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Thar She Blows - [Closed]

Characters: Crow and 90s Kid for now; maybe more later
Content: One robot and one dumb kid go out space whale-watching...what could possibly go wrong?
Location: Starting at the Launch Deck, going outside
Time of day: Near evening
Warnings: None so far, but considering the pods' passengers, things will undoubtedly go wrong...

It wasn't that often that Crow (or Tom for that matter) bothered to go outside the Satellite. Mostly because, when you got down to it, space was kinda boring. But it definitely wasn't boring when there were space whales flying about! He knew Mike would never be up for something like this, as his own ventures in space had not ended well, but at least he was able to drag along that noisy 90s Kid!

The launch deck was now prepped for a subpod to head out. Crow sat in the driver's seat of the subpod, because at least he knew how to drive it. Not very well mind you, but at least it wasn't like Tom's driving. He bounced a bit with anticipation...his plan was to take pictures and make millions selling them to National Geographic, and maybe also pretend to be Space Captain Ahab for awhile.

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"Dude, come on, let's go!"

90s Kid was just as bouncy in the back seat of the subpod, not even bothering to buckle his seatbelt, because it was more HARDCORE that way. He'd never seen space whales before but he sure as well wasn't gonna miss his chance to. Now if he could drive the pod himself this day would be even better...

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90s Kid totally ignored Crow's nagging and instead braced himself for take-off. This was gonna be the most awesome, baddass, most excellent--

...Oh. He was actually expecting it to go faster than that.

He would have been more bummed out, but suddenly the up close and personal view of outer space distracted him. He grinned from ear to ear, pressing his face up against the window to watch the stars pass by, reflecting off his shades.

And just as he was thinking that he must have been the youngest person to travel in space like this and how AWESOME that was, the crooning song of the space whales caught his attention, and he leaped forward, bumping into the front seat as he pointed.


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"Those whales much have huge guts or something, man..." 90s Kid uttered softly, staring in awe at the pod of whales as they swam through the vacuum over the subpod.

He paid no attention to Crow with his camera, instead watching out the window at one of the smaller whales as it came closer, seemingly undeterred by the little vessel that was invading its territory, while the others continued to swim around it and pay it no attention at all. His eyes widened as the orca approached, squeaking a soft whale song as it stared at the subpod, soon coming right up to its side, one great big eye staring into the window right back at him. Maybe it liked him!

Even the hyperactive and EXTREME 90s Kid had to take pause. Not everybody had the chance to be this close to such a huge, magnificent creature, let alone him of all people. He just pressed his hand up to the glass, as if to pet her - he assumed it was a her anyway - if it weren't in the way. She was beautiful, and for just a moment he could practically feel the wisdom deep in that one eye. He wondered what she had seen out in space, and wished she could tell him what she knew.

Wow, this was getting really deep, man.

His goofy grin returned to his face, and with his other hand he waved to the whale. She crooned again before disappearing out of view of the window, falling back. He pressed closer to the window trying to see where she went, when suddenly the whole subpod suddenly jostled as the whale playfully thumped the ship with her tail. 90s Kid fell backwards with the shake, just barely catching himself from hitting his head on the other wall.

Maybe Crow was right about the seatbelt.

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"Shut up." 90s Kid muttered, jaw set with an embarrassed frown as he pulled himself back into his seat.

But as he readjusted his hat and shades, his jaw dropped again as a much larger whale started to swim their way.

"Uh...dude?" he muttered, pointing behind Crow as he gaped and subtly slipping his seat belt into place. Maybe he was actually going to need it in a few seconds.

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90s Kid was screaming right along with Crow as the subpot steered desperately, but as the whale overtook them he couldn't help but cover his eyes before it swallowed them.

"We're dead. We're dead we're dead we're dead we're so dead."

Then it slowly caught up to him. He didn't feel any different. There wasn't even any heavenly light he found himself approaching. Or any light, for that matter.

Slowly he lowered his hands, blinking his eyes open to see the headlights of the subpod staring down the whale's throat.