourages stealing from banks."

She riffled through a few more games before one stuck out. 'Pictionary'? Seeing as how it had a pencil on the over and little else, it did remind her how the dog communicated earlier. She grabbed the red box and flipped it over, reading the back end for explanation of what the game was. Huh.

"You like drawing right?" she asked, glancing over briefly to see the dog's expression. "How about a game entirely about that? Sound like fun?"

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Shepard grinned at the dog's approval and gave the dog another scratch behind the ears. She sat herself down completely, using one of the countless pillows as nice cushion and proceeded to empty the game box of its contents.

From the rainbow of pieces, cards and game-board that were now on the floor, She was starting to wonder a little why these kind of games enjoyed throwing around so many colors? Sure, it had to look friendly and welcoming, but Shepard was pretty sure you could do that well enough with just maybe three colors. Thankfully they were in luck. Someone had been smart enough to leave a blank paper pad inside the box with everything else. There was even an instruction manual, which Shepard took to give a quick glance over.

"It says it's designed for four players, but I'm sure we'll have fun with just the drawing part, right?" She asked the dog, giving the canine a quick smirk. She grabbed a pencil and push it and the pad over to the dog.

"Alright. So if you can, grab a card from that stack over there..." She began, pointing the stack of cards that were held together neatly in a smaller box. "...and without showing me, draw what it says on it. I'll try to figure it out under 3 minutes. Sound fun?"

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Shepard got herself a little more comfortable while she waited, a little amazed to see a dog draw so well, especially when the canine was only using its mouth to do it.

When it looked like the drawing was nearly finished and was presented with it, Shepard leaned over to look. It was the dog, but was she..."Jumping?"

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"Hm." She stared at the picture again to give it another thought. She even started to stroke her chin while she pondered it. The dog seemed to be a lot smarter than the average mutt, but Shepard might as well give a little show entertain her new friend while she was at it.

"Hop?" She asked, quirking an eyebrow while looking up to her companion.

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She couldn't help but smile a bit more at the dog's desperation for her to get the word right. It only took a second more for the word to finally dawn on her, but just for the sake of her new friend, she continued to make it look like she was thinking hard for another few more seconds. Finally, she snapped her fingers and pointed at the canine.

"I got it! Flip! that's the answer, isn't it?"

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Shepard grinned and gave the dog a good petting on top of her head. It was a little weird playing a board game with a dog and she wondered what it looked like to outsiders.

But really, this was the least craziest thing on the entire station. Besides, Shepard already was quite fond of dogs and this one certainly was entertaining to be around.

"Wanna try another?" She asked while pulling the old drawing aside.

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She looked at the new drawing and grinned. "Well that's easy. A valley."

she turned her head a little and looked at the dog curiously. "How did you learn to draw like this? I'm pretty certain most dogs aren't talented like this."

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Shepard gave the dog another good pet of approval and looked toward the answer that was drawn. With her being stuck in the past, Shepard could almost sympathize with her furry companion over the communication problem. It seemed like everyone here had phrases and or terms that were obviously well before her years. It was frustrating to understand sometimes and just imagining not being able to talk at all or forced to only speak in pictures...well, that would really suck.

So when Shepard saw the picture, she almost wished she know what the hell it meant. Her expression fell into a grimace and glanced over at the canine. "I..don't understand. What is this supposed to mean? It almost a musical note, maybe?"

Sorry Amaterasu, Shepard is really trying here.

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The only answer to the dog's sigh was a small apologetic shrug. What else could she say?

Looking at the other picture, Shepard tilted her head a little to examine. "Well there's you and a whole bunch of natural elements. You've seen these before? The...elements taught you how to draw?"

No, that was probably very movie logic at best, Shepard.

"You...know how to use these elements?"

Probably just as dumb, but she was starting to run out of ways to connect the pictures together.